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Gokou and Gohan(Gokou's son), are on their way to Master Roshi's for a reunion. As they go there they reminisce about past times and it switches to Piccolo on a ledge. A man comes by while Piccolo is training. He is Raditzu, and he is Gokou's brother. He has come to check on Gokou nad is angry that Kakarotto, Gokou's saiyan name, has not finished what he had been sent to do. Exterminate all lifeforms on the planet Earth. Piccolo is angry and gets ready to fightr raditzu, who is at about 1000 more levels higher than he is. Tehn raditzu is aboout to kill Piccolo, but senses Gokou somewhere else. He arrives at Master roshi's island where he recognizes Gokou. He tells gokou that he is a saiyan, nad his mission is to destroy all life on the planets he is sent ot and sell them to Planet Brokers. Gokou tells Raditzu that he is an earthling, and then Raditzu notices Gokou does not have a tail. this ticks Raditzu off that a saiyan would give up their transforming power to live on such a weak planet. He takes Gohasn and Gohan sries since he's ,only 4 yrs. old. He warns Gokou that if he dosen't exterminate 100 earthlings by tommorow he would ever give Gohan back. He flies away to a barren area where he landed and killed a farmer, and shuts the "cry-baby"raditzu's name for Gohan into his space pod.

Back at Master roshi's Gokou is going to go fight Raditzu. Piccolo then arrives saying he heard everything and doaen't want Raditzu interfereing with HIS plans. SO they agree on the treaty nad head to where they sense Raditzu. Raditzu, meanwhile can't understand why his Scouter(A communicater and power-level reader ) is reading Gohan's power level at 710!! Then he senses something else. A power level of 310 and one of 330. It's Piccolo and Gokou! They arrive and Raditzu warns them that his power level is 1200 nad that he will exterminate them easily. Then Piccolo and Gokou take off their extra weighted clothing that brings Piccolo's PL up to 440 and Gokou's up to 510!! Then Gokou and Raditzu start bickering. Piccolo notices this is a trick to get Gokou mad. Raditzu teleports behind them both and elbows them in the head. They get up and charge Raditzu. He blocks every singlke punch or kick that they throw. Gokou jumps back for a rest. He asks where Gohan is. Raditzu replies'The little brat is in my pod." Raditzu then takes tyhem both by surprise, fliews up in the air and launches a Double Hands Beam at both of them. Gokou manages to dodge it but Piccolo dosen't. His left arm gets caught in the blast and is incinerated. Piccolo says their only last hope is Piccolo's special attack he's been working on to kill Gokou. He'll need 5 minutes so gokou raises his power level to 924 and flies up to do his famous Kamehameha Wave. As he launches it, raditzu smiles, sticks a hand in front of him, and erases the whole attack before it hits hiom with a Beam of his own. He yells SHIRE (DIE in japanese) and hits Gokou on a bullseye. gokou drops, limpless. Then Raditzu notices he forgot someone. Good old piccolo! Piccolo's PL is at exactly 1330!!! Raditzu is nervous, and then Piccolo lets it ri with a big smirk on his face. He pulls out his remaining arm and yells "Makkankosappo!"(It's easy to pronounce:Mack-can-coh-sap-po) Which means Screw Beam of the Devil. A giagantic explosion occurs and Raditzu's armor is all scorched and cracks. He's REEL mad. He tells Piccolo to say his prayers, when suddenly, Gokou grabs Raditzu's tail!! If you didn't konw, that is a saiyan's only weakness. Anyway, Piccolo tells Gokou to hold him for another 5 minutes while he powers up for another Makkankosappo. raditzu, as tricky as he is, pleads to Gokou that he will leave and never come back if Gokou lets go of his tail. Yeah, and pigs can fly. WAit-they can. Oops...well, Piccolo is on to Raditzu's scheme and knows how gullible Gokou is. He yells, "SON GOKOU, NOO!"

In a minute Raditzu is on top of Gokou, stepping on his ribs. Piccolo is stunned but keeps charging. Is that their only hope??NO WAY!!! We forgot about Gohan! Gohan is in the ship crying. Then he hears Gokou screaming in pain. "Say your prayers, Kakarotto!!!" Raditzu yells and is about to crush Gokou when suddenly Gohan busts out of the pod with a power level of 1307! He's floating in the air, tears streaming down his cheeks. He screams "GET OFF MY DADDY.....NOWWWWW!!" HE headbutts Raditzu in the chest, cracking his armor to bits. Raditzu falls back from Gokou. Gokou can't believe what he just saw. Gokou then tells Gohan to run away. Gohan dosen't want to. Raditzu finally recovers, only to find Gokou getting a firm hold on his tail. Piccolo charges up to a PL of 1330 and pionts his fingers at Raditzu's chest. Gokou will need to hold Raditzu for this trick to work. Piccolo is rather happy. Both will die and he will gain control of the world. Piccolo yells "makkankosappo!" and that is the end of them both. Piccolo walks over to Raditzu. Raditzu laughs and says, "I got my wish , Kakarotto is dead." Piccolo laughs and says that Gokou will be back in about a week of Earth Time. Raditzu is EXTREMELY mad. Piccolo explains about the dragonballs, but has fallen into another one of Raditzu's traps. Raditzu then tells Piccolo thast his Scouter is also a communicater and the other 2 saiyans had heard it alll and will come for the dragonbvalls in a year. Raditzu laughs. "they'll be here for those balls. ANd the funny thing is, they're much stronger than I. They will arrive in one year. SO suffer, Spanky!" Piccolo roars and imediantly fries Raditzu's body. "Dang him..." Piccolo says and sees the Airbus come down next to Gokou. Buruma, Kulilin, and Roshi all see Gokou, and before he dies he says"take care of Chi-Chi and Gohan for me..wish me back as soon as possi---" Then the greatest warrior dies. Piccolo walks over to Gohan. "C'mon, kid." he says. "We need to train you. The siyans are coming and they are going to fight us. C'mon..." then Kulilin rushes over to Piccolo, being the loser he is, and yells"HEY! Don't gobble him up!!!" Piccolo looks at Kulilin. Then Piccolo's face twists, and he regrows his arm. "I'm going to train him for the saiyans. Get out of my face." Master Roshi says" You'll have to ask the boy's mother." Then cool Piccolo says "I'M NOT ASKING 'M TELLING!!!!!" They run into the airbus and fly away. Meanwhile, at the Great King Yemma's, Gokou appears in front of King Yemma's desk. King Yemma tells Gokou that he will go to heaven but then Kami appears in front of King Yemma. "King," he says. "Wouldn'ty it be smarter to have Gokou challenge Snake Way??" King Yemma thinks about this and then asks one of ihs soldiers to eescort Gokou to Snake Way. Gokou talks a bit and then runs along the trail to the end of Sanke Way..where Kaiosamma lives. Then we are taken to the wilderness on Mt. Puauzo where Gokou lived as a boy. Piccolo is trying to tell Gohan he has many powers. Gohan is just crying. Piccolo tells him that he wil need to ssurvive the dangerous wilderness of Mt.puazo if he wants to fight the saiyans.

The first problem that happens during Gohan's trianing is the metamorphosis that saiyans undergo. Gohan is being chased by a wild dinosaur when suddenly he finds himself ontop of a cliff. He wonders how he got up here, and it is soon night. He has an immense appetite like his father and is hungry. Piccolo is high above him watching him in the sky. Gohan then finds two apples beside him. He eats them and curls up on the cliff. Then he looks at the moon.....and transforms. Meanwhile, Piccolo is training with a double of himself, and says he needs to go check on the kid. He does, and WHOAH!! Gohan nearly kills Piccolo, but Piccolo finally finds out that they need the moon to transform to Oozaru form, the were-monkey. He destroys the moon, and Gohan reverts. Piccolo pops off Gohan's tail and turns it into a gi and a samurai's sword.

the next event in Gohan's trianing is next morning when he tries to find a suitable cave to sleep in. He finds a dinosaur in his cave!!! He notices that the dinosaur is injured. Using a healing method Gokou taught him, he heals the dinosaur, oly to have it eaten later, as much as Gohan treies to help it from the T-Rex's jaws. Although while Gohan explores somemore, he discovers a robot left in a cave. The cave starts to collapse, so the robot sacrifices itself to save Gohan. Gohan then decides he is hungry asnd chases the T_Rex, gradually cuttring its tail into steak-like pieces.Gohan calls this "Tail Steak."

Now we finally see another pic of the two saiyans that are coming to Earth, Vegeta and Nappa. they stop at planet Arlia, where the inhabitants there are ugly insects called "Bugroms". vegeta and Nappa purposely let them selves be captured and taken to jail . They are to be executeds in front of the evil king who stole a girl from the real prince. Vegeta and Nappa easily trash all the Arlian soldiers and the mechanical robot, and then kill then kill the king. Teh real prince and the princess are finally reunited. Happy Ending. Yeah, right. Vegeta wouldn't do THAT. As the saiyans are leaving, verybody is cheering for them. As they fly off, VEegeta powers up his Gamit Gun, anad planet destroying laser beam, and blows Arlia to bits.

We finally get a real story on what Gokou's been up to on Snake Way. He is jumping across, and suddenly he misses the bridge and falls down through the yellow clouds into the Home For Infinite LOsers.(In the Japanese version they call it Hell.)There are 2 ogres there-Goz and Mez. They will only let Gokou back onto Snake Way if he wins a competition against them. They play Jan-Ken-Pon(Japanese Paper, Scissors, Rock) to see who tests Gokou first. Goz gets Pon and Mez gets Jan. SO, Goz goes up to Gokou. He chaleengews Gokoou to a wrestling match. Whoever leaves the circle first wins, (ala Tenkahachi Budokai Tournament.) Goz rushes Gokou and gets him in a bear hug. Gokou throws Goz in the air. Goz falls down right in fornt of the ddisqualification line. Gokou moves his hands to and from Goz real fast and creates a whirlwind that blows Goz out of the ring. Ya!Gokou doews his famous peace sign. GOz shows Gokou his machine, a catapult. Goz puts Gokou on one end and Goz jumps from a cliff to the other. Gokou is sprung up in the air towards the clouds...BAM! He smacks right into the metal-hard clouds. Goz comments that Gokou's head is too soft to break through the clouds. Gokou, still falling, does a Kamehameha boost and springs back up, but slams agian into the clouds. Gokou thinks he is stuck forever when Mez tells Gokou he knows of a secret passsage way to Snake Way. But, Gokou wil have3 to beat Mez in a race. Gokou says no problem he is trhe astes prerson on Earth. Mez tells this isn't Eath and he's faster. Gokou asks what are those fruits in the trees. He says he is real hugry and wants one. Mez tells him that those are only for King Kai. So they star tthe race. Mez cheats repeaditely through it, but Gokou manages to beat him. At the end Gokou speeds ahead and sneaks some fruit from the tree, and starts up the secret passage. He finds himself wandering up a flight of stairs, finds a door, opens it, and sees King Yemma up above him! He freaks out and gets back on Snake Way to start again. Since he ate the fruit though. his speed is doubled and he is full for 3 months.

Meanwhile, above Karin Tower, Yajirobe, Chaiozu, Tienshinhan, Kulilin, and Yamucha gather atop to recieve training from Kami, guardian of the Earth, and his assistant djinn Mr.Popo. Kami gives them a brief summary of what they will be doing, and they begin.

Then you see Gohan sleeping in a cave. He wakes up and walks outside to see a Full Moon. (Yes, his tail grew back.) He transforms to Oozaru and starts destroying things. Piccolo is busy Split Form Fighting, i.e. he splits into 2 bodies and spars.(He really gets the best of himself here! Ha, ha-ok, no more jokes) He looks down at the "moon", thinking he destroyed it, and realizes it's just a hologram!! He flies around and looks for something, and finds it--Gokou's saiyan space capsule!!! It has activated itself and is emitting light!! He quickly destroys it and destroys Gohan's tail again.

Now back to Gokou's extended quest to Kaiosamma's. He sees a gaint palace-aha, he thinks. Kaiosamma's!! He walks in and sees snake-like women and he asks if Kaiosamma lives here. They look at him and says that this is Princess Snake's Palace. But, Gokou picks this time to be stubborn like he was a child and dosen't register that this is NOT Kaiosamma's! Princess Snake walks in with a mink fur on and Gokou tells her that he has come to train under her. Sanke laughs and directs Gokou to tango. (Boy, does he act up now!) Gokou flips her onto the ground. "Great training method, Kaiosamma!" he says. "You wanted me to surprise attack you!" The snake ladies get angry and clearly state that this PRINCESS SNAKE'S, not KAIOSAMMA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gokou then gets it and Sanke assks(get it, snake=asp, ask,? Fine, fine I'll quit my jokes.) if he will stay for dinner. Gokou then notices how long it has been since he has eaten and agrees. He eats a lot, and Snake directs him to stay in the Royal Hot Springs. He goes in and relaxes, then Princess Snake comes and says it is time to-----Gokou says he better get going- but Sanke tells him that they have to do the Magic Dance.(Snake's objective is to capture him and eat him)She's just trying to stall him. He gets ready, while Snake pours some Sleepy Grass( enough to knock out an elephant) in a glass of juice. Gokou comes in, drinks the juice, and falls asleep. WHile he's catching Z's, Snake positions the Dream Mirror on him and sees Chi-Chi and Gohan in a dream. She gets angry that he is married and forms into her true self, a gigantic snake!!! Gokou wakes up and sees he is in the sky, and taht the palace was all an illusion, and SNake starts chasing him. He powers up for a Kamehameha and is about to shoot it, then remembers that she gave him the nice dinner, and can't hurt her.(REAL nice...SHEESH!!) She is coming up to eat him, but then he dives right beside her. She comes down to get him, but he grabs her tai land ties her in a knot. He flies away and eventually ends back up on Snake Way.

Now Gohan is back in the wilderness and decides that it is time to escape from Mt.Puazuo. He builds a raft and starts off on the ocean. Everything's going fine...but then he is caught in monstrous maelstrom and is shipwrecked onto the other side of Mt.Puazuo. He meets some orphans, including their leader, a fairly strong teen named Pigaro. He meets them and eventually finds out that men from the orphange come every morning to try and take them away. Gohan and Pigaro keep watch one night, and the next morning they arrive. Gohan pulls out his sword and puts up a pretty good fight, but eventually one pulls out a gun and Gohan and Pigaro are cornered. Then Pigaro yells "RUNNNN!" and he grabs Gohan. They leave the other kids to be caught, and Pigaro helps Gohan get away in a floating capsule car. Gohan asks Pigaro why he abandoned all the other kids. Pigaro explains that they would have a better life there, and Pigaro couldn't let Gohan get caught. He leaves Gohan off at the foot of Mt.Puazuo and drives off. Piccolo is perched in a tree. He looks at Gohan and says, "Gohan, what is your misson??" "To protect the EARTH!!" Gohan yells.

We are back to Karin Tower as Kami introduces the team to a room thast can transport them to the past where they can fight a real battle with real saiyans. Yajirobe then states he would rather eat rice balls than fight,(Geez, he really has changed from DB) So the 4 others step on the platform......and find themselves on a strange, devastated planet. Chaiozu thinks he hears something, but the group keeps on going. Then Chaiozu sees a tall saiyan and a short saiyan through a hole, and they jump out for a surprise attack. Thinking he can defend the team, Chaiozu flies after them, only to be trashed by one and shot down into an immense pit. Tien, Yamucha and Kulilin see that, and Yamucha quickly fires some lasers, but they are too weak. Kulilin gets ready for a Destructo Disc, but he gets a direct hit in the face and falls down with Chaiozu. Tien and Yamucha use their Multi-Form techniques, but the saiyans are out of sight before the duo notices. The saiyans watch Tien and Yamucha from afar, but are surprised when Kulilin drop kicks the tall one!! The short one goes to Tien and Yamucha, while the other one is busy with Kulilin, and destroys Tien with a gigantic beam blast. Then Yamucha, enraged, is about to engage with the short one but the tall one surprises Yamucha from the dirt and tosses Kulilin's dead ody across the pile. Now, Tien, Kulilin, and Chaiozu are gone. The saiyans laugh, and both fire at Yamucha......

The four step out of the platform and can't believethey are in such good shape. Mr.Popo explains that it was just a simulation, and that their mortal bodies had been here the whole time. They all cheer and step out into the light.

Gokou finds himself at the end tail of the Snake Way. HE sees Kaiosennin's planetoid above him, and flies up to the top, and is crushed to the ground. He sees an ape coming up to him, doing the "raise the roof" gesture and looks at Gokou. Gokou, again being his dense self, thinks that this monkey, (really Kaiosennin's assisstant monkey Bubbles) is Kaiosennin!!!!

He tells Bubbles that he is Gokou, coming to train as a disciple. Bubbles just screeches and Kaiosennin comes out. There is some dialouge about the planet, just put in to enlarge the episode, and then Kaiosennin tells Gokou that he will have to pass three trials to be able to learn the art of Kaioh-Ken, one that not even Kaiosennin had mastered.

Gokou's first trial--Make Kaiosennin laugh:

Kaiosennin starts a comedy act for Gokou in the beginning. (It's really sad:They're even worse than the ones I made up) Gokou just stands there through the whole thing until Kaiosennin tells him he won't train anyone without a sense of humor. He makes Gokou tell a joke. Gokou almost ends up karate chopping Kaiosennin at the punchline of one of his jokes, and they're so pathetic that Kaiosennin breaks up laughing.

Meanwhile, Piccolo is sparring with Gohan. Gohan gets repeadately crushed, and by nighttime he is real bruised up. He then tries to invite Piccolo to his birthday party, but that's a whole 'nuther thing and we won't get into that.

Gokou's second trial--Catch Bubbles:

Kaiosennin gets ready to fight Gokou, but Gokou notices he won't fight well because he's starving. King Kai makes some rice, noodles, dim sum, and a whole bunch of platters and Gokou eats them all. Gokou is finally ready to get serious. Kaiosennin takes him outside and shows him to Bubbles, the monkey. He tells Gokou that this will increase his speed. When they start running, Bubbles actually makes Gokou look SLOW. Gokou, even with his weighted clothing on, cannot catch that monkey! Gokou then figures that since the gravity is so heavy, Kaiosennin's planet must be rather small. He starts to run in the opposite direction, and runs right into Bubbles and catches him!!

Gokou's third trial--Hit Gregory with the sledge:

With Bubbles captured, Gokou finally tells Kaiosennin why he had requested training(the saiyans Vegita and Nappa) and Kaiosennin senses that the saiyans will arrive on the planet in 60 days. He calls for a small grasshopper, Gregory, says some puns, and tells Gokou that this will improve his strength, when he gives Gokou a gigantic sledge. Gokou takes the sledge, aims and Gregory blitzes him and flies in a round, the way Bubbles had, and a chase ensuses. Gokou isn't doing very good, and has smashed up Kaiosennin's Sedan. Gokou again notices he is starving so Kaiosennin takes a break. During the lunch, Kaiosennin tells Gokou about the Saiyans and the Tuffles, the two races who had lived on the Planet Vegita long before Gokou (or the prince Vegita, named after the planet) was born. The Tuffles were a very high tech civilization, completely different from the Saiyans, a ruthless low tech race. (Oh by the way, if you're a long-time fan of DBZ, Bardock is not mentioned in this.) Then one night, there was a Full Moon, an event that only happens once every 1000 years. All the saiyans transformed into Oozarus, and started trashing the Tuffles' cities. The Tuffles only had one chance left. The few survivors got into a secret rocket, that supposedly had the highest flight speed ever in history, and flew away from Planet Vegita, never to come back. Years later, the planet was somehow destroyed. The only survivors were- Prince Vegita, his partner Nappa, Raditzu, and a little baby who was sent off to Earth just before the destruction.

Gokou then is ready to go, after indulging himself again. So he goes off with Gregory to start again.

Meanwhile, at the floating top of Karin Tower, the 5 warriors are finally done with their training, and are told that the saiyans are to arrive very soon. So Yamucha, Chaiozu, Tienshinhan, Kulilin, and Yajirobe go to the battlefield.

Then we are back at the pot-hole filled planet of Kaiosennin's. Gokou remembers his strategy that he used with Bubbles, and tosses his sledge in front of him. He runs the other way, catches it, and appears right in Gregory's path. He taps Gregory on the head and Kaiosennin declares Gokou's final test.

Gokou's last trial: The Genki Dama

(Again, if you are a long-time fan of DBZ, then you will recognize the Genki Dama as the "Spirit Bomb" I prefer the Japanese storyline, so just go with it.) Kaiosennin explains to Gokou that the Genki Dama is a massive Energy Bomb that combines all the energy of the planet with Chi.(If you don't get this it's OK) So Gokou summons up energy and Kaiosennin throws a brick at him. Gokou throws the Genki Dama and the brick explodes. He has mastered the last skill.(A little note: Gokou's strength, speed, and chi power have increased tremendously over the year) Now Gokou is ready for the Kaioh-Ken technique. The trials are now over, it is time to learn Kaioh-Ken. Over the next month, he learns it.(The show never explains how) and it is finally time to go and face the coming of Vegita and Nappa. It is now the day. Then Kaiosennin remembers something. He had not calculated the time it would take Gokou to go back across Snake Way!! Gokou then freaks out, because it took him half a year to get across the first time!!! But Kaiosenin reassures him that since he has trained in the art of Kaioh-Ken, his speed has increased double the amount it did when training with Bubbles!!!! It should take him at the most about 2 days to get back to King Yemma's Palace, which means he will 2 days late for the battle!!! There is no time to lose, and in a flash of light, Gokou zooms back on to Snake Way and heads home.

We then see our friends Master Roshi, Buruma, Oolong, Puar, and Tortoise at the Kame House. The timer has gone off and it is time for them to summon the eternal dragon and wish Gokou back to life.(He has to make it to King Yemma's first, though.) After some confusion, the wish is made----right when the saiyans arrive in the market district of Hong Kong. They trash the market, and then relocate to where the 2 highest power levels are, Piccolo and Gohan with their scouters, and arrive to the immense jungle, and the clearing where the battle begins--without Gokou.

Meanwhile,Yajirobe sneaks off to the Market Disrict and finds the Police Department investigating the wreckage. He reveals himself as the trainer of Gokou, and Earth's Special Forces who will save Earth from the Saiyans.(TCH! YEAH RIGHT!!!) At first the Police are skeptical, but then they believe him and take him to lunch to have him talk.

Back at the battlefield, Piccolo realizes that there are not 2 but 3 IMMENSE powers coming toward them!!! He then thinks that a third saiyan has come with Vegita and Nappa!!! A figure appears in the sky and lowers down. It's Kulilin, nad he is there to tell them that Master Roshi has wished Gokou back to life with the Dragonballs and he is on his way..or so they think. Gohan and Kulilin start to talk(Gohan adn Kulilin become great partners later in the series.) but are interrupted when Vegita and Nappa appear on the scene. Piccolo says something to Gohan, and Vegita recognizes his voice as the one that told Raditzu about the Draonballs. He informs Piccolo that he is from the planet Namek. Piccolo never knew this, since he had spawned from Piccolo-Daimao(See Dragonball Full Summary Year 4) and had no memeory of any other planets besides Earth. Kami then gives us some meaningless talk about how the Dragonballs were made, since every namek is born with the ability, and why Kami had the natural instinct to make some on Earth when he become Guardian Of The Earth. He makes it much longer and boring, though. The saiyans then remove their scouters and Nappa pulls out a small capsule from his armor pocket . Inside are 5 small green seeds. He plants them in the ground, and suddnely 5 acid-head green monsters sprout from the ground. At first the 6 monsters dance around, but then they attack Piccolo, Kulilin, and Gohan. They're fended off, and Vegita announces that they're Saibamen, and each are teh same power level as Raditzu!!!!! Just in the nick of time Tienshinhan, Chaiozu, and Yamucha arrive on the scene, which makes it 6 against 6. After some more meaningless talking, (It happens alot) Tienshinhan volunteers to go first against one. Some cameramen come and try to catch it on TV, but I'll only tell this once, beacuse they keep coming and Nappa keeps destroying them. Anyway, Tienshinhan and the Saibaman get poised, and then it switches to Yajirobe stuffing his face at a resturant and telling about how great he did training Gokou and the others.(It's going to really annoy you how he does this while everyone else are getting their butts kicked.)

Now back to the battlefield as the Saibaman and Tienshinhan kickoff the battle VS the saiyans. Tienshinhan is pretty much a good match for the Saibaman, even with its power level at 1200. Eventually the Saibaman is knocked down. Nappa seems surprised at this, but Vegita, the cool and calm guy he is, just laughs and destroys the carcass with a beam. Now, the TV station act smart. They are staying in a remote area away from the battlefield and shooting the news. Anyway, that's probably the last time I'm giong to mention those idiots. Yajirobe is STILL eating, and Buruma and the rest of the team at the Kame House are having to watch it on TV while they standby for the battle. Then Ox-King arrives, with Chi-Chi. They tell her that Gohan is in battle, and she faints. (This is just the first time)

Back at the fight, Vegita declares a free-for-all, but Kulilin then decides tha te wil go next. THEN, Yamucha decides HE will go. (Too much deciding for a battle, eh??) He tells Kulilin he's been meaning to try out his new skills. So, he gets poised. Yamucha dances around with the Saibaman, and then finally puts an end to the game and fires a laser ball at the Saibaman, sending it toasted in a crater. Yamucha's all heated up now, and declares that he'll take on the other 4, too. Then the unexpected happens. The Saibaman jumps out from the crater and grabs on to Yamucha as a green glow emits from its body then.......BOOM!!!!!! That's it for Yamucha..he's in the other dimension.

Now we're back at the Kame House. (Oh, GREAT, this'll be fun) Puar and Buruma just watch the TV screen with their eyes wide. Now Puar faints, and Buruma gets mad and runs off sobbing. Now back to the battle!!!! Kulilin is already pumping up for an attack, and lets loose the rage. A gigantic laser stream is unleashed, and fries all 4 of the remaining Saibamen. (They should've thought of THAT before) Anyway, the fog clears out and there are the 2 saiyans, standing there laughing., leaving the Z warriors standing there gaping. Now the fun really starts!!

Piccolo starts with a surprise attack, but he's kicked aside by Nappa and Nappa starts to power up.(Oh, and by the way, Gokou is just passing Princess Snake's Palace on Snake Way.)After firing a laser at everyone, he flies up in the aair. Kulilin, having succesfully avoided the attack, runs over to try and help Tienshinhan, who seems to have lost an arm!!! He catches Nappa's eye and just misses falling down a gigantic pit Nappa creates with an explosion. Adrenalin rushing yet? Nappa, who has seemes to pick Tienshinhan as his first target, bombardes him with missles and watches Tienshinhan stagger in agony. Careless loser....Chaiozu flies onto Nappa's back, trying to pull Nappa into an alter dmension.(Chaiozu, if you didn't know, has the ability to swap dimensions.) So he hangs onto Nappa's back and tries to power up---it's kinda hard when you've being crushed into mountains. So then Chaiozu finishes his attack, sort of like a Kamikaze. The fog clears and...there's Nappa..UNSCATHED!!!!! Now this really ticks Tienshinhan off. (REALLY, since's he's supposed to be CHaiozu's bodyguard, AND that Chaiozu had already been wished back once!!!! Tienshinhan flies off to Nappa and they start to engage in some fast, furious, hand to hand combat. Tienshinhan's doing really bad, though, but he's enduring it real good--even with an arm missing. So anyway, Piccolo tells Kulilin to come with him and attack Nappa while Nappa's busy with Tienshinahn. Then he tells Gohan to give Nappa a good laser beating when he comes flying over. So they engage the plan. Kulilin and Piccolo really surprise Nappa, even enough that he's stunned and heading Gohan's way. But, Gohan remembers how Tienshinhan's arm was chopped, and how Chaiozu had failed, so he runs, and Nappa lands in the ground, enraged. Tien is down. (Not dead, just near-fatal. Piccolo tells Kulilin to use the Multi-Form technique Kami taught them to hold off Nappa. (Piccolo's really disgusted with Gohan now, but knows that was only a natural instinct) So Piccolo and Kulilin use the Multi-Form technique on Nappa, but they aren't doing too good. Then Tien gets up. (W.O.W) He is on the verge of death and uses all the power he has left before he dies. For the third time, the fog clears, and Nappa emerges, all scarred, and his armor in shambles. But he just gloats,"I GUESS THE ONE ARMMED MAN JUST FLEW THE COOP!!" Piccolo and Kulilin decide to finish this on the ground, since they're not doing too good in the air. Then Nappa starts glowing, and charges downward toward them. Suddenly, to Vegita's command, he stops in mid-air. Vegita has hears the Z warriors talking about Gokou, and has figured it out that's he's also Kakarotto. He tells Nappa to wait 3 hrs., he wants to see if Gokou is really going to show. So the Z warriors regroup, and ponder where Gokou is.(They talk alot, but it's just the same old justice lectures again.) Meanwhile, Nappa seems to be bored doing nothing. With the scouter, he senses the TV crew and decides to do a little target practice,(It shows 5 minutes f Nappa destroying naval fleets.)knocking out our friends at the Kame House's source of watching the progression, so they're left in the dark. (Oh, and Gokou is now about 10 miles away from King Yemma's)Back at the field, time's up as Nappa finishes wiping out most of the east side of the city and returns to the battlefield. Obviously Kakarotto has not shown up, adn Nappa is ready to finish them off. Meanwhile, Piccolo makes anothewr plan, this time Kulilin will attack Nappa head-on, while Piccolo will quickly grab Nappa's tail(Like Gokou did with Raditzu) and then Gohan and Kulilin will finish Nappa off. (Naapa's armor is gone and he's badly bruised.)

Suddenly, Gokou jumps off of Snake Way and enters King Yemma's Palace. He sees Kami there. Kami intructs Gokou to grab his arm adn Gokou is transported to the top of Karin Tower. He flips off the edge, catches a Senzu Bean from Karin(In the midsection of the tower) and calls Kintoen to get to the field.

At the field, Kulilin runs toward Nappa, springs off his feet, and powers up for a beam as Piccolo appears behind Nappa and grabs his tail. Gohan runs toward Nappa, working up a Kamehameha, and then----suddenly Nappa slams his fist down on Piccolo's head, and Piccolo is unconsious. Gohan stops, as does Kulilin, stunned as Vegita explains that he and Nappa had out grown that weakness as they achieved Elite First Class High Saiyan. The plan had failed again.

Back at the Kame House, Chi-Chi has obviously woken up, for she comes down the stairsin heavy artillery with an Uzi. She explains she is going to save Gohan. Ox-King stops her as Oolong bangs the TV, trying to fix the snow on the screen.(Duh--the cameramen are toasted) Buruma gets steamed and they al start bickering.

Nappa walks up to Gohan and starts gloating again about how hard it is to be a role model for "young punks" like Gohan. He smashes Gohan against a rock structure and turns around--just in time to see Kulilin drop kick him in the face. Kulilin gets poised for his famous attack---The "Destructo Disc" and launches it at Nappa. Nappa thinks he cancatch it and would have gotten diced if Vegita wouldn't have yelled "DUUUUCK!!" out real loud, and watches as the Disc slams into a very large cliff, slicing it in half. Now Nappa is ticked to the max. That would've been his end!! He fries Kulilin and is about to finish him off, but then Piccolo launches a laser at Nappa 's back. Nappa yells at Piccolo for attacking him from behind(it's considered a very low strategy in fighting) and then Piccolo claims he thought that was Nappa's face. (Good one!!) Nappa powers up and----suddenly a gigantic stream of power surges through the area. Could it be?? Vegita puts on his scouter. "It reads Kakarottoat 5000!!!" Vegat yells. He quickly orders Nappa to finish off the remaining three as quickly as possible--they could cause trouble when Kakarotto arrives. Nappa questions Vegita. If he kills Piccolo, then what about the dragonballs?? Vegita tells Nappa that he has figured out that since Piccolo is from Namek, there must be other nameks living there---which means more Dragonballs!!! Nappa laughs. "You're toast." he chuckles at Piccolo. Nappa charges Gohan, but is sidekicked in the head by him. He flies into a cliff, totally destroying it. Nappa is really mad, REALLY REALLY REALLY INSANELY HORRIBLY MAD!!! That was the second strongest attack that came in touch with him!! (Tienshinhan was the first) He powers up for an evil sort-of Genki Dama and launches it on Gohan. This attack could just about destroy Gohan for good. Then comes Piccolo. He rushes in front of Gohan and---takes the blow. Piccolo's body is destroyed, and now Piccolo's gone. So is Kami..and the Dragonballs!!!!! Gohan is so, so,so,so ,so ,so,so SO SO SOOOOOO mad!!!!!! Piccolo was Gohan's best friend. He trained Gohan, and everything!! Gohan powers up to 3000, and unleashes a gigantic Missle Barrage on Nappa. But Nappa diverts it, leaving his arm numb, and he fries Gohan. He goes up to him, is about o smash him, when suddenly ZOOOOOOOOM!!! Gohan is gone...he reappears.......on KINTOUN!!! That means that..YES...a figure comes down from the sky.....finally..............


All the people at the Kame House(who are watching the fight on Baba's crystal ball) wake up and are cheering loudly for Gokou.

Gokou goes over to Kulilin and Gohan and feeds each of them a Senzu Bean, then walks over to Nappa. Vegita's scouter reads Gokou's power level at 9000, but Nappa says it's broken and gloats to Gokou about how he beat up all the others easily. Then Gokou charges Nappa in the stomach, stands on his head, punches him again, then they're hand to hand, but Nappa never touches Gokou, and gets busted to the air.

Ok, now the real battle starts. This isn't even funny!! Nappa dosen't even TOUCH Gokou! So, Nappa dives down at Gokou from the sky and is kicked into a stone structure. He manages to get out and blows and Inner Bomb, where chi energy is discharged from his body, and everything is destroyed except Gokou.

Meanwhile, at the Kame House, Buruma gets angry and throws the Crystal Ball around the house. Baba yells at her and Roshi trys to break them uo, but he ends up getting crushed by them. At the battlefield, Nappa is summoning all the energy he has left and coming for Gokou. He and Gokou duke it out, and then Nappa discharges all that leftover energy to Gokou, but he dosen't even scratch him. Vegita yells at Nappa, "You weakling!!!!! Get down here!1 So far you haven't landed a single punch on Kakarotto. I think you've disgraced us long enough!!!!

" Nappa agrees with Vegita to come down, and he decides to go after Kuliin and Gohan for fun. That makes Gokou VERY angry. Gokou yells out, for the first of many times, "KAIOH-KEN!!!!" and speeds down to Nappa, breaks Nappa's back, lifts him up and slams him over to Vegita. Now, Nappa is out of power, his lkeft arm's numb, he has bruises all over his body, his back is broken, and he was just hit by a veyr powerful Kaioh-Ken. Nappa asks Vegita to help him up, (Kulilin and Gohan are amazed that Gokou knew such a powerful move and defeated Nappa so easily.) so Vegita does--into the sky!!!! So Nappa's sailing, and Vegita's powering up. He sends about 1/128th of his Chi and blasts Nappa into the other dimension. Now it is time for Gokou to go fight Vegita.

Gokou tells Gohan and Kulilin to head back to the Kame House, for Gokou thinks he can take on Vegita himself. Kulilin tells Gokou that if Nappa was SCARED of Vegita, then Gokou will need all the help he can get. Gokou claims he can beat Vegita, so Kulilin and Gohan fly back to the Kame House and Gokou and Vegita fly to another desert island to have the ultimate battle of 2 saiyans.

Vegita tries to tell Gokou that he is no match, but Gokou believes in himself to much to listen. Gokou and Vegita go hand to hand at first, and you could tell niether of them are having a good time. Then Vegita knees Gokou in the chin, and Gokou falls back to a cliff. He yells"KAIOH_KEN!!!" and starts beating up on Vegita. (Kaioh-Ken means=Kaioh-Super Ken=man, so Gokou in Japanese is yelling Super-Man. By doubling it you could double your already doubled strength) Then Vegita is gone. Gokou looks for him, and then is kicked in the head by Vegita. He falls back down again, and Vegita is already mad.

Back at the Kame House, all's not well. The crystal bal is broken and the only other form to tell them what is happening is the scouter that Buruma found from the battle with Raditzu. So, Buruma turns it on nad she can see two immense power levels. Chi-Chi cries when she only hears two, so Buruma tries to figure it out.

Back at the field, a familiar face pops up from behind a boulder. It's Yajirobe, and when he sees Vegita he runs. Vegita is gloating about how Kakarotto has lost his Saiyan tail, and Vegita will destroy Kakarotto so that he will not give Saiyans a bad name. So Gokou yells a "KAIOH-KEN X2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and he flies up in the air, but Vegeta launches a Laser Ball at gokou, and he's damaged in the side and the attack's done.

In the sky, Gohan feels a surge of power. "Dad's in trouble!!" he says to kulilin and start to fly to the island.

Meanwhile, Gokou decides it is time to use a Kaioh-Ken X3 attack. He powers it up, adn gives Vegita another good beating, until Vegita massively powers up his own body and launches a Laser Barrage at Gokou, and Vegita's hit with recoil. Since Gokou's in Kaioh-Ken form(he's all red around him)he can easily dodge the attacks and smashes vegita again. Now Vegita's a ticked off saiyan. Gokou gets a few other good hits in, but then Vegta backflips him and Gokou's back to normal and they're both laying on the ground. Now Vegita and Gokou are both in terrible shape. Then Vegita has an idea. He decides that it will be too much trouble to try and destroy Kakarotto by himself, so he decides to use his Gyarrikku-Hou to destroy the Earth itself!!!(Note:Long time fans of DBZ will recognize this as thew Gallet Gun. Again, I am staying with the original Japanese version, so go with it)Gokou knows this will be trouble, so he goes for another Kaioh-Ken X3. He then uses a Kamehameha against Vegita, and they are both struggling with their own bean=ms, interlocking.

Back at the Kame House, the scouter is busted and ther Crystal Ball shatters. Now the Z team have no sense of communication and they figure out that Gokou is in trouble.

At the field, Gokou looks like he's losing so he powers up for a Kaioh-Ken X4!!! He then blasts not only the Gyarrikku-Hou away, but Vegita goes with it. At that very moment Yajirobe comes out of hiding and explains to Gokou how he was cheering him on from the boulders. He tells Gokou that he's glad Vegita is finally gone. Then Gokou explains to Yajirobe that Vegita isn't dead yet, and so Yajirobe speeds back to behind the boulder, as Vegita comes crashing down from the sky.

Vegita manages to get up, and tells Gokou that his own fathe, Bardock, invented a weapon long ago, calles a False Moon, since Full Moons only happen on Planet Vegita once per year. So he powers up Gokou's father's own attack, and throws it into the air, adn Vegita starts to transform.(Note: when any saiyan transforms, their power level doubles and any damage as a human is lost. So, now Vegita is full again and ready to rock Gokou. When a saiyan reverts, though, he keeps all damage sustained as an Oozaru and any power loss.)

Gokou is getting crushed by the super-powerful Vegita and he decides to try another Kaoh-Ken X3. He goes for it, but then he's swiped aside by Vegita's fist.

As Kulilin and Gohan approach the field, they see the immense light, and Gohan can feel that his dad is in trouble. Gokou then tries to do his new Genki Dama. He needs some time to work it up, so he casts a Solar Flare and temporarily blinds Vegita. he flies to the other side of the site and it takes him about 5 minutes to build it up. Vegita has regained his sight,m and is flying towards Gokou. Kulilin adn Gohan are almost there, and then a gigantic eruption of white light flashes everywhere. Vegita has somehow survived the attack and has redirected the Genki Dama to Gokou!!!! Vegita slams his fist on Gokou's body, dropping him to the ground. Now Vegita gloats, and gets ready to smash gokou for good. With his last ounce of energy, gokou fires a Burning Laser straight at Vegita's left pupil, so Vegita's eye is burnt out. Gokou tries to jumpo away, but Vegita catches him and starts to squeeze him. Then, Gohan and Kulilin appear on the scene and land besides Yajirobe. Kulilin thinks of a plan to try and cut off Vegita's tail. He tells Gohan to run off and distract Vegita while Gohan and Yajirobe distract him, and they start off---all except for yajirobe. He acts even more cowardly than Oolong and throws a Hoi Poi capsule, gets in his car, and drives off. So now Gohan is in front of Vegita and Kulilin is behind, with a Desatructo Disc. Gohan yells at Vegita, and then Kulilin launches the disc. Vegita somehow, manages to jump OVER the disc and it flies away, slicing the cliff Gohan is standing on in half. Now Vegita has them all right where he wants them. Then---suddenly Yajirobe flies out of nowhere and, with his samurai sword, manages to cut off Vegita's tail!! Vegita reverts(he still is missing an eye) and he flies up to Gohan, and knees him in the stomach. Gohan can't get back up, and Vegita tosses him next to Gokou. tehn he sidekicks kulilin into a hole in a mountain. Gohan and Gokou start to talk, but tehn Vegita breaks it up and slams Gokou in the chest. Gohan suprises Vegita from behind, and they'e up in the air, fighting. Kulilin takes advantage of this moment and walks over ot Gokou. Gokou tells Kulilin that he has some energy left, but Kulilin will need to use all of his to make it work. Gokou passes soem energy to Kulilin, and Kulilin uses all of his energy to prouce a Genki Dama!! Gokou tells Kulilin that this will be the last chance they have to save the Earth.

Midsection Review--
Vegita--Half energy left
Gokou-no energy left
Kulilin-no energy left
Gohan-little bit left
(Yajirobe has no energy, mind you)

So, Gohan and Vegita are really hurting each other. Then Vegita uses a bunch of energy for a big Laser Ball and fires it at Gohan, but he misses. Then Gohan fires about five Kamehamehas in a row at Vegita, but they all miss too. Now Vegita is pounding Gohan to a pulp. Kulilin stands there, with the Genki Dama, and realizes that he holds the sake of all teh people of Earth in his hands.(No pressure, huh??!!!)He then sees Gohan kick Vegita in the face, and Kulilin lets it rip!!! Vegitaturns around and sees the Genki Dama flyiong towards him and thinks fast. He throws Gohan's limp body in front of him ,thinking that will stop it. But, since Gohan is pure of heart, it passes right through him, collecting the rest of his energy, and makes a direct hit on vegita, and the saiyan is totally devastated and is sent flying in the air.

Back at the Kame House, (AGAIN) Rosh is trying to glue the crystal ball back together with Turbo Glue. Then somene appears in the doorway--Karin!! He auggests that thye use the Airbus to get to the site adn observe the fight, so Buruma, Roshi, Chi-Chi and Karin fly to the battle.

Meanwhile, the 4 remaining Z wariors lay near each other, all trying desperatley to stay alive. Then, Vegita uses all of his remaining energy touses his remaining energy to use an Inner Bomb adn blasts Kulilin and Gohan badly. He is about to dispose of Gohan when he sees something coming out of Gohan--A TAIL!!!!! Vegita tries desperately to rip Gohan's tail off, but then he is surprised when Yajiorobe slashes him in the back with his sword and then laughs. Vegita is angry since his armor is ruined and his back is hurting, so he really knocks Yajirobe up. Gohan gets up, and sees the False Moon in the sky. Then.....HE TRANSFORMS!!!!! Now he is destroying everyone---on both sides!!! Kulilin tries to call Gohan over to get Vegita, but Gohan is in an insane rage!!!! Vegita tries to use a sort-of Destructo Disc like attack on Gohan, and he hits the tail, and Gohan is starting to fall, and revert.(His tail won't grow back EVER!!) But, Vegita is in the way and ends up getting crusheds into the ground by Gohan.

(Note:At this point everyone has drained up all their Chi) Then, as his last move, Vegita pulls out a sort of comm link from his suit and presses a few buttons. A Saiyan Space Pod flies down from the sky and Vegita climb up to it. Kulilin falls down from a cliff ands land snext to Yajirobe, unconscious. Kulilin grabs the sword and walks over to Vegita. He knows what to do with it. He's about to slash Vegita with it, but then Gokou yells, "NO!!" Kulilin stops, but asks Gokou what's so imortant. Gokou tells Kulilin that he admires Vegita's super strength, and that he dosen't want to sink down to Vegita's level. Since Kulilin is loyal to Gokou though, although it was definitley against his will, Kulilin drops the swords and watches Vegita fly off into the atmosphere. Then, suddenly another spacecraft comes down. Why would Vegita come back...?

Suddenly Master Roshi sticks his head out. "AHOY!!" he yells, and they proceed to help the 4 warriors back into the craft. The Z warriors are brought to the West Side City Hospital to recuperate. Gokou carries on like a baby when the doctors are inspecting him, though and it really freaks out Gohan and Kulilin that the great Gokou is scared of the doctor's!!! So, they are all done, and Gokou is in some strange machine, all bandaged up, and the doctor tells Gohan and Kulilin that they have no serious injuries, and that they will be better in no time, although Gokou will be in there for about year.(Gokou NEVER gets to have adventureslike he used to!!!!) So, they're all sitting andm talking until Buruma arrives with a comm link, telling them that this was found on the site and that it goes to Nappa's pod!! But they say what use is that, and how are they going to get any Dragonballs to wish Piccolo and the others!! Then Kaiosamma contacts Gokou, and he asks Kaiosennin where Namek is. (Kulilin had told them about what Vegita had said.) Kaiosamma tells them the coodinates, and Buruma goes nuts!! (It must be bad in Dragonball Tech Lingo) She says on a normal spaceship it would take them 1000 years to get there!! Not even Kaiosamma has the answer to this one. Then Buruma remembers the Comm Link! She uickly presses some buttons, and they see the News caster on TV. Tehre is Nappa's pod in the back! Buruma finishes with the buttons and the pod flies off...then comes back down and explodes!!! Buruma had pressed the wrong combination!!! So they the are, Gokou, Kulilin, Gohan, Yajirobe, Karin, Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, and Buruma, all without a clue what to do next. Then, suddenly Mr.Popo appears in the window. He tells the gang that he had found a ship at Yunzabit Heights and wanted someone who might know how to operate it to coem with him and see if it will do. Kaiosamma's story of Namek reminded Mr.Popo of the namekina ship that Piccolo-Daimao had came in long ago. So, since Buruma is the technical genius, she walks out the window skeptically onto the magic carpet and Mr. Popo takes her to Yunzabit Heights.

They arrive at Yunzabit Heights, and they climb a cliff to see amassive spacecraft that's overgrown and cracked. Mr. Popo tells Buruma that the ship opewrates with the word "Piccolo" for it means anothewr world in Namekian. So Mr.Popo says the word adn the ship opens. They walk inside and Buruma tries to operate it, but it can only be operated by Namekina. After some rages from Buruma, Mr.Popo finally says "Dirregaloff" and ship lifts off the ground at a massive speed, and a few seconds later they are a Jupiter!! (Boy, what Nasa wouldn't do for a craft like that!!!!) Mr.Popo helps Buruma land the ship at her house, and her father does some work. They stop by the hospital, and right as Buruma is about to announce that she and Mr.Popo will be going to Namek, Mr.popo declares that he can't go, on the account that someone needs to be here to watch over Earth. Buruma gets angry, and forces Kulilin to come with her. Tehn Gohan gets up and says he'll go. Chi-Chi reassures him that he has too much "schoolwork" (who cares about school when you're super-strong??)to go on a trip, but when Gokou says it's a great idea Chi-Chi gets angry and storms off.

Later, at the Kame House, Buruam is dressed i na big yellow-orange space suit and Kulilin has a Tenhanchi Budokai hat on with a jacket and sweats. They are waiting for Gohan, who arrives in a tux wiht his hair matted down, piled with gel. (He looks really funny in the show) So they exchange their goodbyes,(Chi-Chi is sobbing as usual) Buruma says "Piccolo" and they are off in the ship, heading to Namek, by the coordinates from Kaiosamma. Buruma automatically starts the ride , and the suitcases burst everywhere, and Buruma claims she got impaled by a hairbrush. (Kulilin says, "not mine!" (Get it??) Later, Buruma is sleeping and Gohan shows Kulilin the new outfit he made over the months,(it has been about 3 months since their fist visit to the hospital.) and puts it on. He looks like a pint-size Piccolo!!

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Master Roshi is chowing down on Buyabuns, whiler Gokou is doing sit-ups!!(he's covered in bandages except for his face) The nurse comes in and tells gokou to get back in the rejuvenator, and takes away the Buyabuns from Roshi. (she says he should be on a diet) The doctor tells him that there will be not saiyan training while Gokou is in his care.

Back on the ship, Kulilin and Gohan are Spirit Fighting (they are virtually fighting inside their minds) until the radar tells them that about 1000 fighter ships are heading their way!! Buruma fires the laser cannon and they destroy them all, but then they see a ship exactly like theirs!! They are about to crash into it when they realize it's a mirror coating of a ship, and soo nthey are in the dock!! They get out of their ship, and walk down a dark corridor. THey find themselves in a big dome, adn there is dinner all set up for them!! They are about to eat, when a knife is suddenly fired from teh bowl of fruit and into the wall. It hits a switch and the pillar behind Buruma falls, Buruma is caught by a crane and carried up to the top row of the ship, the table is destroyed, teh floor pops up, and people come out to the dome from every directions---armed!!!!! One man steps out from ther crowd, and calls Kulilin, Gohan, and buruma followers of the Emporer Freeza. Our trio has no idea what they're talking about, but they bicker some more about what side they're on until a siren is heard, and there is mass confusion. Kulilin adn Gohan fly up to Buruma, and strat to run. they are stopped when the ship is engulfed i nflames and the cieling starts falling.(This is the 2nd floor, so thaat's not the REAL celing) Kulilin's helping people escape from the falling tiles, Gohan's putting the fire out, and Buruma runs to the cockpit, and she realizes that t he ship is flying through and asteriod field, so Buruma pushes the man out of the cockpit and directs the ship through.

After everything is under control, the people finally figure out that the Z team is not with Freeza, and they tell what happened to the team. "They came in great numbers, in the name of Freeza, qand destroyed all our cities so that the planet would be his to rule. They really out numbered us, so there was only one thing left to do: RUN. The engineers developed a mirror-like coating for our spacecraft, so that we would not be bothered by any travelers. Those fighters you destroyed earlier were really small balls with a 3-D holgram projection around them, so they were easy to defeat. The followers of Freeza would never help us, so I guess you were right all along." The man leads them to the dock, unlocks their ship, say their goodbyes, and they're off!!!!

Meanwhile, at Planet Freeza, two gurads clad in saiyan armor see a pod coming into radar. They think it is Freeza, but he had just left for the planet Namek. Then, when the pod comes closer, they realize it's Vegeta, and he's hooked up to the rejuvenator!! Vegeta lands and they hook him up to the Medical Regenerator. He then vows revenge on Gokou and the others, adn is very confindent since every time a saiyan goes through a near-death experience, his strength doubles!!!!

Buruma and the others have finally reached Planet Namek. They land the ship, and Buruma is about to pull out the Dragon Radar but before she knows it, the ship tilts and they fall off an immense cliff!!

The trio wake up facing to green men who look vaguely similar ot Piccolo. They tell the three that they are on Planet Namek, and it has just been exactly one year since the last wish was made! They are Raiichi and Zaakro, the two eldest namekians! They take the Z warriors to their ship, and they fly to a big lake. Gohan, Kulilin and Raiichi swim and swim, and they finally manage t oget a Dragonball. The next task brings them to a cave with strange heiroglyhics on the wall of wierd pink monsters. They enter a tomb room ,and Buruma finds the 2nd star ball inside one. They enter the ship again and land near a forest. This time, they have company. A gigantic T-rex(Torimaya must have had a passion for dinos) and it pursues them back to hte ship. Even when they get in it, it's just levelk with its head. Finally the dinosaur seems to have dissapeared. They look out a window and see a bubbling swamp,m with the bones of the dino burning in it. Raiichi explains to them that that swamp is made of pure acid adn will burn anything in it. Buruma tells him that somehow there's a Dragonball in there!! He says he has a Jerainium Suit in the back, but it will only last for about 10 secondsand then poof! Gohan sayas he'll try it, but it will really be taking a chance. Then Raiichi tells them that they could tie a Jerainum Rope to teh suit, and jank him back up when it's been 10 minutes. So Gohan gets into the suit, and he dives in. He can see the ball, adn he grabs it. He yanks the rope, then notices that it's been disintegrated!! He knows that it's time up when his suit starts melting, so he works up a Kamehameha to blast back up to the surface. They cheer adn fly to a big barren desert. They get out of teh ship, and Buruma's radar tells them that there's a Dragonball here, but it's coming toward them!! Kulilin asks how this is possible, and he gets his answer when hurricane comes spinning to them!! Buruam and Raiichi run, and Kulilin aznd Gohan figure out that they need to retrieve the ball with out destroying it, so they can't use any Chi. Gohan flies up to the top, and he dives into the eye. He grabs the ball, but then notices that the pressure is pulling him to the botom. He easily uses a Kamehameha to destroy the hurricane and regroup with the others.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Gokou has escaped from the hospital, and is back in his Kaiosamma uniform ready to continue training.

The Dragonball gang has found themselves trailing through a suspisious looking forest with giant ferns everywhere. Suddenly the ground starts to shake, and htey are lifted high into eh air!!! They realize that those trees are wings and they were walking on a flock of gigantic birds!!!!! They can see a castle coming up on the horizon, and Raiichi says that they can make it if the jump from here, so they go for it and land on the roof. they climb down and look in the window. They can see a gigantic ogre inside on a bed, snoring loudly. They climb inside adn fianlly notice that the Dragonball is on the ogre's earring!! Buruma gets Raiichi, Kulilin, and Gohan to yank off the ball, and they suceed. Then, the ogre wakes up. Buruma runs to a toy plane and tries to get it working. Kulilin fires a Destructo Disc at the ogre adn slices half of the ogre's midsection off, but then it still moves. Gohan fires a Kamehameha at its head and blows off its left side of its face, but it continues to chase them!! They jump into a plane and fly out the window.

Meanwhile, at Planet Freeza, Vegita has finally finished recovering and steps out of the regenerator.

On Namek, Kulilin and Gohan are thawing a ball out from a icy wall, when Buruma notices that Raiichi has somehow dissapeared. She is about to go look for him ,but suddenly the floor cavews in and they're riding on a glacier down an icy slope, and Kulilin has to use a Kamehameha a few time sto knock them away from the wall. Trouble really starts when they find out that there is an enourmous snowball behind them, and it's gaining speed!

Back on Planet Freeza, Vegita puts on new suit of armor, and makes the doctor tell him where Freeza is. He tells Vegita that Freeza's on Namek, adn Vegita tells the doctor that that's where he's going. (Evidently he has something against Freeza)

On Earth, (man, we're just skipping around planets here)Gokou is busy bustin' up some pyramids, when he feels a jolt of pian and is knocked unconscious.

Back to Namek, the Z gang are still being pursued by the snowball. Then, Kulilin notices the stalactites on teh cieling and thinks they will be a good dtopper for the snowball. He knocks them down wit ha laser, and tehe snowball runs over them. Now it's a snowball with SPIKES. They fly through a hole and are outta the cave.

Back on Earth, Chi-Chi and Master Roshi are in the Airbus looking for Gokou, adn they finally locate him down limp on teh ground, adn proceed to pick him up.

The Z gang are still wthout Raiichi OR Zaakro, but they are walking through another jungle. They come to a hill, adn then they see a stone temple in the middle of a lake. Gohan leads thew way, but suddenly he's suspended in the air, frozen. Kulilin is following him adn turns around, to see Buruma being held captive by Raiichi and Zaakro!!!

On Planet Freeza, Vegita marches down the hallway to the dock,but he's stopped by Cui. Cui asks Vegita where's he's going, and Vegita tells him he's going to kill Freeza. Cui tells Vegita he's insane, and that Freeza's main goal at Namek is to make a wish of eternal life. VEgita, who wants the balls to wish for immortality, gets even MORE bent on killing Freeza, (Three reasons:1)He's someone more powerful than Vegita, 2)He wants the Dragonballs also, and 3)He's a suspect for destroying Planet Vegita.) Vegita races to the pod with his scouter and sets off for Namek.

At the supposed Namek, the aliens Raiichi and Zaakro reveal themselves to be the ones drawn on the cave walls, the pinkish demons!! They explain(as the planet is reverted back to its real state: a barren, disgusting, crater-filled planet, adn teh dragonballs turn to their real form-rocks)that they crash-landed on the plant many long years ago, and their ship was destroyed. They are masters of illusion and telepathy, so they read the Z warriors' minds, asdn then created an illusion-based world about the quest. Gohan is now in the tentacles of a half-snail half jellyfish giant creature. They're REALLY in a pickle!!

Midchapter Review--
Gohan-In the tentacles of a man-eating creature
Buruma-caught by the aliens
Gokou-In the ER at the hospital
Vegita-Flying to the REAL Namek
Freeza-at Namek collecting the Dragonballs.

At the fake Namek, Raiichi and Zaakro tell the unfortunate trio that the Stellar Winds, gigantic deadly hurricanes, are coming to the planet, so it was lucky that they arrived. So with that, thewy leave for the ship, as Buruma hides behind a boulder watching them trry to figure out the code o open the ship. Raiichi tries "PICKLE-COVERED CHEESEBURGERS!!!" but nothing happens. Then they see Buruma, adn make her tell them tyhe passcode.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Kulilin have taught the creatures a lesson about trying to eat human beings, and they race off to the crater where the ship is.

Buruma tells them the word "Piccolo," and the laughing aliens start up to inside the ship. Suddenly a voice yells out "PICCOLO!!" again, and they come back down. Goha nand Kulilin jump down from the mountain, and give Raiichi and Zaakro a good beating. Thye get in the ship, and manage to escape the hideous planet right before the Stellar Winds destroy it. A long while later they soar through the sky, and suddenly they see a lush, green planet. It can only be Namek. They land down the ship and FINALLY, they're on the real Namek. But no sooner do they step out do they see a saiayn space pod fly across the sky. They all get worried, talk for a while about useless topics, and then Buruma checks her radar. There a dragonballs everywhere!! Buruma contacts Master Roshi on the Space Phone, and she tells him to inform Gokou that Vegita is here and they despretly need his help!!(it has now been about 11 months since they had left Earth, with being stoped in their travels with other things, being in suspended animation at the barren planet's hut, and about a month it took them to get from there to Namek.)

Meanwhile, Vegita steps out of his pod and checks the scouter for Freeza. He then finds out that not only is Freeza there, but so are his henchmen, Zarboni and Dodoria!!!

Freeza has just finished collecting his 4th ball, and Zarboni has detcted a few power redings, two strong ones to the south, adn one combining them both to the north. Freeza sends one of his lower henchmen, Cui(hint, hint) to go check on the large one, adn 2 low-class soilders to the 2 others.

Gohan, Kulilin, adn Buruma are surprised as 2 saiyan armor clad soilders(they don't look like saiyans) come down and fire a Blaster at the ship. It's fried. Gohan and Kulilin power up, adn easily defeat them, but their ship is destroyed.

Meanwhile, at Vegita's landingf site, Cui appears adn tells Vegita he had better hide, for he had told Vegita not to mess with Freeza,(someone should have told him thta Vegita's much more powerful!!!) So, Cui acts all tough, that is, until Vegita tells Cui that he was hiding his power level , and powers up to 24000!!

Back at the Namek village, Zarboni's scouter is destroyed. Why?? It had just read Vegita's level at 24000!! Dodori claims he must be wrong, and checks fo himself, for his scouter is better. It's right, 24000! (Cui's is only about 15000!) So, Cui tricks Vegita into the look behind ya trick, and then gives Vegita a Laser Barrage. It makes a big crater, but then Cui sees Vegita, standing right next to it, unscathed. Vegita races toward Cui, punches him into the sky, and then gives him the treatment Nappa went through.

At the devastated village, Dodoria informs Freeza that Cui's power level had gone blank. Freeza tells Dodoria there is nothing to worry aboutn and tells him there are 3 things he refuses to tolerate: 1)Boasters, 2)Bad Haircuts, 3)Military Innsurection. He thne tells Zarboni and Dodoria that sadly Vegita holds all three of those, and they move out..to where??

The Z warriors have relocated themselves to a cave in a mountain, adn suddenly see Freeza's troops fly by. Then they notice that Freeza has collected 4 Dragonballs, and heading for another one!! They tell Buruma tostay here while they pursue Freeza to the Namek Village, so she pulls out a Hoi Poi capsule and makes a house.

At the hospital on Earth,the doctor tells him it will be about 3 more months until Gokou will fully heal. Gokou says he can't possibly wait that long, for it's already been almost a year since the battle with Vegita! Then Yajirobe arrives...will a bag full of 10 Senzu Beans!! He feeds one to Gokou and Gokou is completely healed. He changes into hsi Kaiosamma uniform, takes the 9 remaining Senzu Beans and tucks then under his belt, and he gets on Kintoun and rides over to Dr. Breif's. Why?? Well ,Buruma's father had been working on a spacecraft for awhile now, and Gokou wanted to see if it was done. When he arrives, he sees Mrs. Brief dancing around and watering her garden. (REALLY! I'm NOT kidding!!!) She tells Gokou that Dr.Breif's in the back working on the ship. Gokou goes back to see a gigantic capsule corp spacecraft, and he walks in. Dr.Brief tells him that this spaceship has a machine that will let Gokou train up to 100X Earth's normal gravity. Gokou is amazed, but dissapointed when Dr.Brief says it's not sone yet. It's still missing a.......CAPPUCINO MACHINE!!! Gokou goes nuts and tells him he dosen't need cappucino, so Dr.Brief just goes with it and tells Gokou that this ship is twice as fast as the Namekian one,and should reach Namek in about 1 week. Gokou pushes Dr.Brief out of the ship and he speeds off to Namek!!

Gohan and Kulilin have reached the base camp and are watching Freeza try to pry the Dragonball out of the Nameks' hands. They see the dragonballs, and they're enourmous!!! The size of boulders! Gohan and Kulilin stay crouched on a cliff as they watch the real nameks emerge from the huts.

Meanwhile, Gokou is in his ship, and he has the gravity enhsncer up to 20X Earth's gravity.

Freeza tries to get the Nameks to give him the ball, but they pretend they don't know what he's talking about, but he tells them that they're not fooling him. One of the Nameks fry a soilder, but then he gets friend. The eldest namek is about top ahnd over the ball ,when suddenly the Namek Military arrive. Dodoria's scouter only reads their power levels at 1000 each, but for some reason they seem to be kicking the Freeaza soldiers' butts. Dodria checks again, and they're at 5000!! The eldest anmek is watching this, and he figures out that the scouters are the machines telling Freeza the power levels of the men, and where the Dragonballs are !!! He plots to destroy them. Whiel Dodoria is talking to Freeza, the Namekan quickly fires a laser at Dodoria's scouter, and it's destroyed. He flies up in the air and destroys t he remaining two. It takes them a while, but eventually Zarboni figures out tha tthe elder was aiming for the scouters!! Dodoria quickly takes care of the Namek Military, even with their strong efforts. So, the elder has no choice but to bring Freeza the ball. Freeza then orders to the Namek to tell him where the remining two balls are, and he'll leave. The Namek refuses, ansd so Dodoria steps up. The Namek quickly tells the two other young namek childs to run away quickly, and soon he's dead. One of the kids got away, but that fat bully Dodoria runs to get the other one. Suddenly Gohan just can't take it anymore, and he jumps out from the hising spot adn gives Dodoria a good swift kick in the head. Dodoria's really hurt, and Kulilin then comes down, grabs the Namek child adn tehy speed off, with Dodoria fast on their heels.

Zarboni then tells Freeza that he could sense the massive energy coming out from theose 2 earthlings, adn asks to go help, but Freeza says that maybe Dodoria will have some fun, and he besides, Freeza needs Zarboni to come with him, since Freeza only has about 15 soldiers left.

So, Dodoria is hot on Kulilin and Gohan's heels, and he starts firing at Kulilin, who's holding the child. In his effort tot dodge the beams, he gets hit, and drops the kid. He speeds down to try and save him, but Dodoria manages to grab his heel. Kulilin does some quick thinking and headbutts Dodoria in the face, and he speeds down to the kid, and it looks like he's not gonna make it when Gohan suddenly appaeara and grabs him. Dodoria fires a Mouth Laser, but they quicklyt are out of the way ands flying through the air, still being chased. Kulilin tells Gohan to go on ahead, and Kulilin stays behind. He does a Solar Flare, blinding Dodoria, nad the three warriors hide behind a cliff. Dodoria dosen't seem to where thye are, so he just bombs the whole area they were fighting ate and leaves, not noticing that gohan, Kulilin adn the namek had avoided it in the sky.

After Dodoria has left, Kulilin tells the namek,(who seems to know how to fly)that he had better stay with them, for Dodoria and those other barbarians might come back for him. He agrees, and they set off to relocate to wherever Buruma is.

So Dodoria is flying, and suddenly he shot down out of the sky, and lands right next to Vegita. Vegita tells Dodoria not to mess wiht him, for he's going to destroy the empire of Freeza. Dodoria says he's nuts, and says that Freeza already has 5 Dragonballs. Vegita notices that Dodoria has lost his scouter, and Vegita offers him his. So, Dodoria gloats and walks up to get it, but then Vegita smashes his foot down on the very last scouter. Dodoria gets really mad, and tells Vegita that now neither of tehm will find Freeza and the balls. Vegita tells Dodoria that while on Earth, he acquired quite a lot of new talents--including being able to tell power reading wihtout a scouter!! Dodoria gets even angrier now, and tells Vegita he's going to take him down. Vegita laughs adn steps up to Dodoria, and then Dodoria steps back. He remembers Vegita's high power level when he was fighting Cui. He tries to fire a Laser Stream at Vegita, but Vegita teleports behind him and starts to bend back Dodoria's arms, and break them. Dodoria tells Vegita to settle down, but vegita says he won't let go, but then an idea sparks in Dodoria's head. he could tell Vegita about the secret of Planet Vegita. He tells Vegita that Freeza was lying when he told everyone that a meteorite had hit teh planet, and that it was really Freeza!!(For complete details, check the Extras file and look for the BARDOCK STORY) Vegeta gets extremely ticked, especially when Dodoria says that the pesky Earthlings that he was chasing could probably take Vegita out. Dodoria gloats some more, and Vegita finally gives him the same treatment he gave to Cui and Nappa. With Dodoria out of the way, there are 2 things still bugging vegita, 1)Did Freeza REALLY destroy his planet?? 2)What did Dodoria mean by "earthlings" ? He flies around, and then senses Kulilin, Gohan, and the kid. He flies to them, and is suddenly hit by an immense whale, giving the gang enough time to get out of there!! Vegita is going to follow them, but then realizes that his main task should be to get at least 1 Dragonball, so that Freeza can't get his wish, and he flies away, in search for the last Namekian Village.

So, our heroes have finally reached the cave that tehy started from, and they walk up to Buruma's capsule corp house. She comes out, and starts to yell at them for leaving her there alone for so long. Then she sees the kid, adn asks who he is. He says his name is Dende, aire to the throne of Guardian Namekian. Everyone gasps, but Buruma breaks the silence by telling them the info about Gokou coming to Namek in a week, and they proceed to go inside.

Vegita senses a strong power level, a village with 20 Nameks, and possibly a Dragonball. He arrives and demands the ball, but they tell him that no evil people can recieve the ball. Vegita says that's fine, he'll just kill them.

In the Capsule House, Buruma is filled in on the details, and everyone asks Dende why he isnt' eating. Dende replies that Nameks don't need food to survive, they only need to drink water. Dende asks where the humans are from, and Kulilin is about to answer, when Gohan senses a strong power, marking the death of 20 Namekians. Kulilin is angry at having to face both Frieza AND Vegita without Gokou's help. Dende asks how so many people know about the Dragonballs, and they end up telling Dende the whole story. Dende decides to take them to Guru, the village elder.

The elder of the village refuses to hand over the ball, and Vegita kills him. Vegita finds the #4-star ball, and hides it in a lake for safe keeping, and he knows that Frieza won't be able to find it, and can't make the wish either.

Zarboni wonders where Dodoria is, and Frieza says it's a good thing if the two runts killed the fat idiot. Frieza ha 5 balls, and splits up his troops to search for the remaining two. He goes back to his ship with the 5 and waits.

Buruma asks if Guru is real, and Dende explains he is the one who created the Dragonballs. Dende is Guru's 100th offspring, marking the next Saichourou. Buruma asks how Nameks are born, and Dende says that eggs are shot out of the mouth. Buruma assumes that Guru is female, but Dende is confused. ("What is female?") It turns out that the Nameks only have one gender, which Buruma thinks is boring. It will take 30 days to walk to Guru's, so Gohan stays behind to protect Buruma and Kulilin goes off with Dende. They fly, and Kulilin wonders if Vegita's stronger than Frieza, and tries to figure out a way ot hold out for 5 days until Gokou arrives. Kulilin then puns the situation as ridiculous.

Gokou is about to put the Graviton up to 30G's, when is suddenly contacted by Kaiousamma. Kaiosamma tells Gokou that there are some guests on his planetoid......and Yamucha greets Gokou via touching Kaiosamma's back. He tells Gokou that he, Piccolo, Chaio-zu, and Tienshinhan are all at Kaiosamma's, waiting for him to wish them back. Piccolo is angry that Gokou gets to have all the fun. Kaiosamma tells the group about Vegita and Frieza's arrival on Namek, and tells Gokou to stay away from Frieza. Piccolo says that if theyr'e wished back, to be transported to Namek to fight. Kaiosamma yells at him for being a fool, and loses the connection with Gokou. Gokou is now even more determined to get stronger, and kicks the gravity level up to 50g.

Kuririn is tired of flying, and Dende tells him they only have 5 hours left, and Kulilin grumbles some more. Vegita can't find the next ball, but he senses two power levels nearby. Kulilin figures out it's Vegita, and he goes nuts and hides. Zarboni is also coming that way, and Vegita decides to take him on instead. ("Dodoria wasn't even a match, so another shouldn't be so bad.") Zarboni greets Vegita, and Vegita says that Dodoria's dead, and Zarboni's next. Zarboni asks Vegita why he doesn't want to team up, and Vegita tells him he has his own plans for the Dragonballs. Vegita decides to show Zarboni the true power of a saiyajin. They fight, and Vegita flicks all of Zarboni's blasts away. Dende and Kulilin rush off to Guru's. Vegita gloats about his power, and Zarboni wants a chance to change into his true form. Vegita laughs, and Zarboni changes from his handsome debonaire look, to a massive monster, even uglier than Dodoria. They fight some more, and Zarboni crushes Vegita. Before killing Vegita, Zarboni telling him that Frieza is a changeling too. He then blasts Vegita into a lake, drowning him, and goes back to tell Frieza. Later, Vegita surfaces, complaining that Zarboni is a fool to mess with him.

Frieza asks Zarboni if he found the village, and Zarboni replies that he found Vegita instead and killed him off. Frieza is impressed, but can't be sure that Vegita is dead because Zarboni does not have him corpse. The other minion comes in, and says that Vegita has the other ball. Zarboni tells Frieza that Vegita didn't have the ball, and Frieza gets very angry. He tells the minion to call for the Ginyu Assualt Force, he might need their assistance. Frieza himself, is worrying about Vegita beign a Super Saiyajin.

Vegita crawls onto solid ground, and Zarboni finds the body. He carries Vegita back to Frieza's ship and puts him in a Medical Regenerator for questioning later.

Gokou is still training ,and decides to take a rest from 50g's, and goes to get a drink.

The next day, Dende and Kulilin find Guru's house ontop of a pillar. Nail comes through the door, and tells them that Guru's been waiting for them. They step inside, and Kulilin thinks Nail looks like Piccolo. They appear in front of a massive Namek, and Guru thanks Kulilin for saving Dende. He refuses to give Kulilin the ball, but Kulilin tells him of the balls on earth. He tells Guru why he's on Namek, and Guru gives him the ball, saying it won't do any good since he'll be dying soon. He then tells Kulilin to come over to his hand, he wants to awaken the hidden powers inside him. Kulilin asks what's going on, and then suddenly Ki explodes around him. Kulilin tells Guru he wants to bring another person here to get his hidden powers awakened, and Kulilin tells Dende to stay here while he goes to get Gohan. He flies off with the 1-star ball, at twice his normal speed.

Back at the Capsule House, Buruma and Gohan see the 1-star ball coming toward them on the radar. Gohan says it must be Kulilin, and he takes the Dragon Radar to go get the other ball. (It's standing still on the Radar so Vegita must not have it)

In Frieza's Ship, Zarboni states that Vegita will be done healing in a half an hour. The other minion ticks Frieza off, so he disposes of him. Suddenly a sound is heard from the Medical Regenerator, and Vegita is running down the hallway. Zarboni can't believe how fast he is.

Gohan finds the deserted village, and curses Vegita. He looks around for the ball, and realizes that it isn't indoors.

Zarboni is told that if Vegita escapes, he will die. Vegita creates mass confusion on the ship, and he runs to the treasure room and throws the balls one by one off the ship. Frieza is furious that he lost all 4 of the balls, and gives Zarboni one hour to return with them, and Vegita's carcass. Vegita goes back to get his hidden one, and notices a great power that isn't Zarboni's.

On his way back, Kulilin is laughing hysterically and and Vegita sees him. He wonders why Kulilin's on Namek, and what he's doing with the ball. Vegita chases after Kulilin, and Zarboni follows, havign a hard tiem due to the loss of his scouter. Kulilin lands in front of Buruma, and she cheers. She's impressed, and Kulilin asks where Gohan is. Kulilin then senses Vegita approaching.

Kulilin is overwhelmed by his power (remember, every time a saiyajin is close to death he gets stronger) Vegita tells them if they give him the ball he'll let them live. Then, Zarboni arrives. Buruma is austonded by the hunk, and Zarboni think Vegita is working with the humans. Vegita laughs at this. They fight, and Zarboni gets blinded, giving Kulilin and Buruma a chance to escape, but Vegita catches them. Zarboni is ticked, and he attacks. He gets a beating from Vegita and dies, and tells them to kill Frieza for him. Kulilin hands over the ball to Vegita, and he keeps his promise and leaves. They both pray for Gohan to return safely with the ball.

Gohan senses Vegita, and he tries to hide. Vegita yells a warning for the hiding person to reveal themselves, and Vegita recongizes Gohan as Kakarotto's son. Gohan sees Vegita has a ball. Vegita asks what Gohan is holding, and Gohan tells him that the Radar is just a watch. This amuses the saiyajin, and he spares Gohan because he is a saiyajin. He knees Gohan in the stomach and flies off. Gohan gets over the pain, and pulls the 4-star ball from its hiding place. Buruma decides to hide in the Capsule House, but Kulilin wants to keep an eye out for Gohan. Gohan arrives, and they cheer over getting the ball.

Underwater, Vegita can't find the ball he hid. Then he figures out that the brat hadn't been holding a watch after all, and he rushes off in an insane rage to the house. They hide their power, and Vegita fumes that he can't find them, so he destroys the house, and they escape. Kulilin tells Gohan he wants to take him to Guru's to up his power level, and they leave Buruma with the ball.

Vegita drops his ball and takes a rest. He remembers that in 3 1/2 days Frieza will have the Ginyu Force on Namek, complete with a new batch of scouters.

Two days pass, and Gokou is training in the Gravity Ship at 100g's. Gokou has reached a new level of training, and he can fire a Kamehameha that won't kill him. He's been beating himself up, and then eating Senzu Seeds to recover. By the end of it, he only has 3 seeds left. One more day passes, and Gokou turns off the Graviton and he realizes how strong he's become. He takes a bath, and sleeps. One more day and he'll be at Namek.

Zarboni hasn't come back in 4 days, so Frieza either think he was killed or he ran away. However, the Ginyu Force should be here any minute, and they will have a new scouter for him, and Vegita hasn't summoned Porunga yet.

Gohan hopes that Guru is close, and Kulilin hopes that he hasn't passed away yet. Kulilin decides they MUST make it to Guru's, so they pick up the pace, risking alerting Vegita. Vegita then senses two high levels--Kakarotto's brat and the bald runt. He realizes they left the ball with the chick, so he goes off to find it. Kulilin tells Gohan they are almost there, and they reach the mountain when they sense Vegita. Kulilin says he'll stall Vegita while Gohan goes to Guru's place. Vegita demands the 4-star ball, and then sees Gohan fly to Guru's. He thinks the ball is there, and he flies past Kulilin. Kulilin and Nail try to face Vegita, and asks them if they want to die. Gohan is given the sleeping power, alerting Vegita. Vegita thinks Gokou has landed, and can't believe it's Gohan. Guru then tells them that there is a massive power heading for Namek, and they puzzle over this until Vegita realizes that it's the Ginyu Assualt Force. Frieza must have summoned all 5, and Vegita demands the last ball, it is their only chance. If Vegita becomes immortal, they might be able to win the upcoming battles. Nail then tells them that the Namek Dragonballs allow 3 wishes, not just one. Kulilin agrees, and they rush back to the camp.(Kulilin curses) Guru tells Nail to leave too, he will be OK on his own.

5 Saiyajin pods smash into Namek's surface, near Frieza's ship.

Kulilin grabs the ball from Buruma, and she is astounded that Vegita is traveling with them, and she yells at them for leaving her agan.

The Ginyu Force makes a stand, leaving Frieza NOT impressed. Ginyu states that with the new-technlogy Scouters, Frieza can sense anyone even on the other side of the earth. Frieza thank Ginyu, and the gives a battle cry and flies off. Vegita senses them, and gets scared.

The alarm on Gokou's ship goes off, and Gokou puts on his new gi, worrying about the others and how they're faring. He has 20 minutes until departure on Namek.

Vegita and the Ginyu Force arrive at the ball haven at the same time. Kulilin is scared, and says that Gurudo, a toad with 4 eyes, is the only member of the team. Ginyu wants Vegita to hand over the ball, and he tries to throw it, but Baata catches it in mid-air. He tells Kulilin to smash the one he's holding, and Kulilin goes for it, but it doesn't work. Gurudo is suddenly holding the ball. He tells the trio that he has the ability to freeze time, and they all gasp. Ginyu taunts our unlikely trio, and Jees joins in but Ginyu yells at him for being rude. Kulilin asks if they have to fight, and Vegita tells him it's not right to run away. Ginyu takes the 7 balls to Frieza, and the rest of the team decides who will go first with Jan-Ken-Pon. Gohan thinks they should run away at this moment. Recoom gets to fight Vegita, and Gurudo is paired with the two humans. Gohan wants to blast the flying Ginyu, but Vegita tells him not to waste his energy. The group goes in a huddle, and Vegita tells them not to use up all their energy on Guldo just in case Kakarotto doesn't show up. Gohan is fuming about not being able to ressurect Piccolo.

Recoom lets Gurudo go first, and Gurudo complains about ahving to fight trash. Vegita is annoyed, and Gurudo acts cocky. Kulilin announces Ki o Kaihou, and the fight starts. They fire blasts, but Gurudo stops time and runs away from them. He plans to fire at them from a hiding spot, but he gets sensed, and he stops time again. The force sees Kulilin and Gohan's power levels at a mere 10,000 so they come closer to watch the battle. Gurudo then mind freezes them in the air, and they can't move a muscle. Gurudo uses a nearby tree as a spear, and launches it at Kulilin. The tree almost kills them both, when Vegita fires a laser through Gurudo's body. Gurudo loses his control and they fly away. Gurudo yells out that Vegita broke the rules, but Vegita says he never agreed to them. Kulilin wants to know why Vegita saved them, and Vegita says he only did it to help him fight the force later. The Ginyu Force complains that their fightng pose can't be completed without Guldo, so Ginyu will have to develop a new move.Jees and Baata use Jankenpon to decide who fights the humans next, when Recoom says he'll take on all 3 of them. This angers Jees, for he wants to fight them too.

Recoom does his fighting pose, and Vegita immediantly powers up and does an immense energy blast. Recoom is blasted into a mountain. Gohan and Kulilin cheer for Vegita, but then Recoom strolls out of the rubble and does his pose again, with no damage. ("Well, hi there!") Recoom does his "Recoom Kick", and it send Vegita flying. Recoom announces a speed-up batle, and Vegita gets thrown in another lake. He burys Vegita's head in the ground, and then asks if he's alright. Vegita blasts him again, and Recoom has no hair left. Recoom taunts Vegita, and Kulilin tells Gohan to get ready to attack, this guy might be trouble.

In Gokou's ship, it announces planetfall in 2 minutes, while Gokou gets dressed and ties a bag with 3 Senzu Seeds in it around his waist.

Recoom is ready to finish off Vegita, and Kulilin tells Gohan to go. Recoom uses his "Recoom Eraser Gun", and Vegita is near death. Recoom decides to switch to the earthlings, and the team wants some chocolate. (Don't ask me why) Kulilin is Ko'ed with one hit, and then Gohan takes a beating.

Frieza congratulates Ginyu on collecting the balls, but nothing's happening. Then Frieza remembers what the elder told him about not being able to make a wish. He tries to figure out if there's a special place, or summoning word, and then realizes that they're still one namek elder that hasn't killed yet. He tells Ginyu to stay and watch the balls, and he flies off to find Guru.

Recoom and Gohan continue fighting, but then they talk and Gohan is taken from surprise, and his power level drops to zero. Kulilin curses, but then suddenly a ship lands not far away. Recoom wonders where the ship is from, and Gokou steps out. He arrives at the battlefield, and he feeds Kulilin and Gohan a Senzu Seed. Gohan tells Gokou who Recoom is, and he tosses the last seed to Vegita. Recoom's not impressed. The fighter only measures at 5,000. Recoom says he's going to win, (Gokou always seems to get stuck with the big, burly, stupid guys.{Nappa and Recoom}) and Gokou says that he will. Vegita realizes that Gokou has become a Super Saiyajin, the last one was 1000 years ago. Recoom yells out the "Recoom Mahho Attack" and he misses. Gokou gives the Ginyu Assualt Force a choice--they can either leave the planet, or get lotsw of pain. Recoom gets very angry, and announces his "Super Ultra Fighting......." this takes too long to announce and Gokou beats him in 1 blow, and Vegita chokes that he's looking at a Super Saiyajin. (SSJ)

Gokou gives Jees and Baata a chance to leave the planet, and Kulilin wants to know why Gokou doesn't want to fight. The fighters want to protect their reputation, so they do their pose and get ready. Vegita knows that Gokou is going to win. Gokou's Ki-Ai blows push Baata and Jees back, and everyone is stunned that Gokou can beat up people who trashed Vegita. Baata tells Jees to use his Crasher Ball on Gokou, but Gokou easily deflects it. Jees warns Baata to look backwards, and he says that this is a bad dream. They ask who he is, ("I'm a full-bred Saiyajin") but even saiyajin aren't this fast. Baata gets angry and goes to Gokou, who KO's him. Gokou tells Jees it's useless to fight him, Jees freaks out that the force has been beaten, and he flies off to get Ginyu. Vegita is wondering why Kakarotto took so long to kill the bad guys, and Vegita destroys Baata and Jees himself. Gokou asks why he killed helpless beings, and Vegits says it's the smart thing to do. They think over this as Frieza finds Guru's mountain.

Kulilin says that they still have a chance, Frieza hasn't summoned Porunga yet. Vegita asks Kulilin how he knows this, and Kulilin tells him that when the Eternal Dragon appears, the sky grows dark as if it was night. Gokou then realizes that Frieza doesn't know the correct summoning word.

Jees tells Ginyu what happened, and he refuses to tell Frieza of their failure. He tells Jees to bury the balls so that no one can find them, and they start to get in the special fighting pose---although it doesn't work, and they get angry.

The foursome argue over what to do, and Vegita claims it would be better if he was made immortal. Vegita asks where Frieza is, and Gokou points off in the direction where Guru is. Frieza must be asking the secret to the balls. Everyone hopes Guru isn't killed, for the balls would be canceled. Then Ginyu arrives, and Jees points out Gokou. They discuss each other, and Ginyu's enhanced scouter tells Gokou's real power level is 60,000. Jees knows no saiyajin could be so strong. Gokou tells Kulilin and Gohan to go find the balls, and he tells Vegita to attack Jees. Everyone says OK and it starts, and then Vegita runs away ("Sayonara!!").

After some fighting, Gokou is hurting and is mad at Vegita. Vegita thinks he'd rather find the Dragonballs than fight, and Jees roots for Ginyu. Jees uses his Crasher Ball, and it gives Ginyu a chance to grab Gokou. Gokou is about to use a Ki blast, but Ginyu lets him go, and he knows Gokou has just been playing. Gokou then powers up, and he goes to 180,000. Ginyu and Jees are stunned, since Ginyu is only at 120,000. Gokou gives them another chance to leave the planet, when Ginyu starts HIS special talent.

Frieza arrives at Guru's mountain, and finds out there are 3 Nameks there. Nail warns Guru, who's giving Dende healing techniques. Nail asks what Frieza wants, and he demands the secret of the balls. Frieza is told that if Guru dies then the balls cease to work. Frieza blows open the house, and Guru tells Nail to fight Frieza. Nail powers up to 45,000 but Frieza himself is 530,000. Frieza promises only to use his left arm, and they fight. Frieza rips off his arm, and then apologizes for being rude. Nail then stands up, and regenerates it.

Gokou wants to know what Ginyu meant by "Special Power", so he tells Jees to hold his scouter. Ginyu yells "CHANGE!!" and he switches bodies with Gokou. In Ginyu's body Gokou yells in pain. (This makes you think...was that other body really Ginyu's, or is he really some small insect with the power to shape-change??) Ginyu lets everyone know the he is now Son Gokou, and he gets his scouter from Jees. Gokou follows far behind, hoping to stop him.

Kulilin and Gohan arrive at Buruma's, and they wake her up and ask for the Radar. She wants to know what's up, but Gohan grabs it and they fly off, with Kulilin mentioning that Gokou is here.

Vegita reaches Frieza's ship, and he takes some time to change his clothes since the ship is vacant. He senses Gohan and Kulilin coming, so he hides in the ship, and they take the balls. He smiles at this, so when they summon Porunga he can run out and yell his wish. Kulilin yells "Ide yo, Shenlong! Soshite negai o kanaetamae!!" (Shenlong appear! So you can grant our wish!!) Nothing happens. They think, but they Ginyu and Jees show up. Gokou must have been defeated, so they hide. But Gokou lands, followed by Jees. Ginyu and Jees don't sense anyone, but the Dragonballs are laying out in the middle. Kulilin then jumps out. Ginyu wants to know how he found the balls, and Kulilin tells "Gokou" that the wish didn't work. Kulilin remarks on "Gokou"'s unusual behaviour, and the fact that he's wearinga scouter. He moves forward to explain, but then Gohan yells out that this man isn't his dad. The 2 don't know anythng esxcept for that this wierdo ISN'T Gokou. He wants to show them his new power, and they strike a pose. Ginyu wants to fight at 180,000.

Gokou struggles to catch up with Ginyu, and hopes that Kulilin and Gohan haven't been killed. Ginyu laughs about his great power, and Jees tells him that his old body is arriving. Gokou finds them, and Gokou tells Ginyu that he will defeat him. Ginyu laughs, but he doesn't know how to use the Kaioh techiques and he can't get above 23,000. He can't believe this, and Jees joins the fight, and Vegita is the first top get Jees in the face. Ginyu gets trashed and ridiculed by Gohan and Kulilin. Jees, on the other hand, is trying to figure out how Vegita can fight without a scouter. Vegita tells Jees he's very close to becoming a SSJ, and he kills Jees. Vegita then turns his attention to Gokou's body, and he's just about to destroy it when Ginyu yells "CHANGE!!". Gokou sees this as his only chance, and he intercepts it. Ginyu is ticked, and Gokou is happy to have his body back. Everyone's really confused as to what went on. Now Ginyu tries to take over Vegita's body, but a Namekian frog hops by in the way of the transfer, and Ginyu swaps places with the frog. Gokou is OK, but everyone had really beaten up on him. Vegita asks where Ginyu is, and Gokou says to leave the frog alone. (Ginyu can't shape-change anymore, since he can't speak) Gokou doesn't have anymore Senzu Seeds, and Vegita threatens to finish them off. Gokou knows he's bluffing, since Vegita needs them for the Dragonballs and Frieza. He takes them to Frieza's Ship, and Gokou is put in the Medical Regenerator to heal up. Vegita tells the two others that they need new combat uniforms, and he pulls out some Saiyajin aromor from a box.(One size fits all) The clothes are very strong, but they don't like the feel of being the "bad guys". Vegita says Gokou will be healed in 45 minutes, so Kulilin goes to check on Guru and tells Gohan and Vegita to stay behind.

Frieza has practically killed Nail, without using his right arm. He asks Nail to tell him the secret of the Dragonballs, but Nail just attacks him again. Then Frieza gets in another punch, and threatens to kill him. Nail says go ahead, because Dende is the one who knows how to summon Porunga. Dende has escaped from Guru's, and he meets up with Kulilin. Kulilin tells him that the Dragonballs don't work, and Dende says they must be spoken in Namekian, not universal. (Japanese) They hurry, since Guru's lifespan is getting shorter due to the loss of all his spawned ones. (Ala Piccolo Daimao)

Gohan is wondering what's taking so long for Kulilin to return, and he flies to meet the approaching power levels. The one dissapears, and Gohan finds Dende. Gohan takes him back to Frieza's Ship, and they gather the Dragonballs and Dende yells out "Takkarato Popporunaga Pupirittoparo", there's a light from teh sky, and it turns black. Frieza is confused. and Kulilin and Gohan marvel at Porunga's size. He asks for their three wishes, and Dende tells them to hurry up. The first request is to bring bakc everyone killed by Vegita, but Porunga says he can only do one person at a time. Frieza is getting closer. At Kaiosamma's planet, Piccolo demands to talk to Gohan (He annoys Kaiosamma by leaving off the -samma part) Gohan hets his message, and asks for Piccolo to be ressurected. He is, and Kami is also on Earth---that way, they have another set of balls to use. The second wish is to bring Piccolo to Namek, for he's also a match for Frieza, and wants to avenge his people.

Vegita senses Frieza's approach and wakes from his sleep. Knowing that they cheated him, he rushes to Porunga, and Frieza following him. Piccolo is telported to somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Namek, and he's lost. Vegita shows up at Porunga, and he demands to be made immortal. Frieza can now see Porunga, and they are almost out of time.

Piccolo appears on Namek, and he locates Frieza and Gohan, and rushes to find them.

Kulilin tells Dende to go ahead and do it, they don't have any other choice. Vegita is overwhelmed, but then Guru ies and Porunga dissapears. Vegita is enraged, and he says he will kill them all. Then Frieza arrives. He talks about the loss of his dream, the loss of his Assualt Force, and all his troops. He says he'll eradicate them all, starting with Vegita.

Piccolo senses a closer, weaker power, and finds Nail. Nail is the first Namek he's seen. Nail is happy to see a Namek, because that means the wishes have succeded. Piccolo states he's here to save Namek, and Nail quickly tells him what's been going on. Nail wants revenge on Frieza, so Piccolo absorbs his body, just about tripling his power level.

Frieza's power level frightens everyone, and he claims he can defeat them all easily. Vegita wants to face Frieza on his own, this way he can become a SSJ. His power level climbs, and Frieza's scouter explodes. Everyone is stunned, and Vegita orders Frieza to go to his true form and fight. They're going to die anyway, so what do they have to lose? Frieza then tells Vegita that he indeed did kill the entire alien race, and the former king. Vegita is happy, means he's the new king.

Frieza flexes, destroying the saiyajin armor. Vegita isn't impressed, but then Frieza starts his change, and his power levle is well over 1,000,000. He blows up a mountain, and then hits Kulilin hard, claiming that Dende was his real target, adn he apologizes for missing. Kulilin is blown off, and Gohan tries to save him. Gohan thrases Frieza, and Vegita can see that Gohan is close to becoming a SSJ. Dende heals Kulilin, and Frieza laughs that that was a good warm-up. Piccolo rushes to the ship, telling Gohan telpathically to hold on. Vegita tells Gohan to get out of there, but Frieza cuts in and Frieza thrases HIM. He then decides to kill Gohan by squashing his head. Vegita can't bring himself to save Gohan, and he's disposed of. Gokou feels this, and curses the regerator. Then, a new power appears on the scene, and Kulilin appears behins Frieza and slices his tail off. Frieza says it's impossible, and Kulilin fires some more Destructo Discs. Gokou asks where Kulilin got this power, and they explain about Guru. Frieza gets up, and wants revenge for the loss of his tail. Kulilin can't run away in time, so he uses Solar Flare to blind Frieza. Kulilin yells for Vegita to attack, but he is busy watching Dende fix Gohan's neck. Vegita wants to ask Gohan about his abilities, but Gohan jumps back into the fight. Having been close to death, Gohan is quicker and faster. Then Piccolo appears on the scene with an enourmous power level. They explain to him what's up, and Frieza is annoyed that he missed such a strong Namekian. Gokou is trying to figure out who the great power is, and realizes it's not Frieza or Piccolo, but Gohan. Piccolo says he's going to kill Frieza now, and Dende feels Nail in Piccolo. Frieza calls Piccolo a stupid fly, and he attacks. The battle gets rough, and Frieza starts to feel some mild pain. Kulilin and Gohan are happy with Piccolo's performance, and Vegita is angry that the Namek has gotten so strong. Vegita still thinks they're going to die. Piccolo then takes off his weighted clothing, and tells Frieza he is going to fight for real now. The surprises Frieza. He has thought that WAS his real. Kulilin can't beleive how well Piccolo has been fighting with the heavy cloak on. Frieza confesses that he hadn't been fighting his strongest either, and that he has two more forms to switch to. That's when he turns Third-Stage.

Frieza teases Piccolo, and Piccolo tries to run away to get some distance. Frieza teleports in front of him and uses his Ki-Ai, doing major damage. Gohan attacks Frieza at full power, but it's not enough. Frieza then recognizes Gohan as a saiyajin, and thinks he's Raditzu's son. He thinks now only Vegita and the boy remain a threat to him. Vegita explains that if he's half-killed, then healed, he could become a SSJ. He asks Kulilin to attack him, and that he won't attack back. Frieza then announces that he's going to show everyone what he really looks like. The thought of Frieza even stronger has Kulilin forget that Vegita will be a problem later, so he blasts him in the stomach. Vegita is pleased and expects to become SSJ. Gohan takes Piccolo to saftey, although Piccolo says he's OK, but Dende heals him anyway. Vegita doesn't understand why Dende won't heal him, (he killed a whole village before) and Dende leaves him to die. Dende goes over to Piccolo while Kulilin explains to Gohan why he shot at Vegita.Piccolo asks Dende if he can heal too, but Dende says he's in the Fighter class, not the Healer class.Kulilin and Piccolo convince Dende to overcome his hatred, so he goes and heals Vegita. Then, Frieza releases a mass amount of energy and becomes his final form.

The group recognizes that Frieza's final form could easily destroy the planet, and Dende heals Vegita. Vegita kicks Dende around for not healing him earlier. Kulilin has trouble accepting that the lizard boy in front of them with the purple head is the same Frieza, but his power makes Piccolo sorry for wasting two wishes to be brought to Namek. Frieza's first blast kills Dende, so that no one else can be healed. Gokou, in the regenerator, wonders who just died, and curses Frieza. Frieza telports around, and then fires a fatal blast at Gohan, but Vegita intercepts it, and curses the boy. Gohan thanks him, and Vegita says he wants to have an audience when he becomes SSJ. Vegita is very confident that he can destroy Frieza. Vegita claims to be SSJ, and Frieza laughs at this. During the fight, Frieza phases out and Vegita can't figure out where he's gone, meaning he's not a true SSJ. Vegita fires a large blast at Frieza, but Frieza kicks it away in frustraiton.Frieza starts pounding on him, and Gokou realizes how close Vegita is to SSJ. The Medical Regenrator announces that he's healed, and he runs to the battlefield. Frieza is about to give Vegita the killing blow when Gokou appears from the ship. He stops Frieza, and Vegita yells "Yes! Kakarotto!" Frieza thinks he is a saiyajin. Frieza recognizes him as Bardock, (Gokou's father) and Vegita can see that Gokou is now SSJ. Friza attacks, but Gokou deflects it, Frieza fires a finger blast, and Gokou cancels them out. He drops Frieza. Vegita now announces that Frieza will be defeated. Frieza is tired of the Super Saiyajin joke, and he kills Vegita. Gokou asks why Frieza attacked a helpless person, and Vegita tells Gokou to kill Frieza on the double. Vegita tells Gokou he is capable, he is a full bred saiyajin with high powers. With his last breath Vegita begs Gokou to become SSJ and destroy Frieza. Now Gokou plans revenge for his planet. Piccolo and the gang move back, and Gokou is doing good, burning his hands on the attack that destroyed a mountain. At Kaiosamma's planet, Yamucha asks what's up, and Kaiosamma tells then Vegita is dead. Frieza knows now that Gokou is the one who killed Ginyu, but Frieza still has no doubts about losing. Gokou wants to become faster than Frieza, which is going to be very hard. Frieza is wondering what Gokou's doing under the water(He was thrown in), and suddenly two Kamehamehas come blsating out of the water and smack Frieza through a couple of hills. Frieza is happy that he has a good match, and he tells Gokou he's going to cook him for dinner. (The saiyajins are named after vegetables) Frieza launches some rocks at Gokou, and smacks him around. The others realize that Frieza is really going all out now. Piccolo tells them it's OK, since Gokou isn't at full power either. They banter some more about who's stronger.

Back on Earth, Chi-Chi is angry at Gohan for not studying, and is instead out playing on another planet with Gokou. Gyuu Mao guesses that they're on their way home.

Frieza and Gokou find an island and go hand-to-hand. Frieza offers to fight without using his hands. Gokou is told to attack any way he likes. They're both about efvenly matched, and then Gokou clamps his jaws down on Frieza's tail. Frieza punches him, cheating, but yells out that time's up. They banter some more about who's stronger, then Frieza says he's only been fighting with half of his full power. Frieza starts powering up, and everyone is else thinks Gokou is nuts. Yamucha asks if Gokou's wearing his weighted clothing, but Kaiosamma says he;'s not, he was really getting beat up. Tien tells them not to worry, since Gokou can use his 10g Kaioh technigques, but Kaiosamma says that's what he WAS using. Frieza uses a big blast, and really messes up Namek. He tells Gokou that's what he destroyed Vegita with. (That might be false, for in the Bardock Story he destroyed Vegita with a massive fireball)It really looks bad for the good guys, and everyone starts to panic. Gokou decides to risk his body, and uses his 20g Kaioh technique, and beats up Frieza. Frieza is finally in pain.

Buruma wonders what the earthquakes are, and sees Gohan and the guys, and asks them what they're doing. Kulilin talks about the strength of Gokou's attacks, and how dangerous Frieza is. Gohan wants to help his dad, and Piccolo senses Gokou building up a Genki Dama. There is more energy on Namek, so this ball will be massive. This one is 50 meters across. Frieza loses patience, and goes to attack Gokou. He tries to anger him, and then looks up and sees the massive ball. Piccolo tells them to stay there, and he goes to help Gokou. Frieza decides to power up a blast to kill Gokou, but then stops it and kicks Piccolo in the head. Piccolo tells Gokou to shoot it, but it isn't ready. Frieza is annoyed with all the talking, and then he gets shot by Kulilin and Gohan. Gokou finally completes the ball, and moves it into place. Frieza is aware that he messed up, and then he's shot at, and the whole section where Frieza is standing gets wiped out. The 4 warriors are OK, and then Kulilin remembers Buruma. They talk a bit, but then Kulilin sees Frieza. Gohan yells out Piccolo's name, and the Namek gets shot in the chest. Frieza yells out that he's not dead, and if anyone's getting killed it's Kakarotto. Gokou tells them to return to the ship and escape with Buruma, but Frieza doesn't want to let anyone escape. Gokou yells for Frieza to stop this, but then Frieza shows his nastiness as he blows Kulilin to bits. Frieza sees that he made his second mistake----Gokou needed extreme rage to become SSJ. There it is. Gokou yells at Piccolo to go to the ship, and when Gohan refuses Gokou yells at him. Gokou says that Frieza's done it. Frieza attacks him, and laughs that he isn't going to die soon. Frieza gets pounded, tries a finger blast, and Gokou takes it without showing any signs of pain. "I am the Super Saiyajin Son Gokou". Frieza gets scared and backs away. Ki explodes around Gokou, and his hair turns yellow. He has become a Super Saiyajin. Gohan finds the Gravity Ship, and he goes to find Buruma. Kami and Mr.Popo then contact Kaiosamma, and say that they have summoned Shenlong on earth. They can bring Tienshinhan and Yamucha back, but not Chaio-zu since he has already been brought back. Tien says he wants to stay with Chaio-zu. Kaiosamma tells Kami to make the wish all the people who had been killed by Frieza, so that Guru will be alive again. They have to hurry though, because Namek's going to blow up soon.

Frieza tells Gokou they only have 3 minutes left before the planet blows, but Gokou isn't going to leave until Frieza is dead. Gokou hopes that Gohan has gotten off the planet safely.

On Earth, Mr. Popo asks Shenlong to ressurect all the people that were killed by Frieza, and he says he'll try his best to grant it.

There's more fighting, and then the Namekians are on Namek once more. Frieza and Gokou notice that the sky is black, but it's not time for the planet to blow. Shenlong says he's done it, and dissapears. Kaiosamma contacts Guru, and tells him what's up. Frieza curses Gokou, and the last wish is used to teleprot everone except Gokou and Frieza to Earth. They argue about this, and Dende goes over to Porunga. Vegita wonders why he's alive again, and then Frieza sees Porunga. Dende starts to make the last wish when Frieza yells out "MAKE ME IMMORTAL AND UN-AGIG!" Gokou watches what happens, but Dende calmly completes the wish in Namekian. People warp out, and the balls fly back to the main elder. Frieza is left with his mouth hanging open. Gokou gets him from behind, and they go hand-to-hand again.

On Earth, everyone returns safely and greet each other. Vegita grumbles about being stuck on Earth once again, without a communication device.

Gokou declares he's won, and he powers down and prepares to go to his ship. Frieza isn't going for this, and fires another big cutter blast at Gokou. He blew the deal, and Gokou flies around and runs straight at Frieza. Frieza says this is an old trick, and the disc cuts right through Gokou. But, Gokou has used Multi-Form, and the real Gokou is standing off to the side. Frieza curses, and fires not one but TWO big cutter blasts at our hero. Gokou does teh same trick, but this time he flies up and creates a smoke bomb. Frieza manages to dodge the first one, but the second one smashes into him. Frieza pleas for Gokou to help him, and Kaiosamma yells to Gokou to not listen to him. Gokou walks off to the ship and gives Frieza enough power to stand up.

Back on Earth, everyone cheers, and Guru announces that he's dying, and dubbs Dende the new Saichourou. Buruma asks Gohan where Gokou and Kulilin are, and Gohan tells her that Kulilin died again, and Gokou was left to fight Frieza. Buruma asks Gohan why Kulilin wasn't ressurected with everyone else. Gohan explains that Kulilin had died once before, so....Dende overhears this, and says that that policy doesn't apply to the Namek Balls. Gohan cheers, becuase now Kulilin and Chaio-zu can be brought back. Piccolo comments that Gokou is a fool, but Gohan says that the SSJ will win.

On Namek, Frieza is a bad loser, and he tries to kill Gokou. He fails, and Gokou fires a counter-blast that finishes him off. Kaiosamma tells Gokou he isn't going to make it out of there in time. Gokou runs into Frieza's Ship, and pushes the start button, but nothing happens and the ship falls into a crevasse. Gokou runs around frantically, and then Namek explodes.

Kaiosamma can't find the planet or Gokou. Yamucha tells the others what's happened, that Gokou defeated Frieza. Vegita is surprised at this, and he continues to say that Gokou died in an explosion and Buruma says to stop kidding. He says he's not. Dende says it's OK, they can bring him back with the Namek Balls, but Kaiosamma says that would be a bad idea since Namek is destroyed, they would end up suffocating in space. Vegita says to wish the remains of the fighters to be brought here, and he says he's doing it to see a SSJ. She tells everyone (Inculding Vegita) to come and stay at the Capsule Corp estate, so she calls her dad on the phone. Gohan wants to go too, since Chi-Chi will be angry at him big time. The airbus comes and takes everyone (Vegita included) too the Capsule Estate.

1 year later, Porunga appears outside of the Capsule Corp building, and he asks for the three wishes. Buruma asks for the remains of Kulilin and Gokou to be brought to Earth. Porunga says Kulilin is OK, but since Gokou is still alive it doesn't matter. No one can believe this. Buruma then wishes for Kulilin to be brought back to life. For the third wish, Buruma asks him to bring Gokou back to Earth. Porunga says that since Gokou is already heading for Earth, this won't be necessary. Master Roshi yells out for a nicer bride for Gokou, then says that he's just kidding. Then, the third wish is the have Yamucha ressurected.

1 more year later, Tienshinhan and Chaio-zu are brought back alive. The third wish is for a new set of Dragonballs for the new planet Namek.

Gohan has wondered what happened to his father. The phone rings--it's Kulilin. Everyone at Capsule Corp notices a huge power appraoching. Tienshinhan can feel two strong powers approaching.

On The Kooler, Cyborg Frieza tells his dad that this planet is called Earth. King Kold looks forward to blowing it up. Gohan flies to Capsule Corp, and everyone arrives out in the immense driveway. They exchange greetings, but then The Kooler lands. Tien, Yamucha, and Chaio-zu can't believe that the others had fought such a power, as Cyborg Frieza comes out followed by Kold. They say they'll have some fun and kill everyone. Suddenly, a strange teen appears on the grounds. Frieza asks him what he wants, and he replies to kill every man on The Kooler. The alien laughs, since the teen's power level is at 5. He kills all the soilders, and says that he's here to meet Son Gokou. Frieza recognizes that name, and the kid says Gokou isn't the only SSJ. He goes SSJ, and dices Frieza with a sword he pulls from his backpack. Kulilin and Vegita are amazed, and Gohan recognizes the attack style. Kold asks to see the kid's sword, but he won't hand it over. Kold takes it, and says that with this a person could be undefeatable. Kold swings it, but the teen catches it and Kold dies, and the boy happily disposes of The Kooler. He invites everyone to wait with him for Gokou's arrival. The group is surprised, and Vegita is trying to think where another saiyajin came from. He makes a drink for everyone with a capsule, and then brings them to the spot where is Gokou is supposedly supposed to land. Buruma asks the kid who he is, and Gohan asks him how he knows his father. He won't tell anything. Buruma then notices he is wearing a Capsule Corp jacket, and she asks if he is an employee. He says not really. He does say that he's 17. He pulls out a Hoi Poi capsule from his pocket and produces a refrigerator, adn Buruma is amazed for she has never seen that model before.

3 hours later, Gokou lands. He crawls out of the ship dressed strangely, and he tells them he's amazed they knew where he was going to land. Buruma asks Gokou who the kid is, and Gokou says "No, who?" Everyone is confused for that was who he was waiting for. Gokou asks who killed Cyborg Frieza, and they all point to the kid. Piccolo tells Gokou that he even turned SSJ. Gokou says that's great to hear that another SSJ is alive, and Vegita yells at him that there are no saiyajin left. It doesn't strike him as odd that there is another saiyajin, and Gokou just stands there, all cheery. Vegita says that the only 3 saiyajins capable of having children are he, Gokou, and they haven't done so except for Gohan. The kid wants to talk with Gokou privatley. They go 100 yards away. Gokou thanks the kid for beating the baddies, and he replies that Gokou was supposed to himself, but there was a problem with the timing, so he had no choice. Goukou tells him he learned a new technique, so he could have beaten Frieza anyway. He learned it from the people on Yardrat, called Shunkan Idou (Instsantaneous Movement) and when he sensed Frieza's Ki, he could automatically move to it. The kid grumbles that he changed history for no reason. Gokou is confused. The kid tells him to forget it, and asks Gokou if he can freely turn to SSJ. Gokou tells him that he couldn't at first, but on Yardat he worked really hard and eventually got it. Everyone is wondering what's going on, but Piccolo just stands still with his eyes fixed on the two SSJs. Gokou turns SSJ, and everyone wonders what he's doing. Vegita isn't shocked, but very jealous. The kid turns SSJ, and then unseaths his sword and strikes at Gokou. He stops it inches away from Gokou's neck. He asks Gokou why he didn't dodge, and Gokou replies because he didn't sense a killing intent. The kid tells Gokou he isn't going to stop this time, and Gokou says OK. Gokou puts his index finger up, and the kid furiously attacks at him. Gokou just moves around his finger. He is BLOCKING the sword, the sword that chopped Frieza into mincemeat, with his finger! The kid continues, and Gokou moves his arm to block an overheard blow, but the force of the movement knocks the boy back. He comments on Gokou's magnificent strength, then tells Gokou that he can trust Gokou now. Vegita blows everyone's awe by cursing Gokou. The kid tells Gokou that he came from 20 years in the future, in a Time Machine. He says his name is Trunks, and he is the son of Vegita. Gokou practically falls over from hearing this, looks at Vegita, and then looks back. Trunks continues to say that 3 years from now on May 12 after 10:00 AM nine kilometers from the Southern Continent two evil men will appear. Gokou asks if they are aliens, and Trunks replies that they were humans born on Earth, but made themselves into Artifical Humans, or Cyborgs. Their leader is an old man who used to work for the Red Ribbon Army named Dr. Gero. Trunks tells Gokou Dr. Gero is the sole survivor of the army Gokou destroyed as a boy. We're shown a rocky crag, and a hut on the cliff. Inside is numerous grotesque figures hanging on the wall, and a man with white hari in a lab coat looking at something. Trunks goes on to say that he created the world's ultimate assasin machine. Back in the lab, the faceless figure walks out of a tube, and then lighting strikes the hut and the monster's eyes go red. He turns ot Gero, and then crushes his head. Trunks contineus that they turned on the Dr, and their only desire is to kill and destroy everyone and everything. Trunks says that they could destroy Frieza in an instant. Gokou says that they must be tough even to a group like the Z warriors. Trunks innterupts him and tells him that he is the only warrior alive in the future. Vegita, Kulilin, Tienshinhan, Yamucha, Chaio-zu, and Piccolo are all killed. Gohan escaped and taught Trunks to fight, but since Piccolo dies, the Dragonballs dissapear, and no one can ever be ressurected. The Artificial Humans kill people without any remorse, and destroy all in their path. Gokou asks about him, and Trunks tells him that he never gets to fight, he dies from a lethal heart disease. It's a viral disease, so nothing can stop it. Gokou says that it stinks that he doesn't get to fight, and Trunks asks him why he isn't scared. Gokou tells Trunks that he likes to fight strong guys. Trunks then reaches into his pocket, and with a smile, pulls out a small vial. "Gokou," he says. "Once the symptoms start to appear, take this medicine. 20 years from now, we have a cure. With this medicine, you won't have to die." Gokou takes it and smiles."ALLRIGHT!!" Trunks says he really doesn't liketo change time, but ti's the only way, for anything is better than the future he lives. That's what his mother said. Gokou asks who Trunks's mother is, and he replies she knows Gokou very well, she knew him from his childhood. And she built a Time Machine..........Gokou looks over to Buruma. NOW he falls over. Piccolo loses his balance for a sec and his face turns white, and Vegita grumbles about how long they're going to keep talking, and that Gokou looks really surprised about something. Trunks tells Gokou that Buruma got ticked at Yamucha for some reason, and she never got back up with him again. He says that Buruma and Vegita never married, though. Back at Gokou's ship, Yamucha, Buruma, and Vegita are all wondering why Gokou is staring at them so funny. Trunks tells Gokou to not let them know ANY of what he's told Gokou, for they might not like the idea and Trunks will never exist. Trunks gives Gokou a thumbs up to train hard for the next three years, and Gokou smiles as Trunks blasts off in the Time Machine. Gokou walks back, and everyone's excited about what went on. Piccolo intterupts them "Nothing, much." Gokou wonders how Piccolo could have heard it all, but Piccolo says his auditory system is much different from an earthling's. Piccolo decides to tell them what's up, and he cleverly works around it so not to reveal anything about the boy's parents. No one believes him, but Piccolo tells them he's not in the mood for jokes and he's not going to fool around for three years and die, he's going to train. Then, a strange noise comes from the sky, and mentions somethng to Gokou about not dying in the future. He smiles, and then the ship dissapears. Tienshinhan says he'll train, and everyone agrees with him. Then, Vegita breaks the silence by walking up to Gokou and asking him how he survived the explosion on Namek. Gokou looks around, and talks, saying right before the explosion he saw 5 pods near Frieza's ship. Vegita's eyes pop open...the Ginyu Assualt Force ships! He got inside, and pressed alot of buttons. We see Gokou lift the ship up into the air, fly through space, then supossedly later smash into a giant mountain and falling into the grouns. He wakes up to see aliens with pink heads looking at him. Vegita says the ships must have been proggramed to go there next. Gokou says he got these new clothes from them, and Vegita pipes up that Gokou must have stayed there to train. Gokou says he's right, and he learned a new technique. Kulilin then asks him what he learned. He shows them his technique, then everyone talks about training. Vegita flies off by himself, and Gokou and Piccolo go to train Gohan some more. Tien and Chaio-zu pair with Yamucha. The next parts are really just more and more training, and basically it's this. Gokou and Piccolo spar with Gohan, and Gohan almost beats them both. Vegita trains in a capsule under 400g gravity, and almost kills himself.Yamucha and the rest all try to act like Gokou.

It's been three years since Trunks told everyone about their grisly futures, and Gokou, Gohan, and Piccolo are flying to the site. Piccolo asks Gokou how he feels about the upcoming battle, and Gokou tells him he doesn't know, for he has never seen their enemy before. He tells Piccolo not to try too hard, for they might need the Dragonballs to wish people back. They see Kulilin flying, and he says that he's worried since he's not a SSJ like Gokou.They arrive at the island, which has a big cityin the center. They plan to lure the cyborgs away from the city before the battle starts. They try to sense the cyborgs, but they only sense Yamucha and Tienshinhan. They were very surprised when they then see Buruma holding a baby. (Buruma has shrot hair and looks much prettier. Gokou asks if Buruma and Yamucha have gotten married, and Buruma replies no. Then, Gokou walks up to the kid, and says "Hello, Trunks, I bet Vegita must be very happy." Buruma is shocked that Gokou had "guessed" so well. n Tien says he left Chaio-zu behind, for he couldn't take the upcoming battle. Gokou tells Buruma she shouldn't be here, and Buruma says she'll return after she takes a peek at the cyborgs.

They were all waiting at the top of the hill, and then Piccolo senses something coming. It's Yajirobee in a Airbus. He brought something for Gokou, then speeds off. A sack of Senzu Seeds falls from the sky and lands in Gokou's lap. It's past 10:00, and they can't feel anything. Then, suddenly Yajirobee's skycar explodes. They then see two cyborgs fly down. They don't feel any Ki. Gohan then states that since they aren't living, they dont' have any Ki to feel. They send Gohan to go get Yajirobee, who fell in a nearby lake.

They go to the city, and they can't recognize who the cyborgs are and who aren't. They see 2 people in the middle of the road, and then a woman screams for help as they stalk her. Some people are killed, and Yamucha races toward it. The cyborgs thinks it's Gokou at first, but they look again and their data banks tell them he's a earthling named Yamucha. The rest of the guys wonder where Yamucha went, then they feel his Ki fading. Gokou tells Kulilin to go get the Senzu Seeds on the double, and Piccolo sees Dr. Gero, and he picks a fight. Gokou says they should move to another area so no one gets hurt, and Dr. Gero shows he doesn't care by killing some more people.Dr. Gero says he wants to make a place with no one else, so he tells Gokou to direct him to the place. They wonder how Dr.Gero and #19 know Gokou's name, and he shows Tienshinhan and Piccolo they know their names, too.

Kulilin has Yamucha under a Senzu treatment, and Gohan sees his father, Piccolo, Tienshinhan, and the two cyborgs fly off. Yamucha tells the group that by touching him, Dr. Gero drained all his energy away. Gohan is scared for his father and flies off. Yamucha doesn't want to fight, so he goes with Kulilin (Who is taking them the Senzu Seeds) to watch. Buruma asks Yajirobee why he isn't going, and he tells her he doesn't know Bukujitsu.

Gokou and the group stop in a maze of plataeus. He orders Dr. Gero to tell them what he knows about them. They have been monitioring Gokou using a super-small robot. From when he fought Tienshinhan in The Tenkaichi-Budokai to when he returned to Earth. It was for the sole purpose of figuring out which kind of Artificial Humans could beat Gokou. Gokou asks them why they hate him, and they replie that he destroyed their dream, and left Dr. Gero alone. Piccolo suspects that #20 is Dr. Gero. He says that they have calculated how strong Gokou has gotten, and it is weak compared to their power. Gokou tells #20 that there is one thing he forgot to research. Piccolo says that he has forgotten about the Super-Saiyajin. #20 is dumbstruck. The others catch up, adn Gokou tells everyone to stay back. Dr. Gero still believes they can beat Gokou. #19 goes up to fight Gokou. Tien tells Gohan and Kulilin that the androids don't stand a chance vs Gokou. Gokou is winning, and Piccolo wonders what is wrong with Gokou. He should be much stronger. Yamucha then tells Piccolo that they can steal energy. Piccolo is shocked, and worried for Gokou. Gokou shoots a blast at #19, but he absorbs it. Piccolo yells to Gokou not to use energy blasts on the robots, for they can absorb the Ki. #20 laughs that Gokou will never win, #19 has already stolen a sufficent amount of energy from him. Gokou is getting beat up, and Gohan notices that it isn't just the loss of Ki, but his heart disease is kicking in!! Kulilin tells Gohan that's impossible, he's already taken the medicine. Kulilin tosses a Senzu Seed to Gokou, and #20 gets mad that that is cheating. But, the Senzu Seed doesn't work. They now know that is really is the heart disease. Kulilin shouts that Gokou aklreadt took the medicine, but Gohan corrects him that Gokou has been so healthy that he never took it yet. Gokou stops being a Super-Saiyajin, and #19 goes to take Gokou's energy. Piccolo goes to help Gokou, but #20 steps in the way. Piccolo gets ready to fight him. Vegita yells that it is HIS job to kill Kakarotto, and no wind-up puppets are going to do it for him. Everyone is amazed that Vegita showed up, and he says his target is Kakarotto, not some robots. He orders someone to take Gokou back, give him the medicine, so that he can have a good fight. Yamucha volunteers to take Gokou back. #20 tells #19 that they don't have to go get Son Gokou yet, that they can have some fun with these weaklings first. Kulilin thinks they should retreat, but Gohan says the robots will just destroy another city. #19 asks #20 to kill Vegita. Vegita laughs, and tells #19 that he has no record of from the fight with Frieza and now, and Vegita is about to show him something good. Vegita then goes SSJ. Kulilin says that's impossible, you have to have a pure heart. Vegita says it is pure, pure EVIL! (I love his jokes!) Vegita says it is now time for him to reclaim his position as the strongest saiyajin. #20 laughs that Vegita will just end up like Kakarotto. Vegita tells #19 to hold on, for he is about to feel lots of pain. He gets a few holes in #19, but then #19 grabs him. Vegita says that #19 is dumb, and then he blasts him hands off. He beats him up some more, and then tells #19 to get ready for the Super Vegita Big Bang Attack. That materializes #19. Vegita tells #20 that a lot of his energy has been sucked out. He tells #20 to attack. #20 runs into the hills, and Vegita orders Kulilin ot give him a Senzu Seed. Vegita takes it, and tells Kulilin to stay out of his way. Piccolo says that Vegita lost alot of energy, and he is really is a genius. There is a possibility that Vegita is stronger than Gokou. Tienshinhan, Gohan, and Kulilin go to look for #20. Piccolo tells them to either let Vegita or him know where he is. Vegita curses that he can't follow #20's Ki. Vegita fires a large blast at the hills, but #20 absorbs it all. #20 is scared to fight Vegita, and he retreats to his laboratory. He flies away, then senses Piccolo. He decides to take a bit more energy before going. Piccolo calls to Gohan, and Piccolo is getting the life sucked out of him. Gohan saves Piccolo, and #20 says it is impossible for anyone to find them. They give Piccolo a Senzu. Vegita and Piccolo then bicker about who will fight #20.

Meanwhile, Trunks is in his time machoine. The island where the fight was supposed to be is gone. he senses some Ki somewhere else.

Piccolo is beating up on #20, and the bot is amazed, since Piccolo is stronger than a Super-Saiyajin.

Buruma goes to find Vegita and the others, and Yajirobee tells her it's useless, besides she has the baby to tkae care of. Buruma then sees Trunks fly towards the battlefield.

Piccolo slams #20 into the ground, and Trunks appears. He asks who this Artificial Human is. he says there is only three, and that guy isn't one of them. Piccolo laughs that they have changed the future, and Vegita tells him to hurry up and finish the job. Piccolo sees Trunks and calls out his name, and Vegita is shocked for that's the same name as his kid. #20 is worried with all these people coming around, and plans to escape. Trunks asks them who this Artificial Human is, and they tell him that it's the one he told them about. Trunks says that this guy isn't the one. Buruma and Yajirobee arrive, and Yajirobee calls Trunks a brat. Buruma says that that is Vegita's child, and Yajirobee apologizes profusely. #20 gets ready to fly away, and Kulilin sees Buruma. #20 is fed up with Piccolo, and yells that he's going to go get #17 and #18 to kill them. Piccolo curses him, and 20 runs away. Trunks asks Vegita why he doesn't care about his wife and son, and Vegita replies he has no interest in them. Buruma says that was Dr. Gero, she saw his face in a book before. She wonders why he turned himself to a cyborg. Everyone is shocked. Vegita tells Trunks that he lied, and Trunks says that history must be changing. Vegita asks Trunks if #17 and #18 absorb energy, and Trunks says no, their energy is infinite. Trunks asks where Gokou is, and Kulilin says that he just came down with the heart disease. Piccolo says they should go destroy the lab before Gero acitvates the others, and Vegita says he wants to fight them all. Trunks yells that that's insane, they should wait for Gokou to get better. Vegita says that Kakarotto is a weakling, that he is the real Super-Saiyajin. Vegita flies off. Trunks says he isn't going to let his father die, and goes SSJ and flies after him. Buruma wonders who that boy's father is. Piccolo then tells Buruma the secret, that that Trunks is the baby grown up. Buruma smiles that her baby will grow up to be handsome. Buruma says her plane was destroyed, so Gohan goes to take them back to his house to Gokou. #20 just reviews his diabolical plan, and figures they are heading toward the laboratory also. Trunks is angry at Vegita for not helping Buruma and the baby, and Vegita laughs that his brat is following him.

Tien, Kulilin, and Piccolo reach the Northern Capital, and they split up and search for the laboratory. Kulilin splits the Senzu Seeds up among them, and they fly off. Trunks catches up with Vegita, and Vegita tells him that he shouldn't come here, that no one will live in the battle coming up. Trunks says it doesn't matter if he dies, for he came from the future. Kulilin sees Gero, and calls his friends. Gero runs into the lab, and wakes up #17. He wakes up #18 too. They both greet him politley, and he tells them that they must fight Son Gokou's allies. Then #17 sees the control cable and goes to destroy it. #20 asks him what he's doing, and #17 says he does not want to go to sleep again. #20 tells him to kill the enemy.

Trunks and Kulilin see #17 and #18 coming, and #20 tells them that those guys killed #19. #20 tells them to go fight, and #17 tells Gero that when they want to fight they will. Then Gero pulls out #16. #18 thinks #16 is pretty big, and goes to check him out. Gero tells her to stay away, and Trunks says he never heard of a #16. #20 tells them not to activate him, for he is a failed experiment. #20 tells them that #26 could kill them all. #17 tells #18 to just go ahead and activate him. #20 yells at them that they are failures, and he says he's going to shut them down. #17 laughs that he destroyed the control circuit, and #20 tells them that he will just build another. They simply walk over to #20, and kill him. #17 tells #18 to push the switch,. and Trunks goes to stop them. It's too late, and they activate the robot. The robots marvel over #16, and he says he was made to kill Son Gokou too. The three andriods fly away, and Kulilin guesses that they are heading for Gokou's house. Trunks tells Vegita to wait until Gokou gets better to fight them, and Vegita says that he hates Kakarotto much more than the Artificial Humans. Trunks tells Vegita he will never be able to beat the Artificial Humans by himself.

The Artificial Humans grab a car, and are about to go in it when Vegita shows up. He tells the andriods that he's going to take care of them. #18 tells #16 to fight first, and #16 refuses. #18 says she'll do it then. Vegita laughs. #18 tells Vegita he's not fighting seriously, and he tells her if he was he'd destroy the planet. #18 says she wasn't being serious either, and Vegita gets ticked. The rest of the Z Team arrives, and #17 asks #16 if he's going to fight. #16 refuses, since he was made only to kill Son Gokou. No one else. Vegita yells that he'd rather die than rely on the earthlings' help. They fight some more, and #18 ticks Vegita off for being so calm while fighting. She asks if Son Gokou is stronger, and he claims that he is stronger. #18 then says that Son Gokou must not be very strong. Vegita gets ticked. Piccolo says that Vegita will lose, for he is slowly using up Ki while #18 isn't using any up at all. #18 beats on Vegita, then slams Trunks a few times. They give the fighters some Senzu, and say that if they get stronger they would be glad to fight again. The andriods go off to find Gokou. Kulilin tells them to stop, and he asks what they want. Kulilin says that doesn't matter, for Dr. Gero was the one who hated Gokou and he's dead. #17 says that's Ok, for this is all a game. #18 kisses Kulilin and they fly off laughing. Kulilin goes to give the Senzu, and Piccolo complains that the andriods think that they aren't worth the effort to kill. Tienshinhan says that Trunks, the guy who killed Frieza with a single blow, got taken out with one hit by one of the andriods. They don't think that Vegita OR Gokou could take the andriods out. Piccolo is plotting something. Kulilin asks him to tell them, "they're on his side". He laughs and says that he is the devil, and is just using them to help him conquer the world. Kulilin laughs as Piccolo flies off, saying that Piccoloi doesn't like having friends. Kulilin knows his plan. Tienshinhan asks, and Kulilin says that he remembers Guru saying that if Piccolo Daimao hadn't split, he could have easily conquered the saiyajins. Since Piccolo's so strong, he's going to become a Super Namekian. Trunks wonders where Vegita went, and Kulilin bets that he is off somewhere cursing. Trunks tells them that Gokou should be cured in 10 days, and Kulili hopes they can hide until then.

At Gokou's house, Chi-Chi and Yamucha have just found the medicine. Chi-Chi wonders where Gohan is, and Yamucha thought he was still at the house.

At Kami's Lookout, Piccolo tells Kami that he is only a tool to help him power up. Kami says that now God and Devil will become one. Piccolo says that the world doesn't need a god, but a super warrior. Kami still ponders whether he wants to do this or not.

The andriods find another car, and #18 wants to buy some clothes. They get in the car, and two security guards chase after them.

Tien says he's going back to where he left Chaio-zu, and Kulilin says he's going to take Gokou to Master Roshi's house.

Kulilin and Trunks reach the house, and Chi-Chi rushes out. Yamucha comes out, and says Gokou's doing fine with the medicine. He says that Trunks must have defeated the androids. Kulilin says they need to take Gokou to the Kame House on the double, for the andriods are coming. Then, Gohan shows up. They rush him into the Airbus. Kulilin tells them what's been going on, and Trunks says that he could go back farther in time and destroy Gero's lab. Kulilin says that he thought the time machine was tainted, and that Trunks is almost out of energy. Then, Trunks realizes something. He says that he if he goes and destroys the andriods back in time, he'll save that timeline......but not this one, or the future. Yamucha asks Trunks why he came back if it won't save his time a bit. He says that he was trying to make a future without the andriods, but this timeline is so different. Gokou's heart disease is not on the right time, and there are 3 andriods instead of 2.

Meanwhile, Vegita is pondering why he lost. He thought that Super-Saiyajins were invincible! He should be the strongest in the universe!! (Tch...yea right) He vows to kill the andriods and Kakarotto, if he dies trying.

#18 asks #17 where Gokou is, and #16 tells them that he lives in a house on a mountain in the 439th district of east. #17 and #18 are amazed.

Yamucha says they should be at Roshi's soon, and he tells Kulilin to call Buruma and tell her what's up. He doesn't want to, since she is mean on the phone. Trunks says that doesn't change in the future. Buruma asks what's going on, and Kulilin puts on the speaker-phone. Buruma tells the gang that a few days ago one of the men from Capsule Corp found Trunks's time machine in the forest. Trunks says that's impossible, for he reduced it to a capsule and has it in hi pocket. She faxes him the picture. Trunks does recognize the time machine as the one he rode back in. Buruma tells him where it is, and they go to see it. Trunks tells Gohan about the future, and they reach the site. Gohan finds it, and Buruma is right beside it. Trunks shows Buruma his capsule, and his looks much newer than the other one. Trunks decides to open up the other machine. They open it up, and inside is what looks like a coconut/egg shell. It came from the year 788, 3 years later than when Trunks came. It came to 4 years ago. Trunks figures that this is the thing responsible for changing history so much. (This sounds a lot like Chrono Trigger, doesn't it?? Akira Torimaya drew the art for that game, so....)

On Kami's Lookout, Kami says that whatever is in that machine has a much larger power level than the Artificial Humans. He says that the world will be destroyed, and gets ready to fuse with Piccolo.

Trunks reduces the time machines to capsules, and Buruma takes the egg. Gohan says they are going to the Kame House because of the andriods. Buruma asks why they don't just beat them up, and Trunks says with his and Piccolo and Vegita's power combined they didn't do a thing to the andriods. Buruma asks where Vegita is, and Trunks says "dad doesn't want to work with us". Then, Gohan sees a large shed of skin. They all think that it is the skin of what came from the egg. They deicide to go, and Buruma says if anything happens she'll call the Kame House.

#18 gets some new clothes, and leaves the store without paying. She gets in the car, and #17 says her clothes look good. The cops start chasing them, and they're getting fried.

On the TV, a newscaster says that in a town called Ginger Town, all the inhabitants have dissapeared. That's the place where the time machine was found. Buruma phones Kulilin, and tells him to turn the TV on. The newscaster continues that the clothes of the townpeople are scattered all over the ground. Kulilin says it's the Artificial Humans, but that can't be for it looks as if the bodies have melted. They arrive at the Kame House, and the TV is on. There is some gunfire, and the newcaster is shot.

At Kami's Lookout, Kami tells Piccolo that they must rejoin now, for there is a terrible monster on the loose. They fuse, and Kamicollo tells Mr. Popo that he'll be back.

Trunks knows that the terror is from the shed skin, and he goes off to find out what it was. Kamicollo arrives at the town, and the monster is just finishing another person off. The monster, Cell, yells "You're next Arch Demon Piccolo Daimao!" Kamicollo asks who he is, and Cell replies "your brother". Kulilin feels Ki, and Gohan says it is Frieza and Frieza's father's Ki. Trunks feels Gokou's Ki, and Piccolo's and Vegita's. Trunks speeds off to Ginger Town to see what's going on. Kamicollo orders the monster to tell him everything, and Cell says it doesn't matter for Piccolo Daimao will soon be dead. Kamicollo decides he must kill the monstrosity. Cell laughs that he can't die. Kamicollo tells Cell that he has mistaken him for someone else. Trunks feels a new Ki, and Kulilin can't believe the power is Piccolo. Kulilin is a amazaed that he has really rejoined with God. Trunks is happy that there is such a strong monster on their side. Piccolo(Kamicollo, but I'll call him Piccolo) tells Cell he is no match for a Super Namekian.

The andriods feel the large power level, and they ask #16 who's fighting. #16 says that niether one is in his data banks, but both could beat all 3 andriods at once. #17 laughs that #16's tainted. There is no one in this world that can beat them.

Cell and Piccolo bicker some more, and fight. Cell says Piccolo is good, but Cell isn't at his "perfect form". Cell was absorbing people, and taking their bodies and converting it to energy. Cell says he came back in the time machine on his own, and gives Piccolo another surprise. He gets in a stance, and says "Ka.......me....ha....me.." Piccolo is shocked, and Cell blows him away with a Kamehameha. Piccolo's arm is numb. Piccolo asks Cell why he feels Frieza and Gokou's Ki inside the monster. Cell says he is an artificial human made by Dr. Gero's computer. Long ago, Dr. Gero gathered genetic material from fighters, and he stopped. But............his computer continued without him. It got cells from Gokou, Nappa, Vegita, and Piccolo too. They would have taken Trunks' cells, but they had enough saiyajin samples. When Frieza and King Kold came to earth they got their cells too. They got the cells by sending a bee-like robot out, and when it stung the victim it took their cells---and their techniques. Piccolo laughs, saying it will never be finished for Gero's lab was destroyed. Cell says that it dosen';t matter, his computer is somewhere else. Cell came back in time for #17 and #18. He needs to consume their bodies amd take their energy to become complete. When Cell was born in the future, #17 and #18 were gone, so he killed Trunks and took the time machine. Cell says that when he has complete power, he will the most powerful being ever imagined. Since he has saiyajn, Frieza, and Piccolo's cells, he is power-hungry. Piccolo then laughs that Cell has spilled out all the important info about himself. Piccolo then regenerates his arm.Cell laughs, and then realizes that this guy is the combination of God and the Devil. Cell laughs that that means the Dragonballs don't exist anymore. Piccolo says Cell is wrong again, for another Namekian has become God.(Dende) Then Cell sees Trunks, and laughs that he gets to kill him again. Piccolo briefs the team, and they get ready. Cell is thinking about retreating, and Piccolo laughs that he should if that Kamehameha was the best he could do. Kulilin gasps that Cell can use a Kamehameha. Cell says he can use a Genki Dama if he wants, too. Kulilin says Gokou is going to go nuts. Cell didn't know that Gokou is still alive, and says that this is much different then he imagined. Cell laughs that he's going to get #17 and #18. He uses a Solar Flare and escapes.

Cell laughs that no one can stop him. Vegita is wondering where #17 is, and who the two large Kis are. He arrives, and can't believe it's Piccolo. Vegita asks how Piccolo can be so strong, and Trunks says he's rejoined with God. Vegita is angry, for Piccolo is higher than he is. Tienshinhan arrives, and Piccolo tells them the story. Vegita is enraged that someone is using their cells. Piccolo says they must either destroy #17 and #18 or kill Cell. Vegita is mad that everyone is becoming stronger than him. Vegita starts underestimating the opponent again, and Piccolo says if he couldn't defeat an Artificial Human he'll never beat Cell. Vegita yells at Piccolo. Vegita says he's going to surpass a Super-Saiyajin, and he flies off. Piccolo tells Kulilin and Trunks to go destroy the lab so that another Cell isn't born, and they plan to meet up at the Kame House later.

Kulilin and Trunks reach the underground lab, and they see the computer. They go to destroy it, when Trunks finds a blueprint of #17. He says if Buruma can see this, they might be able to find the wevakness. They destroy it, and Trunks says he's going to train with Vegita. Kulilin goes to take the prints back to the Kame House.

Tienshinhan and Piccolo sense Cell, but he's moving too fast for them to follow. Cell knows they sense him, and he just moves faster.

Buruma looks at the prints with her father, and they find that #17 was made with many human organs and few robot parts. They begin to study it.

Three days pass.

Gokou wakes up, and says he is completey over his illness. Gokou says he heard everyone talking while he was sleeping, so he knows what's going on. Gokou says he won't fight unless Vegita loses. He wants to go get stronger than a Super-Saiyajin too. Master Roshi says that might take a year. Gokou says it's OK, he knows where he can do it in a day. Gokou wants to take Gohan with him, and Chi-Chi says he better not get in the way of Gohan's studies again. Gokou says ok and flies off. Gokou teleports to Kulilin, Yamucha, and Gohan. He calls Piccolo Kamicollo, and Piccolo yells at him that he is mostly Piccolo. He tells Gohan they're going to go train where a day of training is equal to a year. Piccolo asks him if he's talking about the Room of Spirit and Time. Piccolo says no one's ever been able to stay in there a year. When Gokou was a boy he could only make it a month. Kulilin asks if Gokou is scared that Cell has shown up, or happy. Gokou replies, "both". Kulilin cheers that Gokou might be able to pass a Super-Saiyajin. Gokou and Trunks go over to see Vegita, and he tells Gokou that he's in his way. Gokou tells him about the Room of Spirit and Time, and Gokou says to follow him. As a trick, Gokou tells him he'll have to go in with Trunks, so that he tries to get father and son together. Vegita says OK, as long as they go in first.

The andriods reach Gokou's house, and find that no one is there. #16 says he is either at the Capsule Corporation or Master Roshi's house. They decide to head to Roshi's first.

The 4 saiyajins reach The Room Of Spirit and Time, and Vegita says Gokou is dumb for letting him train. Gokou says it's Ok, he doesnt' mind. Mr. Popo shows Vegita and Trunks in, and they go in. All there is is empty space and the gravity is X10 earth's gravity.

Piccolo, Yamucha, and Kulilin are still trying to track down Cell. They are afraid Cell might find the Artificial Humans before they do.

One Day Passes

15,000 people have already been killed by Cell. The andriods have reached the Kame House. Piccolo steps out and says Gokou isn't here. #17 asks where he is. They refuse, and #17 says they'll force them to. Piccolo flies off alone. The three andriods follow him.

They reach the island, and Piccolo laughs that they think they can beat God. #17 says he'll fight Piccolo alone. Then, #16 yells that it's not Piccolo.

Gokou can feel Piccolo fighting. Gohan gets scare, and wants to go help. Gokou says Piccolo will be ok. They need to train in the room before they do any more fighting.

Piccolo fires a large attack at #17, but there is a barrier and it misses. Piccolo laughs that he hasn't even started. Cell feels the two high Kis, and he knows that someone is fighting the andriods, so he speeds off to the battlefield. #17 asks Piccolo again where Gokou is, and Piccolo says he'll never tell. #17 is giving Piccolo a hard time, though. Tienshinhan and Kulilin are watching, then they see Cell coming. Chi-Chi yells to Kulilin that Buruma has found the weaknesses. Buruma tells Kulilin that the andriods have a cut-off switch, and Buruma has made a controller to do it! She's coming to bring it to them. #17 laughs that he'll never run out of energy. #17 asks who Cell is, and Piccolo is surprised he doesn't know. Cell sees #16, and begins to ignore him. Kulilin says Buruma is late, and he flies off to find her. Tien says he's going to help Piccolo. Roshi calls him back, but Tien doesn't listen. Piccolo yells to #17 that Cell wants to kill and absord him, and #17 thinks it is a joke. Cell says they'll be the ultimate warroir, and #17 laughs that he already is the ultimate warrior. #16 tells #17 to run away, and #18 says she won't either. Piccolo yells at #17 to run, and #16 goes to save #17. #16 says he will destroy Cell. Tien is amazed. #16 says he had fun with life. Cell has #17 grabbed, and is about to absorb him. #17 yells that #16 can't beat Cell, and #16 says that they are equally strong. #16 rips Cell's tail off, and laughs that now Cell can't absorb anyone. Cell laughs that it's too bad he has Piccolo's genes, and he regerates the tail. #16 says he'll have to go all out. #16 yells "Hell's Flash!" and #16 yells for #17 to run away. #18 cheers that the monster is dead, and #16 says he isn't. #17 says he won't run away without revenge. They look around. then Tien yells out that Cell is behind #17. #16 swears, and Cell absorbs #17. #16 yells for #18 to run away. Gokou can feel Cell's power level rise. #16 yells to run, and Cell approaches #18 gloating. #18 prepares to blow herself up. Cell uses #17's voice to trick #18, and Cell messes up by saying how great Dr Gero was. #18 yells that #17 hated Dr. Gero, and she gets ready to Kamikaze. Tien uses a Kikouhou, and Gokou telepathically yells to Tien that if he uses it anymore he'll die. Tien keeps going, and Gokou yells to stop the Kikouhou. Gokou rushes and appears in the battlefield. Gokou tells Cell to wait one day, adn then he'll beat him. Cell says he won't let Gokou escape, but then Gokou's gone. #18 adn #16 run away, adn Kulilin headsback to the Kame House, when the see Buruma. She hands Kulilin the controller. Buruma says she made some battle suits, and Kulilin says everyone's at Kami's Lookout.

At Kami's Lookout, the door to The Room of Spirit and Time opens, and Trunks and Vegita step out. Trunks has very long hair, and Vegita stands there and smiles. Mr. Popo says that no one has ever stayed in that long before. Trunks says it took Vegita 2 months to go beyond Super-Saiyajin. Vegita stops Trunks from saying more. Vegita tells the group that he'll finish off Cell and the cyborgs no sweat. Piccolo still thinks that Vegita is underestimating Cell. They tell Vegita that Cell has already absorbed #17.

Cell is looking for the two cyborgs, and can't find them. #16 is playing with some birds, and #18 is scared that Cell might come and find them here.

Buruma arrives at Kami's Lookout with Chibi Trunks, and sees Mirai Trunks. She notices how long his hair has grown and he tells her about the room. Buruma wonders why Vegita's hair doesn't grow, and he says saiyajin hair doesn't grow like humans'. Buruma then shows the guys the new saiyajin outfits she made. Piccolo and Tien don't want to wear it, but Gokou and Gohan put them on. Vegita says Gokou won't get a chance to fight, and Gokou replies, "thats great". Vegita flies off to find Cell. Gokou gives Trunks two Senzu Seeds, and tells him to return if it gets dangerous. Gokou says he wants to eat before going into the room.

Cell flies around looking for #16 and #18. He yells for them and threatens them, and he says he'll destroy the islands if #18 doesn't come out. #18 is worried, and #16 tells her that Cell is too bent on coming complete. He would never be so stupid. Cell blows up one island, and yells for #18 again. #16 tells #18 that Cell isn't using enough force to kill them. #18 says that #16 might die, and #16 says he doesn't mind. Cell proceeds to destroy more islands.

Gokou eats 7 large bowls of rice, and is ready to go into the room. Mr Popo opens the door and they walk inside. Buruma is mad at Gokou for being so carefree at a time like this.

Cell is blasting all the islands up, and #16 can feel that Cell is holding back. Cell watches every island's smoke to see if #18 comes flying out. Vegita feels Cell's power, and wonders why Gokou is so afraid of him. Trunks tries to keep up with his father.

Gokou tells Gohan that they can't feel anything outside while in this room. Gokou says this room is the same size as earth. Gokou shows Gohan around. The area is all white as far as the eye can see.

Cell blasts most of the islands up, and #18 is about to blast the debris heading for her when #16 stops her. He says that Cell might be able to feel that ting of Ki. There is only one island left now, and Cell laughs, and charges up a Ki blast. Then Vegita comes, and brings Cell down to the island. Cell asks Vegita why he came, and Vegita laughs that he's going to tear Cell to bits. They both bicker about who's stronger. Trunks arrives, and Cell feels that he's changed. Vegita says Trunks just came to watch. #18 is hiding behind a tree, and she thinks Vegita is stupid, for he couldn't even beat her! Then #16 measures Vegita's power, and says it has gone up immensley. Vegita raises his power level, and everyone, even on Kami's Lookout, can feel it.

Gohan is looking around, and Gokou says if Gohan wondered too far he would get lost and die. Gokou says the temperature varies from -40 to 50. The air is only 1/4 as thick as earth's and the gravity is X10 earth's. They wak for a while, then Gohan falls down. Gokou says Gohan needs to become Super-Saiyajin so that he can withstand this. Gohan says it will just waste Gokou's training time, and Gokou says it will improve him as well. Gokou says that Gohan needs to have more confidence.

Vegita is still raising his Ki, and the island starts to quiver. Vegita's muscles expand and Ki explodes around him. Then a muscle man Vegita stands in front of Cell. He throws a punch and makes a hole through Cell's stomach. Vegita beats Cell up, then pounds him into the island. Cell can't see Vegita's moves, and neither can Trunks. Vegita tells Cell to fight seriously, and he does---but Vegita dodges all the attacks. Trunks realizes that that room made Vegita this way. Trunks remembers some of the pain and suffering he went under in the room. He hopes Gohan can take it. Vegita hits Cell again, and Cell blasts across the water and slams into another island. Cell flies back and says Vegita will die now. Kulilin is flying toward the battlefield, and can feel the immense Ki. Vegita laughs at Cell and continues to pound his face in.

At Kami's Lookout, Buruma wonders what's going on with Cell. She is worried about Trunks and Vegita. Tienshinhan tells her that Vegita will win, and Piccolo says that Vegita has become the strongest person on Earth.

Gohan is trying to go SSJ, but he can't do it. Gokou says the key is stepping over anger. Gohan says it's hard for him to get mad. Gokou tells him to imagine Chi-Chi getting killed by Cell. Gohan says he has never seen Cell. Gohan thought about the battle with Frieza. Piccolo getting beat up, and the planet exploding while Gokou is still there. He gets a yellow aura, but doesn't do it.

Cell's body is battered, and he's starting to feel pain. Cell blasts Vegita with a mouth laser, and then hits Vegita into the ocean. Cell repeditally blasts Vegita. Cell laughs, and thinks Vegita is dead. Vegita teleports behind Cell and hits him into the island. Cell says that Vegita has forced him to fight for real. Cell powers up some more. #16 and #18 are surprised at Cell, and Trunks says the battle is over. Kulilin is hovering over the sland, and says that Vegita and Cell are both monsters. Cell smacks Vegita, and Vegita laughs. Cell asks who Vegita is, and Vegita replies, "Super Vegita". Trunks knows that Vegita has won. Cell can't believe that Vegita is stronger than him. Cell uses Vegita's own move on him, and a large smoke cloud surronds them. Cell laughs, and then sees Vegita standing in the same spot. Vegita says that even though Cell can copy moves, he can't have the same power. Cell gets mad, and Vegita says he has just been playing with Cell. Cell gets beaten up some more. Kulilin wonders what's going on. Tien wonders what kind of training Vegita went through to get so strong, and Piccolo wonders if Gokou will be even stronger than Vegita.

Gohan falls asleep. He dreams that Gokou and him became SSJ together. He wakes up and goes outside, and sees Gokou training by himself in the ice cold. There are ice mountains everywhere and the ice is gathering on Gokou's body. Gohan runs to Gokou, and then Gokou blows the ice off. Gokou notices Gohan. Gohan apologizes for falling asleep. Gokou says it's Ok to rest. Gohan is now more determined to become SSJ.

Cell can't believe how strong Vegita got. Cell attacks again, but is blocked. Trunks smiles, for a new history is in the making.

At the Kame House, Chi-Chi, Yamucha, and Chaio-zu are watchng the TV. Master Roshi is sleeping. Yamucha saysthey shouldn't be worried since Gokou is there.

Vegita blasts Cell up with some Ki blasts. Cell jumps out of the water and grabs Vegita's legs. Cell tries to stab Vegita with his tail, but Vegita catches it and beats him up, and Cell collapses. Trunks is thinking that they'll defeat Cell, and won't need Gokou or Gohan's help. Vegita lures Cell underwater, and dives into a cave. Cell starts blasting the place up, and then Vegita rockets out and slams him. Vegita carries Cell out, and tells him that Trunks is almost as strong as he is.Vegita says it isn't worth it to kill him. Cell looks around for #18. Kulilin knows that #18 must be somewhere around the island. He can still use the controller to deactivate #18. Cell tells Vegita that if he is complete he can beat Vegita. He says that when he is complete, he is perfect in power, speed, brains, and skill. Vegitaa just shrugs and continues to pound the living daylights out of Cell. Kulilin finds #18, and tries to get withing 10 meters of her. Kulilin is almost there, when he recalls when #18 kissed him. Trunks is getting worried about Vegita. He's being to cocky and wasting his power. #16 tells #18 to escape now. Cell bickers with Vegita. Kulilin is skeptical about#18. He knows that she was originally a cute girl. Dr Gero turned her to a cyborg. But, if Cell got #18 it could mean destruction of earth.

It has already been 2 months in the room but 4 hours in the real world. Gokou and Gohan are taking a bath. Gohan messes around and Gokou can sense his improvement.

Kulilin has his finger on the button, but images of a cute #18 are coming into his head. He drops the controller and the andriods spot him. Vegita lets Cell go to become complete. Trunks yells at Vegita for being stupid, and Vegita yells at him that no one can beat him. Trunks is worried. Cell flies off, and Trunks blocks his way. Kulilin smashes the controller. He tells #18 to go run away. #18 is surprised that he didn't kill her. Cell tries to punch Trunks, but Trunks pounds Cell. Vegita tells Trunks to stop, but Trunks says he will kill Cell. Cell can't do anything, then spots #18 on the island. #18 asks Kulilin why he didn't destroy her, and he yells to her to escape. Trunks yells to Kulilin, and they see Cell. Trunks stops Cell, and starts to pound him. Trunks blows Cell into some mountains, and Cell tunnels underground. #18 wants #16 to escape with her. Vegita kicks Trunks away. Cell walks up to #18, and #16 struggles to hold Cell back. Kulilin tries to attack Cell, but Cell launches him into some mountains. He swats the two andriods away. Vegita blasts Trunks. Trunks says he needs to change the future, even if he has to kill his father. Trunks blasts Vegita into a mountain.

In the room, Gokou is carrying Gohan on his back. He puts Gohan in the bed and tells him to sleep. Gohan doesn't want to get in Gokou's way.

Cell approaches #18, and he pulls out his tail. Trunks blasts Cell, and tells #18 to escape. #18 and Kulilin carry #16 away. Vegita lays on the ground. He can't believe what his son just did. He wipes the blood off his face. Trunks is fighting Cell, and Cell sees #18 escaping. Cell flies to the sun, and uses Solar Flare. Cell flies down to #18, and catches her in his tail. Cell begins to transform. Vegita is happy to see Cell transforming, and Trunks tries to kill Cell. Kulilin thinks it's his fault for not destroying Cell. Trunks yells that he won't let the future be destroyed. Trunks tries to kill Cell, but there is a force field around him. Cell's transformation is deestroying the earth. Tidal waves destroy houses. Chi-Chi wants to go somewhere safe, and Yamucha says its' the same everywhere. There is an explosion and Cell finishes his transformation.

At Kami's Lookout, Buruma wonders why the controller didn't work. Piccolo says that Kulilin crushed it himself.

In the room, Gokou is sparring with Gohan. Gokou pounds Gohan, and Gohan attacked back. Gohan says that Gokou isn't a good trainer. He's too nice. Gohan keeps attacking, and Gokou tells Gohan to try and kill him. Then Gokou goes SSJ. Gokou blasts Gohan with a Chou Kamehameha. Gohan stops it with his hands. No one has ever been strong enough to do that--not even Vegita. Gohan fires one at Gokou, and Gohan goes SSJ. Then, he collapses. Gokou says they need to rest now.

Vegita says that Cell doesn't look scary. Cell has actually become smaller. Kulilin attacks Cell. Cell stands there and takes the beating. Cell laughs, and Trunks joins in. Kulilin uses a Destrcuto Disc, and it bounces off Cell's neck. Cell kicks Kulilin and sends him flying sky-high. Kulilin gets up, and says he'll die for revenge for #18. Trunks flies over to him and gives him a Senzu. Vegitsa flies down to Cell, and says that he isn't that strong, and he's going to die. Kulilin is recovered, and #16 scans Cell. Cell is strong, but Vegita is still stronger. Kulilin says that that isn't his real power. He says that Trunks is also hiding power. Trunks is surprised that he knew. Vegita goes SSJ and attacks Cell. Cell easily blocks the punches. Kulilin tells Trunks that he figures Vegita doesn't know that Trunks went beyond him. Cell blocks all of Vegita's attacks. Vegita attacks again, and Cell goes behind him and slams him into a moutain. Trunks tells Kulilin he doesn't want to spoil his father's pride by telling him what happened. He thinks Gokou might be able to go even farther than he did.

Tienshinhan saysVegita is doing good, and Piccolo is starting to worry. Buruma is mad for she doesn't know what's going on.

Gohan and Gohan are still training. Gohan is in SSJ mode, and Gokou says Gohan is doing great, and will soon surpass him.

Vegita blasted Cell, but there was no damage. #16 is scared for Vegita. Cell laughs at how weak Vegita i, and Vegita claims he is not full-out yet. Cell says he's just warming up too. Vegita wants Cell to show his true power. Vegita kicks Cell in the head, and Cell just laughs. Kulilin asks Trunks if he's going to help Vegita, and Trunks says Vegita would rather die than be helped by anyone. Cell gets up and walks toward Vegita. Vegita lands another kick on Cell's head. Cell takes it, and Vegita is mad that Cell is just playing with him. #16 says that that was a direct hit. The only thing blocking the damage was the large difference in power. Vegita is fed up with Cell. He yells that no one can block this attack, not even himself. He powers it up. Trunks yells that he will destroy the earth. Vegita launches it, and Cell laughs and stands there. It bounces off Cell and flies into space and destroys a star.

Gohan is training, and Gokou is eating. Gokou says they need to eat to get energy. Gohan blasts it by accident and turns it to a crisp. Gokou says he needs to learn some control. The smoke clears, and that attack had ripped off Cell's left arm. Vegita laughs, and Cell is shocked. Cell laughs, and regenerates it. ("Did you forget I have a part of Piccolo?!") Cell gets ready to kill Vegita, and Vegita blasts him. Cell just shrugs it off and walks toward Vegita. Cell kicks Vegita in the air then pounds him into the ground. Vegita lands unconcscious, then Cell notices Trunks powering up.Trunks tells Kulilin to take Vegita to the Kame House. Trunks gives a Senzu Seed to Kulilin. Trunks says he doesn't need a Senzu. Kulilin sees that Trunks is full of pride like his father. The fight is too fast for Kulilin to follow. Then someone hits the ground . The smoke clears, and there is a large crater where Cell hit.

Gohan and Gokou are training, and Gokou turns SSJ and tells Gohan to catch him. Gohan goes SSJ and chases Gokou. Gohan fires blasts at Gokou, but Gokou teleports away. Then, Gohan flies in a blur and sits on Gokou's shoulders. ("I chaught you.")

Kulilin thinks Cell is dead, and Trunks yells for him to run away. Cell blasts out and tells Trunks he's pretty strong. Cell and Trunks fight some more, and Trunks catches all of Cell's punches. Trunks attacks Cell, but Cell dodges it and counters. Trunks crashes into a mountain. Trunks was getting beat up on purpose to lure Cell away from where Vegita was laying. Kulilin carries Vegita off. Cell smiles at Trunks and tells him to fight for real now. Cell wants to see Trunks's real strength. Cell warns Trunks that he's going to power up too.

Piccolo and Tienshinhan wonder if that power is really Trunks's or Cell's. It is twice as high as Vegita's power level. ("Impossible!")

At the Kame House, the earth is shaking because of Trunks. Chi-Chi thinks it is an earthquake. Kulilin tells them it is Trunks.

Cell laughs that this will be fun. Trunks says he will not let the world be taken into a terrible future. That's his mission. Trunks tells Cell, "Everyone was killed. Even Vegita, Piccolo, Kulilin, Tienshinhan, Yamucha, and Yajirobee. Only Gohan and I remained. Gohan taught be to be a Super-Saiyajin. The battle continued even after Gohan died. I was the only one left. For the future of the earth, I will kill you, Cell." Cell is happy that he will get to test his power. Trunks raises his power level even more and they fight. Cell laughs. Trunks and Cell go hand to hand, and Trunks sends Cell crashing into the ground. Cell gets up and laughs. Not even with that power will Trunks be able to win.Trunks powers up even more, and Cell is impressed.

Vegita wakes up, and is angry at Cell. Kulilin gives him a Senzu.

At Kami's Lookout, Piccolo is shocked. He says that Trunks is much stronger than Cell. Buruma gets happy and cheers for her "future" son.

In the room, Gohan is training. Gokou is meditating. Gohan sees that Gokou has sat there for the past few days. Gokou gets up, and powers up. He has gone past like Trunks. Gokou then powers up more, and he gets big and bulky. Gohan says Gokou can beat anyone.

Trunks and Cell are still fighting, and Cell is pounding Trunks. Trunks tries to attack, but Cell laughs and slams him into a mountain. Trunks doesn't understand. He was much powerful before.

Gokou stretches, and says he can't defeat Cell like this, for his muscles are too big. Gokou says that Super-Saiyajin is better, for you can move quicker. He says to start over in the training, and try to stay Super-Saiyajin all the time.

Cell tells Trunks that he's stupid, power doesn't mean anything if you have no defense. Trunks gives up and tells Cell to kill him.

Kulilin feels Trunks power down. Cell is still high. He can't believe that Trunks has lost. Vegita gets mad, and speeds off towards Cell.

Cell asks Trunks how he and Vegita raised their skills so quickly. Trunks doesn't answer. Cell then asks him that if he gives him time, could Trunks get stronger. Trunks says probably. Cell says Ok, and asks what Son Gokou is doing now. Trunks says that Gokou is training to kill Cell. Cell laughs, and smiles. He says he'll hold a martial arts tournament in 10 days. Trunks is ecstatic. Cell wants t re-open the Tenkaichi Budokai. Cell says he will fight Vs everyone. Trunks asks what Cell's goal is, and Cell says none. His original target was Son Gokou, but that's irrevelant now. He's just doing it for fun since he likes to see the fear in people's faces. ("Arigato!") he flies off.

Kulilin and Vegita arrive at the island and are happy that Trunks is OK. Vegita says he knew Trunks would never win.

At Kami's Lookout, Tien and Piccolo are amazed. Buruma yells for Piccolo to go help Trunks, but Piccolo says he's alright. Piccolo wants to go into the Room Of Spirit and Time next.

Trunks tells Kulilin and Vegita about the Tenkaichi Budokai. Then #16 comes up and says he will fight too. Trunks gets angry for he is a cyborg made by Dr Gero. Kulilin goes to # 16 and says he will carry him to Buruma. Kulilin tells Trunks that #16 is different. He also says that #17 and #18 were different from the ones that Trunks knew.

Gokou and Gohan keep training, and Gokou carries Gohan to bed. Gokou is going to go train some more, and then Gohan wakes up and says he wants to keep going. Gokou said he would stop for the day, and they go to eat.

Vegita, Trunks, Kulilin and #16 arrive at Capsule Corp. Trunks explains the situation to everyone. Chi-Chi doesn't know what a Tenkaichi Budokai is, and Master Roshi explains it to her. By the end of the story, only Buruma's mother is still there listening. Everyone is angry that Cell is holding the tournament, and Chi-Chi says if he plays by the rules no one will die. Chi-Chi says that if the world is safe, she doesn't want Gohan to fight. When Gohan was born Chi-Chi promised to make Gohan a great scholar because the world didn't need any more fighters like Gokou. Chi-Chi wanted to take Gohan away so that he wouldn;t become a delinquent.

Cell chops up a mountain to create a ring for the Tenkaichi Budokai, and then flies off to a TV station.

Buruma's father is fixing #16, but he doesn't understand it since it is different from human-based robots. #16 says he was created from nothing. #16 asks if there is any way to fix him, and Dr Briefs says that Buruma can do it. Oolong, Master Roshi, and Chi-Chi are eating some cake. Oolong and Roshi fight over the food, and Chi-Chi demands to take Gohan away from the barbarians. Trunks, Vegita, Kulilin, and the others are watching TV. Yamucha goes out to train, and Kulilin goes with him. Vegita says they don't need to fight. Vegita says he's going to go train in the Room of Spirit and Time again. Buruma comes home, and runs and hugs Trunks. Shes' happy that Trunks doesn't have any damage. Chibi Trunks grabs Trunks's hair.

Cell breaks through the TV station wall, and asks the secretary for the name of the TV show that's on next. She says it's upstairs on Floor B. Cell flies up to the studio.

Yamucha and Kulilin are training outside, and Master Roshi is watching an aerobics show on TV. Oolong calls Master Roshi a pervert, then he watches it too. Suddenly, Cell, in the background, flies through the floor. Cell gets o the studio where they are broadcasting news. Cell grabs the annnouncer and throws him out the window.

Gohan is in his SSJ form, and is determined to go beyond.Then, Chi-Chi comes in the room .Gohan is amazed. She says she is here to take Gohan away to become a scholar, and that Piccolo is a bad person. Chi-Chi looks for Gokou, but Gokou isn't around. Then, Cell comes and slaps Chi-Chi around. Piccolo comes, and Cell kills him. Gohan yells out. Gokou tries to wake up Gohan who is having a nightmare. Gohan jumps up on the bed. Gokou checks his temperatura and says that the fever has gone down. Gohan has been sleeping for 2 days. Gohan falls back asleep.

Cell starts his announcement. He tells everyone he is going to add thrill and excitement to the peoples' lives. He tells them about himself, then says that the Cell Game is going to start. It is like the Tenkaichi Budokai, only the rules are if the challenger dies they lose. If everyone loses, then Cell gets to destroy the earth. Then Cell flies away.

Yamucha says there is nothing he can do. He says that even Vegita, Gokou, and Trunks can't do a thing. Vegita says he doesn't care about earth, but he wants to kill Cell. Trunks will go too, but first Buruma wants to cut his hair. Oolong wants to escape to somwhere else, but Chaio-zu tells him it's the same all over earth. Oolong then suggests they take Buruma's ship to outer space. Kulilin is thinking it's his fault. He should've destroyed #18. He gets up and says he's going to go fight Cell. Master Roshi stops him, saying he can't beat him alone. He says they should all wait for Gokou.

At Kami's Lookout, Trunks, Vegita, Piccolo, and Tien are waiting for Gokou to come out of the Room of Spirit and Time. There is 3 hours until it is one day. Piccolo wants the room next, and Vegita says OK as long as he gets the next 4 days to himself. Piccolo says that there is a 48-hour limit, if you stay in longer then the door will dissapear and they would never come out. Then, they felt Gokou's Ki. They are surprised he's coming out early. Gokou and Gohan appear. They are both in their saiyajin outfits. Piccolo sees Gohan and is amazed at how much Gohan has grown. Gokou feels Cell's Ki and asks what happened. They have a dinner and Mr Popo makes a feast. Gokou eats all the food. They wonder if Gokou ate any food in the room, and he says it wasn't as good as Mr Popo's. Vegita wonders if Gokou is a Super-Saiyajin. Theyre both calm, but have yellow hair.

On earth people ran outof the cities to escape. Cell appears, and kills most of the people by throwing cars.

Buruma looks at her computer screen, and it's #16 memory. It is all about Gokou. Dr Gero created #16 for the sole purpose of killing Gokou. Buruma is surprised. She wonders if #16 still wants to kill Gokou.

Gokou and Gohan are briefed, and Gokou changes back to normal orange gi. Trunks says Buruma could make another suit, but Gokou says he wants his own clothes. Piccolo has created clothes for Gohan, too. Vegeta asks Gokou if he can beat Cell, and Gokou says maybe. He teleports to Cell, in thr ring. They stare at each other, and power up immensley. Gokou tells Cell that he will fight in the match, but Cell must kill no one else until then. Gokou returns, and Trunks asks how it was. Gokou knows he can't beat Cell yet. They ask if Gokou wants to go back into the room, and Gokou says he doesn't need it. Gokou tells Vegita that he(Vegita) needs improvement. Vegita gets mad, and Gokou says he's stronger than Vegita. Gokou and Gohan then fly off. Gokou visits Karin, and Yajirobee is there too. Yajirobee says he isn't fighting, and Gokou asks Karin what Cell's strength is. Karin says Cell hasn't shown his full power yet.

Vegita, Trunks, Piccolo, and Tien are talking about Gokou. They wonder if he was SSJ. Trunks wonders if Gokou can go to something even stronger. Vegita yells at him, and Vegita guesses Gokou figured the best body is the SSJ.

Gokou increases his Ki. Yajirobee and Karin are shocked. The palace starts to crumble. Karin tells Gokou to stop. Gokou says that's almost half his power. Karin says that Gokou's incredible. Karin still thinks Cell is stronger. Gokou thought so, and teleports out.

Vegita is upset at Gokou. Whenever Vegita got as strong as Gokou, Gokou exceeded him yet again. He tells Piccolo to hurry up and get in the room.

Gokou and Gohan go to rest at the Kame House. He tells Gohan they will rest for three days, train for three days, then rest again and fight in the tournament. Gokou and Gohan go in, and no one recognizes them. Everyone asks about Cell, and Gokou says he might beat him. Gokou calls for Chi-Chi, and she is shocked. She yells that Gohan has become a delinquent with yellow hair.

Cell goes to do some training in outer space. Cell pounds up some asteroids and sends the remaining pieces to earth.

Gokou, Gohan, and Chi-Chi go home. They go fishing, and Gohan says he is very happy. Kulilin shows up. He apologizes to Gokou for not destroying #18 when the chance came, and he says that is seems like long ago when they trained under Master Roshi. Gokou is sleeping on the grass. Kulilin thinks he is training, and throws a rock to see if Gokou can dodge it. It hits Gokou is the face and Gokou says that hurt. They return to the house, adn Chi-Chi makes Gohan study. Kulilin wonders if it's alright for Gokou to be so calm. A girl nearby is climbing a tree for an apple, and the branch she is on breaks and she falls. Gohan flies up and saves the girl. Gohan carries the girl to the shore. He was carrying her from behind, and he has his hands on her chest. She calls him "H" and runs away. Gohan notices a large dome deeper in the forest. He just shrugs and goes off to shop with Chi-Chi.

At a store, two brutes ask a store keeper to hand over some stuff. Gohan comes up and asks for some cooking ingredients. The guys get mad, and says they are going to destroy the store. Then a girl yells "Cell is coming!" and the guys run off. Gohan is surprised Cell is here. The girl that Gohan saved before is in the store. The store keeper calls her Lime, and tells her that she shouldnt' lie. The store keeper tells Gohan the story of Cell. He had appeared in the town and killed many people. There was a rumor that Cell never comes to the same town twice. Some people didn't beleive that, so men made a dome for protection. He's going to chop some wood, and Gohan offers to help. Gohan splits the wood with incredible speed, and the man sees he is a martial artist. In the dome, a rich guy named Bourbon is making people do lots of work. He has alot of money and power, and he has hired the assasin Tao-Pie-Pie.(Not HIM again)

Piccolo is in the Room of Spirit and Time. Vegita says that if Piccolo stays in there more than 24 hours, then Vegita would go in there and beat him up. Piccolo splits into two Piccolos and fights himself.

Gohan and Lime are eating fruit in the forest. Lime said that she could feel that Gohan is a nice person. Lime says she likes strong people. Her grandfather fought in the Tenkaichi Budokai before. Then they hear some fireworks. Lime says that the shelter dome has been completed. They go ot see the ceremony. Bouron is making a speech, then Lime yells "Cell is coming!" Bourbon runs into the dome and closes the door. Everyone gets angry at Bourbon, and Borboun's two spies capture Lime. Bourbon starts to yell at her. Gohan tells Bourbon that the dome is no good. Bourbon doesn't listen. Bourbon tells the guys to get rid of the girl. Then Lime's grandfather comes. He easily kills most of Bourbon's men. Then Bourbon calls Tao-Pie-Pie. He tells him to kill the old man. Tai-Pie-Pie and the grandfather fight. Gohan gets ready to fight, but Lime's granfather tells him to stay back. (I'll call him L.G. ) Tao-Pie-Pie knocks LG down, and Tao-Pie-Pie pulls out his arm cannon. He fires, and Lime cries. Then, the smoke clears, and Gohan is standing in front of LG. Gohan says he's Tao's opponent now, and Tao asks for Gohan's name. He says "Son Gohan". Tao-Pie-Pie hears teh "son" part, and remembers when he fought Son Gokou. Tao-Pie-Pie tells Bourbon he quits and flies off. Bourbon asks Gohan for help. Gohan blasts the shelter dome up. ("Even I can destroy that dome. There's no way it can protect you from Cell.") Gohan tells everybody to stay calm, and that someone is going to defeat Cell. Gokou comes, and calls for Gohan. He tells Gohan that Chi-Chi is upset. LG asks Gokou if he's going to fight Cell. Gokou says yes. LG tells Gokou to kill Cell, and tells Gohan to drop by whenever he wants. Then Gokou and Gohan fly home.

Gohan, Gokou, and Kulilin eat dinner at Gokou's house. Gokou and Gohan eat in their SSJ mode. They don't control their power, and end up destroying the table and dishes. Chi-Chi gets mad and tells them to go gather fish for Gohan's birthday. Gohan says it isn't his birthday, but Chi-Chi says that he had become 11 in the Room of Spirit and Time. Kulilin says he'll go with Gokou. Gohan wants to go too, but Chi-Chi makes his study. Gokou tells Gohan to stay and study too. Everyone is shocked, and Chi-Chi checks Gokou's temperature to see if he's OK. Gokou shrugs and they go to the river. Gokou catches a big fish with his hands, and throws it to Kulilin. The fish is bigger than him. Kulilin asks Gokou why he let Gohan stay home and study. Gokou says there is only 8 days until the tournament when Gohan will fight again, and he wants Gohan to spend some time with Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi is at home looking for a tablecloth. She finds an old picture album, and it has pics of when Gokou and Chi-Chi were married. It had pictures of when Gohan was born. She remembers what happened. They were thinking of a name. Chi-Chi wanted to call Gohan Einstien, but he cried. She tried Alchemides, but he kept crying. Then Ox thought some names up, (all having something to do with cow) but he kept crying. They ask Gokou if he has any ideas, but Gokou just says he's hungry. Chi-Chi complains that she just cooked, and mentions the word "Gohan", (A rice dish) and the baby laughs. Gokou decides to name the baby after his grandfather Gohan. The baby was named Gohan. Chi-Chi walks up to Gohan's room, and Gohan is studying. Chi-Chi tells him it is alright for him to stop studying and go out with Gokou. Gohan happily skips out.

A reporter with lots of pads on walks up to Cell. He tries to interview Cell, but Cell punts him out the window.(We hear a lot of screams)

Gokou, Gohan, and Kulilin climb an apple tree. Gokou hits the tree, and apples start falling. Kulilin waits for apples to fall to him, but Gohan whizzes around and catches them all. They head home, and Gokou sees a hole in a tree. It reminds him of an accident in the past. Gokou and Chi-Chi were walking one day. Gohan was sitting in a stroller. Chi-Chi saw some birds in a tree. She told Gohan to look at the birds. It was bright, and Gokou took his hands off the stroller to look too. The car starts rolling down the hill. Gokou doesn't notice at all. Then Chi-Chi sees it, and it's farwaway still rolling. The couple run after the stroller, and Gohan is crying. It's heading for a large tree. Gokou uses some energy and catches up to it. The stroller hit a bump and Gohan went flying. Gohan headed for a tree, and suddenly he powered up and blasted right through the tree, and falls into Gokou's arms. Chi-Chi thought that Gokou had saved Gohan. She blamed Gokou for causing it. Gokou tries to tell her that it was Gohan. After staring at the tree, Gokou goes home with Gohan and Kulilin.

That night they have a birthday party for Gohan. (#11) Gohan goes to blow out the candles, but he can't control his power and blows cake all over the place. She gets mad, but that can't be helped. 7 more days until the Cell Game.

Vegita and Mr Popo are waiting for Piccolo to come out of the room. Vegita says he will break the door down if Piccolo is a second late. Piccolo comes out, and Vegita hurries to go in. He walks by Piccolo and says nothing has changed. Trunks senses an increase, though.

Gohan, Gokou, Kulilin, and Chi-Chi go to a picnic. Gohan and Kulilin are worried since they aren't doing any training. Kulilin asks Gokou when he got his driver liscence. Gokou says after he and Chi-Chi were married, and he failed the first time, but Chi-Chi convince the officer to give him a second try. Kulilin asks about the written exam, and Chi-Chi says they pulled an all-nighter to study for it. (Note: In the TV series of Eps. 125 Piccolo and Gokou take their driver's exam)

In the city, the roads are crowded for everybody is going to the country. Gokou says he wants to buy something before going to the Kame House. The city is deserted, and the stores are closed. The radio announces that they are going to launch an attack on Cell. They arrive, and Cell jumps to a nearby mountain. He doesn't want to destroy his ring. They attack, and destroy the moutain. The smoke clears, and Cell is still standing there. They try to escape, but Cell blasts them all. Gokou and co. hear this on the radio. Gokou gets out and says for everyone to go to the Kame House without him. Gokou has to met Piccolo, and he teleports to Kami's Lookout. Gokou notices that Piccolo has gotten stronger. Gokou says that he is still no match for Cell. Gokou asks Piccolo is he can revive the Dragonballs. He wants to revive all the people killed by Cell. Piccolo says he can't split. Gokou then says he will find a Namekian and bring it to earth. Then there could be a new Kami-sama. Mr Popo is glad to hear this. Piccolo says it will take too much time. Gokou says he can feel a Ki similar to Piccolo's, and he tries Instantaneous Teleportation. But, the new planet is too far away. Gokou decides to go to Kaiosamma's planet for help. He arrives, and Kaiosamma is sleeping. He asks Kaiosamma for the direction of the new planet, and Kaiosamma tries to feel for them. He tries to feel for them, and Gokou keeps talking. He tells him to shut up. Then Kaiosamma finds the direction. Gokou feels the Ki, and Gokou teleports.

Gokou is amazed at how all the Namekians look like Piccolo. Gokou goes to an elder, and asks to have a Namek come ot earth and be Kami-sama. The old man calls for Dende. He says that Dende has always wanted to return to earth and see Gohan and Kulilin. Gokou sees Dende, and gets worried since he is so small. The elder assures Gokou that Dende is capable of making Dragonballs. So, Gokou teleports back with Dende. He arrives at Kami's Lookout, and Mr Popo is happy to see anothe Namekian. Piccolo is surprised to see Dende.

On TV a 'world champion martial artist" named Mr Satan comes on. Mr Satan says he will enter the Tenkaichi Budokai and beat up Cell. Kulilin, Gohan, and Yamucha say that Mr Satan is just stupid. Gokou teleports to the Kame House, and Chi-Chi is mad at him for being late. Gokou takes Kulilin and Gohan to Kami's Lookout.

Gohan and Kulilin are happy to see Dende. Piccolo asks if Dende can use Dragonballs. Dende says it will take him about 100 days to make the Dragonballs. Then, Dende thinks that if there is a model of Shenlong he can make them right now. Mr Popo says he has a model, and brings it out. Dende makes the old Dragonballs active, and beams of light shoot out of al them. Gokou goes to gather them, and tells Gohan to stay here with Dende. Trunks asks Gokou if he is calm because he found a weakness in Cell, and Gokou says that Cell has no weakness. Gokou teleports to Buruma's house. Buruma is working on #16. She says that although Dr Gero was a bad person, he was a genius. Gokou takes the Dragon Radar and flies off.

Trunks asks Gohan about Gokou. Gohan doesn't know what Gokou is thinking. Gokou had just told Gohan that there will be a surprise.

Gokou flies to the desert. The Radar says that the Dragonball should be somewhere around there. Gokou can't see anything. Then, he blasts the sand away and finds a Dragonball.

Cell is waiting in his ring. He is really bored. He regrets saying 10 days until the tournament starts, and regrets promising not to kill anymore people.

At Kami's Lookout, Trunks is training, Gohan is studying, and Dende is watching. Kulilin sees the two studying and left to go to the Kame House. Piccolo is meditating.

On TV, Mr Satan puts on a show for his 'fans'. He pulls 4 buses into the ring, and rips 3 phone books apart with his hands. The crowd cheers for him, and Mr Satan laughs that Cell will be like a bus. He then destroys the buses. Yamucha, Chi-Chi, and Kulilin see this on TV and are amazed at his stupidity. Gokou has just got another Dragonball.

At Kami's Lookout, Vegita comes out of the Room of Spirit and Time. Trunks asks about his new power and Vegita just laughs.

Gokou is flying, and sees 2 Dragonballs moving in his direction. Tao-Pie-Pie walks toward a fortress carrying two Dragonballs. He went to the boss, Vodka. He sells them to him for a million Zenni each. Vodka wants the Dragonballs to create an empire after Cell destroys the world. He asks for the others, and Tao says he'll bring them later. Gokou walks into the fortress, and the alarms go off. Vodka and Tao-Pie-Pie see Gokou on a TV screen. Gokou walks in more, and they activate a trap of steel arrows. They laugh that they won, and then they see that the arrows broke. Gokou apologizes outloud for breaking the arrows. Vodka is shocked. He blames his men for letting the arrows rust. They lure Gokou into their room. Gokou walks down a corridor, and a door swings open. Gokou ignores it and keeps walking. Vodka yells at him and he goes in. Tao-Pie-Pie threatens Gokou. Tao-Pie-Pie doesn't recognize Gokou, for he is in SSJ default mode. Gokou recognizes Tao-Pie-Pie. Tao-Pie-Pie recognizes Gokou, and starts to sweat. Vodka's two men surrond Gokou, and they try to grab his Dragonball. Gokou slams the guy into a wall. The other guy shoots at Gokou, but Gokou catches the bullet. Vodka and the men go into a barrier. The 4 say that nothing can touch them now. Gokou taps it and it shatters. Vodka tells Tao-Pie-Pie to fight Gokou. Tao claims that he's ill. Gokou walks up to Vodka and in a friendly way, says "Oh, no...I need these Dragonballs and it seems you went to a lot of trouble to get them, and I don't have anything to exchange them for." Tao-Pie-Pie has an idea. He takes outr three puzzles from his metal arm and puts them on the table. He says that if Gokou can solve them by the next morning, he can have the Dragonballs. Gokou sits down and tries them. Gokou is concentrating, and Tao-Pie-Pie takes all of the Dragonballs(Gokou's too). They leave the fortress. They leave one man to look after Gokou. Gokou tries the puzzle, but it's hard for him. He gets one, and works all night and solves the third just before dawn. Tao-Pie-Pie and Vodka are now very far away with the Dragonballs. They say that Gokou will never find them. Gokou finishes the puzzles, and looks for Tao and Vodka. He can't find them, so uses Instantaneous Teleportation to get to the Dragonballs. Tao-Pie-Pie and Vodka are shocked to see Gokou. Gokou shows them the puzzles and takes the Dragonballs.

Meanwhile, Buruma and Dr Briefs finish #16 and Gokou finds another ball in a lake. There is only 1 hour before the Cell Game begins.

At home, Gokou puts on his orange gi and prepares to leave. Chi-Chi tells him not to die, and makes him promise that Gohan won't fight. Gokou doesn't answer and flies off. He teleports to Kami's Lookout. Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan, and Kulilin are there. Vegita had left by himself. Kulilin says that they've all been wished back once, and it will be hard. Gokou says just don't die. Kulilin is worried, and Gokou says it's time to go.

The TV announcer and a cameraman are stationed on a mountain near the ring. A car drives up. Inside is Mr Satan. The people on TV cheer for him. Mr Satan walks up to the ring. There is now only 20 minutes until the Cell Game begins. Mr Satan climbs into the ring, and motions for the TV men to come closer. The TV man interviews Mr Satan. Mr Satan says "I feel sorry for Cell, who miscalculated. He didn't know there was someone as strong as me on earth." (R.O.F.L.M.H.O.!!!) Mr Satan says it was a trick when Cell defeated the military earlier. Then they start calling Cell names.

The Z fighters fly toward Cell. The meet up with Yamucha and Tienshinhan. Tien says they'll go, but they probably won't fight.

At the ring, the reporter sees something in the air. Cell notices that its' Vegita. Vegita lands on the side of the Cell Ring. The TV reporter goes to Vegita, and Vegita tells him to get lost. There are now 5 minutes until the Cell Game starts. #16 lands in the ring. The TV reporter says that he flew here, but Mr Satan claims it was another trick. Cell feels Gokou, and the Z fighters appear and land next to Vegita. Chi-Chi sees Gohan on TV and yells "Don't fight, Gohan-chan! Don't die! Stop!" The TV reporter says that they were all flying too. Mr Satan, sweating, says that that trick is very popular now. #16 walks over to the Z fighters, and Kulilin is happy that he is fixed. #16 smiles and says that he owes his life to Kulilin and Buruma. Gokou goes up to him and #16 tells him not to forget what he was made for. Gokou says he wants to fight first, and Vegita says OK just as long as he gets to finish him off. Then Mr Satan comes over and says he gets to go first or else he'll "destroy" them. (tch. yea right) The TV man asks if they are entering, and Gokou says "yeah, some." Mr Satan says this isn't a game, they don't know what they're doing. Kulilin says he's the one who doesn't know. Mr Satan is shocked that the Z fighters didn't know that he is the "#1 Super Martial Arts Master". Mr Satan says he will demonstrate. He picks a rock and breaks it over his head. The Z fighters are surprised at his stupidity. Kulilin and Gokou agree to let him fight first. Cell says it will now start. Mr Satan steps up to the ring. Gokou yells out that he will get killed. The TV reporter calls Gokou an idiot and shows him on TV. Everyone laughs at him. Then Man-Wolf sees him, and remembers him saving them from Piccolo Daimao. Kulilin can'ty believe how stupid Mr Satan is. They could revive him with the Dragonballs anyway, and teach him a lesson. Then, a helicopter comes and a boy's voice yells "Wait, master!" A "pretty" boy and a fat guy in a blue outfit comes out with a female manager.They say thet are the first and second strongest fighters after Mr Satan. They will take care of Cell. Mr Satan says OK and walks off. The boy, Quick Karony, goes first. He shows off by throwing roses and cutting them in mid air. The rules are: If you fall out, you lose. If you give up, you lose. If you die, you lose. Karony jumps in the air, and Cell powers up. This force send Karony flying out of sight. He finally crashes down on the ground. He loses. Piroshiki goes next. He takes off his metal mask, crushes it, and then eats it. He runs toward Cell, and then Cell puts up a force field. Piroshiki bounces off and out of the ring. The TV man asks Mr Satan what happened. Mr Satan says it is all a trick. He says that Cell must have something set up in the ring. Mr Satan goes into the ring, and takes off his cape and pro wrestling belt. He throws a capsule, and gets a bag with 15 tiles. He sets up the tiles. He concentrated, and karate chops 14 of the 15 tiles. He hurts his hand but hides the pain. The 'fans' cheer. Mr Satan says "This is what you will look like in a minute, Cell." Mr Satan gets in a stance and motions for Cell to come. He kicks Cell in the face. Cell just stands there. Mr Satan pummels Cell. Mr Satan is about to land his final punch, when Cell slaps Mr Satan into a mountain. All his 'fans' are shocked at his loss. Then Cell says the game is officially starting, and Gokou climbs into the ring. Cell says this better be fun, and Trunks is nervous about Gokou's plans. The TV man says that Mr Satan has survived the crash, and Mr Satan says he will fight after the other guy's done. They laugh at how the other guy will be knocked out soon. Cell tells Gokou to attack, and Gokou tries a Kamehameha, which is dispelled. Mr Satan and the announcer are shocked. Kulilin is concerned, and the TV man says that the mystery man is quite impressive. Mr Satan assures his fans that the blond guys isn't great. Cell asks Gokou his strengths, and the fact that he isn't fighting all out. Gokou mumbles, and Cell watches Gokou go to full power. The shockwave impresses everyone, and Gohan wonders why everyone is so amazed. The announcer is scared at the explosion, and comments on Cell doing the same thing. The fight ensues, and Cell says that he's pleased, and wipes the blood off his face. Mr Satan and the announcer didn't follow the fight, and the camerman says that the slow motion can't play it back in enough detail. Cell gets ready for a Chou Kamehameha, and Cell fires it. Just before it hits Gokou, he teleports behind Cell and knocks him down. Cell smiles, and says that he knew Gokou was trying to protect everyone. Cell says there shall be no more talking, for he's craving to kill someone. Gokou gets beat up, and Cell says he doesn't need teleportaiton to beat Gokou. They continue in the sky, and Cell destroys the ring. Gokou tells everyone to move out of the way. Kulilin says that was a close call. #16 tells Mr Satan and the announcer to go home, and Mr Satan says he wants a rematch. Gokou charges a Chou Kamehameha, and Cell threatens to destroy Earth. Gokou doesn't stop. Piccolo is surprised. Kulilin doesn't think Gokou will fire, but he does. Gokou teleports and wastes Cell. Gokou heaves. Yamucha and Tienshinhan think it's over, but Kulilin and Trunks know better. The announcer asks Mr Satan what he thinks, and Mr Satan pretends to be mad that he can't fight Cell. Kulilin yells that Cell will probably regenerate. He does, laughing that Piccolo has been a great help to him. Gokou's Ki blasts start getting rough, and Cell puts up a shield. The people watching TV realize that this isn't a movie. People are commenting on the blond guy being Chi-Chi's husband. Master Roshi says he has doubts that Gokou can win this. Cell tells Gokou to eat a Senzu Seed to recover. Vegita mumbles that true saiayjins don't take this way out of combat. Trunks gets one, but then Gokou powers down and surrenders. Cell is stronger than Gokou. Gokou is happy at having proved this. Cell is angry, but this means that he can go and kill everyone. Gokou says that just because he gave up doesn't mean Cell is the strongest. Mr Satan's turn again. Mr Satan says he has a stomach ache. He'd love to fight but can't right now. (Tch. Yeah right) Gokou says that there is still someone stronger, and Vegita and Cell can't believe this. Gokou says he knows someone who can beat Cell. Cell wants to know the person's name. Mr Satan says if his name is called, he's going to change clothes. Gokou says, "Son Gohan". Everyone is shocked, most of all Piccolo. He demands to know why Gokou wants Gohan to die. Gokou asks Gohan if he's ready, and Gohan just shakes. Gokou says that Gohan surpassed Gokou's strength long ago. They argue, and Gohan is finally pushed out. Vegita can't handle this, and Gokou adds that after this Gohan can return to a normal student. Gokou takes a Senzu Seed from Kulilin, and throws it to Cell. Cell thinks about this, but swallows it and is surprised that his strength has returned. Piccolo demands to know what's wrong with Gokou. Then, Gohan powers up, higher than anyone has felt before. Cell says that Gokou is setting his child to die, and he attacks. He misses, and Cell declares that speed won't win alone. He then smacks Gohan through a few hills. Kulilin and Trunks are angry. Chi-Chi passes out. (Ala battle with Nappa) Piccolo yells at Gokou for condemming his own kid. Gokou disagrees, and says that Gohan is still OK. Cell tells Gokou to eat a Senzu and continue fighting. Gokou tells Cell to look behind him. Cell sees Gohan. Gohan tells Cell to stop. Cell soesn't understand. Gohan says he doesn't like to fight or kill things. Gohan and Cell continue, and Cell wants Gohan to go to full power. He bashes Gohan up, and Gokou figures out Cell's tactics. Cell then uses Frieza's signiture attacks on Gohan. Cell bear hugs Gohan, and asks him if it hurts. Piccolo wants to help, but Gokou wants things to go on a bit longer. If Gohan won't get serious, then Gokou will go back in. Piccolo says Gohan is different--he wasnt raised to enjoy fighting like Gokou had. Piccolo says Gohan is probably wondering why his father wants him to die. Then, Cell switches to hurting Gohan's friends. Cell steals Kulilin's Senzu Seeds, and Gohan says he can't control his full power. Piccolo gets ready to attack, and Gokou regrets not eating the seed before. Then #16 leaps in and gets Cell in a bear hug. He's going to trigger the self-destruct device in him and take them both out. #16 concentrates, but it doesn;'t go off. Kulilin tells him that Buruma took it out. Cell laughs and destroys the robot. Cell counts the Z fighters, and then spits out 7 miniture copies of himself. He tells them to beat up the people on the hill. Gokou yells a warning, and Cell laughs at his children's force. Gohan yells to stop, for Trunks can't be ressurected since he isn't from this time. Cell can feel Gohan's power level rising. Yamucha's arm is broken, Vegita is KOed, Tienshinhan is beaten up and Gokou is wasted. Gohan tries to find the power inside him. Then, a weak voice cries for help. It's #16's head. #16 says that Mr Satan isn't the world champion, and the announcer says he is the human champion--those guys are all monsters. Mr Satan picks up the head. #16 tells Mr Satan to throw him all Cell. Mr Satan runs in close, and Cell tells his children to kill the fighters. Mr Satan throws it, and he's off. #16 tells Gohan that it's good to be peaceful. #16 doesn't like fighting either. Cell says that's it's god advice, and crushes #16's head. Gohan snaps, and reaches full power. Cell is happy that he has gotten what he wanted. Gohan steps forward. Cell marvels over this, and Gohan steals the seeds from Cell. Gokou is happy, and then one of the Little Cells' head explodes. This causes the rest to die. Piccolo can't believe Gohan has that much power. Gohan tosses the seeds to Trunks, and he gives them to the others. Cell is ticked, and Vegita can't handle that a child is stronger than him. Kulilin wakes up, and asks Trunks how he got the Senzu Seeds. Then Kulilin sees Gohan. Cell laughs that the boy has strength, but not enough. Gohan says he'll win, and Cell tells him to watch as Cell goes to his true power. The aura blasts everyone, and Gokou says it's for real now. Cell asks how Gohan feels about the great power, and Gohan shrugs. Cell attacks, and Gohan takes it without taking damage. Cell pauses, and Vegita is angry that Gohan is so strong. There's more fighting, and Cell goes up in the air for a Chou Kamehameha. Cell announces that this is the end for earth, and Gohan just smiles. Gohan whispers "Ka..me..ha..me..HAAA!!!" and not only destroys Cell's Kamehameha but rips up Cell. Cell asks Gohan why he has so much power, and Gokou yells to Gohan to finish off Cell. But, Gohan's having fun. Cell bulks up, and Gohan kicks him in the gut. The massive attack forces Cell to spit out #18, and he changes down to second stage. Cell curses Gohan, and gets ready for a Kamikaze. Gohan realizes he's messed up, and collapses. Cell laughs, and Gokou teleports in front of Cell. He says bye bye to Chi-Chi. Gokou thinks the only place to go is Kaiosamma's planet. Cells self-destructs. Piccolo says he can't feel Gokou's Ki anymore. Gohan yells out "DAD" and tries to see where he went. Kulilin gathers up #18. Gokou apologizes to Kaiosamma, and Kaio is mad. Then, Gokou realizes that Cell's spirit isn't in the otherworld. Kaiosamma says that means Cell is still alive. Kulilin tells the group that since #18 never killed a living person, she isn't bad. Then, an energy bolt slams into Trunks. Cell leaps out from a cloud of dust, and says that since a part of his head wasn't destroyed, he had managed to regenerate his body back to perfect form. And, since he has saiyajin cells in him, he is even stronger than ever. Vegita rages over Trunks's death. Cell wants to know why Gohan's still powered up, and Gohan says happily that he is going to destroy every last bit of his father's killer. Vegita then surprise attacks Cell, but he's slammed away. Cell is about to kill Vegita, but Gohan blocks the blast. Kulilin calls Vegita an idiot. Trunks can be ressurected via the Dragonballs. Cell is tired and wants to finish the battle. Piccolo says that they've run out of Senzu Seeds. Cell asks Gohan what's wrong, and Gokou asks Kaiosamma to speak with Gohan. Gokou tells Gohan that they'll win, and Gohan says he's sorry for letting Gokou die. Gokou says he's doing fine, and says that Gohan should have fun on earth. Cell and Gohan both make a Chou Kamehameha, and Piccolo yells that Gohan isn't strong enough to kill Cell. The blasts are almost even, and Piccolo is scared that Gohan will lose. Cell is convinced that he will win, and Gokou urges Gohan to beat Cell. Cell tells the earthlings to say goodbye, but then gets hit in the head by Vegita. Gohan takes advantage of the moment and puts all his energy into the Kamehameha, vaporizing every particle of Cell. Everyone cheers, adn they take the bodies to Kami's Lookout to get some Senzu Seeds. Piccolo comments on Vegita saving earth, and Vegita says he did it for the kid, and to get revenge on the guy that killed Kakarotto. He wanted to do it himself. Mr Satan and the announcer are wondering what just happened. Then, Mr Satan realizes that no one else saw the end of the fight. He rushes to the ring, and yells that the light balls were a trick--he was the one who killed Cell. The announcer repeats this, and the audience starts to chant Mr Satan's name. (This really makes me sick)

At Kami's Lookout, Dende is healing #18 and Yamucha is scared of the robot. #18 jumps up, and Kulilin tells her what happened. She is surprised that Gohan did it. Piccolo says that she owes Kulilin for saving her body, and he says it was nothing. Gohan laughs that Kulilin likes #18, and he tells Gohan to shut up. #18 insults him, and flies off. Tienshiinhan tells him he;'s wasting time, and Piccolo says they are going to summon Shenlong now. Gohan says all his friends are here, and Kulilin yells at him (in tears) to shut up. Shenlong appears, and #18 notices that the sky is black. They ask for everyone killed by Cell to be revived, but Piccolo doesn't feel Gokou return. Yamucha asks about Gokou, and Shenlong says, "no". Gokou says via Kaiosammma, that since there is peace there is nothing for Gokou to do. He tells them bye bye. Shenlong asks for the next wish. Kulilin asks if #17 and #18 can be made full humans agian. Shenlong states that since the andriods are stronger than him, he can't do it.Yamucha tries for a necklace for a girlfriend. Kulilin then asks if the bombs can be removed from the two andriods. Shenlong grants it, and dissapears. Kulilin asks Yamucha about a girlfriend, and Yamucha says that was just a gag. Tienshinhan asks Kulilin why the bomb was removed from #17, and Kulilin says that #17 adn #18 are probably lovers. Piccolo doesn't understand love. #18 appears and calls Kulilin an idiot, for #17 and #18 are bro and sis. #18 flies off, saying "until later", and Yamucha nudges Kulilin, he stil has a chance with her. Piccolo wants someone to explain this "love" thing to him. They finally accept that Gokou is really gone. Tienshinhan leaves, for Chaio-zu is probably worried. They don't think they'l meet again, so he gives Trunks his best wishes. Trunks says he is returning to the future. Piccolo is staying at Kami's Lookout, and Gohan is going home. The group splits up and Trunks is pleased with his father's behavior. Trunks says goodbye to Vegita and leaves.

In Trunks's future in the west sector, Trunks announces that he is back and Buruma welcomes him. He tells her the whole story, and he says that father is really a cool guy. The radio announces that the andriods are back, amd Trunks goes out to fight them. #17 and #18 are arguing about losing computer games and they kill an old man. Trunks shows up, and says he is here to end the killing. Trunks easily destroys #18, and #17 asks how this is possible. He says he is going to get revenge for the death of the fighters. He kills #17, and sighs that it's finally over.

3 years later, it's time for Cell to appear. He knows Cell's plans to go back in time and absorb #17 and #18. Cell wants to know how Trunks knows this. Trunks says he is going to finish things once and for all. He says he's already killed off #17 and #18. He blows Cell up, and Cell gasps that that was a strong attack. Cell uses his Kamehameha, and Trunks laughs. Cell asks how he did not get hurt, and Trunks nukes the monster with pleasure. Trunks has won, and he thanks Gokou. Trunks has finally brought peace to his timeline. Dr Gero's saga is now done.

7 years pass since the killing of Cell.

Gohan is 16, looks exactly like Gokou with buzzed hair, and attending the Satan High School in Satan City, where he and his mother have moved. Chi-Chi has had another son named Goten, a perfect image of Chibi Gokou. He is 7. Trunks is 8, and already a SSJ. Kulilin is a veteran fighter, and has settled down with #18 and has a daughter. Dende looks like a teenage Piccolo. Vegita is living in Capsule Corp with Buruma. Yamucha has moved out of Capsule Corp and is living somewhere unnamed. Tienshinhan and Chaio-zu have been lost from the picture. The world has Mr Satan as a savior for killing Cell.

Gohan is riding on Kintoun, and jumps off and lands by Satan High School. He goes there, since he, his mother, and his 7-year old brother have moved to Satan City. Then, he hears someone screaming. The Satan Bank is being robbed. He goes SSJ, and trashes the robbers. The police arrive, and he leaves. A black-haired girl appears, and she tells the police officer about the "yellow-haired wairrior" that she saw save the bank. The police officer says that the warrior was wearing the same school emblem as the girl. She puzzles over this. Gohan arrives late to school, but he is welcomed by the teacher. He introduces Gohan to the class, saying Gohan is new to this school. Eliza, a girl, looks at Gohan. She tells Videl, the black-haired girl, that Gohan is cute. Videl is still thinking about the golden-haired warrior. She rememberrs in her father's video of the Cell Game there was a golden-haired warrior. The class is taken out to the track, and are playing baseball. Videl tells Gohan to be the catcher. Another guy is batting. He wants to show off to Videl. He hits the ball, and it seems to be a home run. Then, Gohan jumps and floats in the air, and catches it. The class is amazed. Then, Gohan gets mad at himself. He is trying to hide his identity. The guy is mad, and launches a ball at Gohan's face. It hits him head on, but Gohan doesn't feel any pain. He is trying to think how to seal his power. No one can believe this.

Finally, school is over, and Gohan heads to Buruma for advice on how to seal his power. Buruma says she can make a capsule suit for Gohan to wear. It will take her 2 hours to make. Gohan goes to look for Trunks. Buruma says Vegita has taken Trunks for training. He wants Trunks to be stronger than Gohan. Gohan smiles and goes to see Trunks. He walks into the training room, and Trunks gets excited to see Gohan. Then, Buruma appears. She gives Gohan a red wristband, and when he wants to wear the suit just press the red button. Gohna presses the button, and a silly superman outfit goes around him. Gohan likes the suit, and Trunks says he will never get to wear something like that. Gohan decides to race Kintoun back to Satan City, and he sees a speeding car. He gives the driver a lecture, and the driver says he will run the kid over. Gohan says he is the Great Saiyaman Gohan, and the driver laughs. The police come and Gohan leaves. (Note: Gohan has really turned into a geek. Well, what do you expect living with Chi-Chi all your life? I really hate Akira Torimaya for taking Gokou out of the end of the series.)

The next morning, Gohan is ready for school. Chi-Chi and Goten say bye to him, and Gohan heads to school on Kintoun. Gohan is happy about his new costume. At school everyone is gossiping about the great and ridiculous-looking "taiyaman". Gohan is angry that no one remembers his name correctly, and that they don't like his suit. In the classroom, Gohan is sitting next to Eliza and Videl. Videl gets a phone call, and she pulls out her mobile phone. Two robbers are escaping. Videl speeds off, and the teacher thanks her for keeping peace. Gohan is amazed. The guy sitting next to Gohan says she is super-powerful, almost as much as Mr Satan. (Which isn't much!) Gohan wants to help, and he says he needs to go to the bathroom as a last resort. He changes into the Great Saiyaman, and realizes he can't find where they are in Satan City. Videl is beating up one robber. Gohan flies to them, and tries not to disrupt Videl. Then, the robber pulls out a gun. Gohan immediantly flies down and breaks the gun in half. Gohan says he is the Great Saiyaman, and makes a take-off pose from Sailor Moon. He is impressed with himself but no one else is. The robber uses a smoke bomb, and Gohan flies after him. Videl realizes that that isn't a trick like her father claims. Gohan catches the baddie, and tells Videl to take them to the police. She asks Gohan how he got out of class, and he replies he lied that he was going ot the bathroom. He realizes that he just revealed his identity. Gohan asks Videl how she knew who it was, and she replies that she recognized his voice. She asks him why he uses the costume, for he is great golden-haired fighter. Videl says that the next Tenkaichi Budokai is in a month, and the last one (not the Cell Game) had been won by Son Gokou. She figures that Gohan is Gokou's son. Videl likes having the son of the last champion going vs the daughter of the other champion, and says she'll tell about Gohan if he doesn't enter. She also makes Gohan promise to teach her to fly. he worries about this and returns to class. He says today has been a very bad day.

After school Gohan tells Buruma he is going to enter the Tenkaichi Budokai, and Buruma asks him why. He had not entered the previous one. Gohan tells Buruma what happened. Buruma says she'll make a voice-masking outfit, but Gohan says he needs a better disguise. Buruma suggests sunglasses. Vegita says he will enter too. He has been training for so long and wants to test his strength. Gokou suddenly contacts Gohan and says he will also enter. He says Uranai Baba will let him return for a day, and he'll enter the Tenkaichi Budokai. Vegita says that Gohan is being childish. No one will care who Gohan is. Buruma phones Yamucha, and Gohan goes to look for Tienshinhan. He flies for quite a while, then realizes he doesn't know where Tienshinhan is. He flies to the Kame House to look for Kulilin. At the Kame House, Kulilin is standing with #18, and has some black hair in a bowl cut. Gohan asks if Kulilin is entering, and he says he has no chance. Gohan says that there is a prize for fifth. #18 asks Gohan what the prizes are, and Gohan says: 10,000,000 for first, 5,000,000 for second, 3,000,000 for 3rd, 2,000,000 for fourth, and 1,000,000 for fifth. Kulilin and #18 change heart when they hear about the money, and decide to go. Gohan goes to tell Piccolo. Gokou flies to Kami's Lookout, and Piccolo gets excited. He asks Dende if he's going, and Dende says he doesn't like fighting. Gohan asks Chi-Chi if he can go, (Now we find out where they get their money) and Chi-Chi replies with 10 mil plus 5 mil they'll be set for months. Gohan tells Goten privatley that he'll try to get Goten SSJ to enter the tournament so that they can give their mother more money. Gohan takes Goten to some training ground, and Gohan goes SSJ. Gohan makes a line on the ground, and stands 4 1/2 feet from the line. He tells Goten to stand on the line and throw a stone at Gohan. Goten thinks he wil hurt his brother. Gohan says he will not be hurt. Goten launches a stone at Gohan. Gohan barely avoids the stone. He can't believe how much force his brother has. Goten gets ready to throw another, but Gohan tells him to stop. Gohan tells Goten to move back a bit, and do it again. Goten then hurls ten stones at Gohan. Gohan avoids all of them. Goten asks Gohan if he can become like Gohan. Gohan says "Yes, but your heart needs to be full of fury. I took your..." then Goten goes SSJ. Gohan's eyes pop out of his head. Gohan says he did it a long time ago, but Chi-Chi said he looked like a gangster so he didn't do it again. They spar, adn then Gohan goes up into the air and does a Kamehameha. Goten says it isn't fair, because he doesn't know Bukujitsu.(flying technique) Gohan is puzzled that his brother can go SSJ but not fly. Then Gohan sees Videl's helicopter heading to his house. He tells Goten they're going to meet a special person. Videl is talking to Chi-Chi. Videl asks him why he's cutting school. He says he's training for the tournament. He asks Videl if she wants to learn how to fly now. Chi-Chi asks if they are going on a date. Videl quickly says no, and Chi-Chi says that Gohan isn't perveted and won't kiss her. Videl gets irritated and Gohan takes the two trainees off. Gohan says they must first learn to control their Ki. Videl asks Gohan what Ki is. Goten shows her, and he aims his palm at a rock. A blast of Ki shoots out and destroys it.Videl is amazed. She says she can't do that. Gohan tells Videl to try it, and she says she doesn't know magic.

Gokou is training with South Kaiosamma, who rules the southern galaxy. South Kaiosamma is very arrogant, and the only Kaio still living. He gives Gokou 4 weights, each of which is 2 tons and tells him to carry them.Then North Kaiosamma comes, and laughs that that isn't much. South says that his other student, Papoy, can do that easily. (He lies, for he will not lose his pride) North tells Gokou to turn into a SSJ. He does, and then South gives him 40 tons. Gokou carries it without any sign of grief. North laughs that South has been defeated, and asks if Papoy is coming to the contest. North says yes, and they go out in a verbal fight.

Videl manages to float over the ground, and then she's exhausted. Goten picks it up right away. Chi-Chi says it's lunchtime, and Videl thanks the Son family for inviting her to lunch. She says it tastes better than her private chef's. Chi-Chi asks how many rooms are in Videl's house. Videl says about 50. Chi-Chi is happy Gohan found such a wealthy girlfriend. Chi-Chi asks when they are getting married, and Gohan chokes on his rice. Videl says she'll come the same time tommorow, and Gohan says she can learn on her own now, not thinking that she likes him. Gohan says he would like to see her hair cut short. She says she didn't know he liked it short, and Gohan says that when she's flying it won't get in her eyes. Videl leaves, feeling dumb.

The next morning Videl arrives with her hair very very short.

Vegita is in the gravity room, training for the budokai. He tells Trunks to leave, since the boy can't take 150g. Trunks wants to fight Goten in the budokai though, so he goes SSJ and stands up. Vegita is shocked, and asks if Goten can do this. Trunks says he can. Vegita gives him a lecture about how hard it was for him to go SSJ. (Kinda like an old guy complaining about how life is so easy now) Vegita says that if Trunks can hit him once in the face, he'll take him to an amusement park. Trunks gets excited, and attacks all-out.Vegita gets mad when he is hit, and blasts Trunks in the nose. He asks how strong Goten is, and Trunks says he is a year younger, and can't fly. (Oh, really?)

Videl has learned to levitate, and is mad at how good Goten is doing. She asks about Gokou, and Gohan says he is dead, and Goten yells that he's coming back for a day to fight in the budokai.

10 days later, Videl can fly around better. We now get to see training: Gohan and Goten fight in SSJ mode, Vegita trains himself, Videl and Kulilin also go solo, Gokou and Piccolo meditate, Trunks does finger-push-ups in the gravity room, adn Mr Satan drinks beer.

It is now time for the Tenkaichi Budokai, which hasn't been held for a while due to Cell. Gohan tells Vegita not to go SSJ, since they were caught on video during the Cell Game and it might cause trouble. They look around for Gokou, and see a crowd of people around Mr Satan. The reporter asks how he's doing, and he says he's at 120%. Yamucha is amused, and Goten recognizes Piccolo. Gohan asks him if he's seen Gokou, and Piccolo says no. Then, Gokou arrives. Gokou asks how everybody is, and they react, having not seen him for 7 years. Baba flys away, saying that Gokou can only stay on earth for 24 hours. Gokou is surprised he has another son, and Goten is scared of his father. Piccolo tells everybody to hurry up and sign the sheet. Trunks is upset that anyone under 16 has to fight in the children division. Kulilin is relieved for he has a better chance of winning some money.

The Z fighters go to the dressing room and change. Piccolo destroys the video cameras with his Ki. Gohan asks Piccolo why he did that, and Piccolo says now his friends won't be able to uncover his disugise. Gokou is surprised Kulilin got his hair back. He also says he is with #18 now. Kulilin tells Gokou about their child. Trunks is talking with Goten. Trunks says his dad feels stronger. Goten says that Gohan told him that Gokou is the #1 strongest fighter in the universe. Some reporters try to interview them, but Vegita and Piccolo scare them off. Then, a man with grey hair approaches the Z team. He tells them he knows that they were the ones who beat Cell, not Mr Satan. He was the reporter during the Cell Game. He asks the team where they come from, and Gokou points the sky. The reporter sees the halo around him. He's stunned, but says anything is possible with "you guys". He wishes them luck, and leaves. The fighters go on the platform, and an announcer says there are 196 participants, and only 15 will be able to qualify for the final rounds. Mr Satan automatically qualifies since he 'won' the Cell Game. They will be selected by a "Punch Machine". The machine will register how powerful the force is, and the top 15 will go to the next round. The Z fighters laugh at this dumb idea. Mr Satan goes first, and gets a 123. People go next, and no one can beat Mr Satan's record. #18 goes, and gets a 704. The announcer says there is something wrong, and a mechanic 'fixes' the machine. #18 tries again, and taps it with a finger. She gets a 255. Kulilin gets a 167, Gokou gets a 199. (note that they are all tapping it) Vegita wants to show off his power, and he punches with all his strength. The Punch Machine explodes. Everyone is stunned. Mr Satan is supposed to be the strongest. He scored a 123, while Vegita overloaded it. Videl is shocked. Videl's father is supposed to be stronger than them, but they all got higher. Gokou elbows Gohan and makes some remarks about what a cute 'friend' Gohan has.

Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks are in the other dressing room, and there are 35 entries for that tournament. Trunks is disspaointed that he has to fight with 'kids'. The champion gets 1,000,000,000 zenni, and the second gets 500,000,000. He asks Goten what he'll use the money for if he wins. Goten says he would buy lots of toys. Trunks says that Goten is too childish. Goten tells Trunks that Trunks is rich, he doesn't understand. Goten is right. Besides, Trunks is soon to be the inheritor of Capsule Corp. Then, a teen laughs that little kids are fighting. He insults Trunks, and Trunks vows revenge. The winner of this torunament will get a chance to fight Mr Satan. Mr Satan cheers, adn trips and falls. He claims it is all an act. In the audience, Buruma is sitting next to a fat woman. The fat woman yells "IT'S ME MAMA!" and cheers. Buruma is annoyed, and cheers for Trunks even louder.(she's had practice yelling at Gokou in DB) It's Trunks VS Isada. Isada says he is going to teach Trunks a lesson. Trunks rushes Isada, and low kicks Isada's feet. Isada falls, and Trunks kicks him in the air. Isada lands in the ring, and loses since he has no strength to move. Then, Goten goes up vs Isada's bro, Ikose. Ikose's fat mother insults Chi-Chi and Goten, and Buruma and Chi-Chi cheer for Goten. Ikose attacks Goten, but Goten blocks it with a finger. Ikose tries again, but Goten blocks it. Goten drops Ikose with a punch. Chi-Chi punches the fat woman and she falls.

Gokou tells Gohan that they have repaired the Punch Machine. Videl tells Gohan his brother beat a 14-year old. She asks Gohan if he is surprised, and Gohan says no, why would he be? It's finally the final round in the kids' section--Son Goten VS Trunks. Goten and Trunks jump into the air. Trunks punches Goten and they hit each other in the face. Inside the building, Mr Satan is drinking beer. He looks closer at the screen, and staggers back when he thinks he sees a mini Gokou. He looks at Trunks, and sees a mini of the other Trunks. He starts sweating.

(Sadly, I've lost the manga chapters #434-#437. If anyone knows where they are please contact me SSJ4Dan@AOL.com. From what I've heard, Trunks beats Goten, and the adult elimination matches are fought. Goten and Trunks somehow beat up an adult fighter Mighty Mask, and take his suit. The elimination matches are fought, and two wierd guys show up with evil, high Ki levels.)

Piccolo says the two new guys aren't from earth, and Videl asks Gohan what he means by this. Gohan says that the two are wierd, and Videl says that Piccolo isn't exactly normal either. Kulilin wants to hurry up and start fighting. Kulilin prays to god that he'll get a weak person in his fight, and Piccolo says that Dende is god. Gokou looks around, and notices Shin's power. He sees how strange Supopo-Bicchi is, and how distorted "Mighty Mask" looks. The announcer makes the contestants draw numbered balls from a box. Kulilin gets a 1, and Gokou thinks he's heard the name "Shin" before. Trunks asks Goten what their victim's name was, adn Goten doesn't remember. The announcer asks for Supopo-Bicchi, and he doesn't reply. The boys think it is them. The announcer says he didn't say "Mighty Mask", and the real Supopo takes his ball. The announcer wonders why Supopo looks different from the last tournament. It's Videl's turn, and Gokou finds out that she is Mr Satan's daughter. Kulilin laughs at Gohan's choice of girlfriends. A big fat guy named Punter gets 2, and Kulilin goes hyper. Punter threatens Kulilin, and they both laugh at each other. Vegita draws a 12, and Kulilin is amazes at the fact that Vegita and Gokou are paired up. Vegita is happy to have a chance to defeat Kakarotto. Piccolo is paired with Shin. Mr Satan is paired up with #18. Punter tells Kulilin he won't last for 10 seconds. The crowd is told that Kulilin had participated in the budokai as a boy, and won more fights than Punter. Kulilin's daughter asks if everything is OK, and Yamucha says that Kulilin is thr strongest earthling on Earth. Punter tells Kulilin the budokai is no place for old men. Kulilin is bored with his opponent, and the match starts. Punter handsprings around, and Kulilin "punts" Punter out of the ring. The announcer declares the nex tournament, and tells Piccolo not to grow so big this time. Piccolo asks why Shin is here to compete. He replies that he's entered for fun just like Piccolo, adn Piccolo asks how Shin read his mind. Shin laughs that Piccolo was earth's god for a while. Piccolo walks backwards out of the ring. Gokou wonders what's going on, and Kulilin gets scared. HE'S the one facing Shin next. The announcer declares the next match, Videl and Supopo-Bicchi. The crowd cheers for Videl, and Shin stares at Supopo. The match starts. Piccolo confronts Shin, thinking that Shin is really Dai-Kaioshin. Then, Kaiobit says that this is Kaioshin. Piccolo freezes up, and Shin tells Kaiobit to shut up. (Note: There are 4 Kaiosammas. The strongest is Dai-Kaioshin. Piccolo thinks that Shin is Kaioshin, the god. (Dai supposedly means second)) Gokou asks Piccolo what's wrong, and Piccolo tells Gokou not to talk. Kaiosamma is stammering that the teen could be Kaioshin. He wonders why Kaioshin is on earth. In the ring, Videl is pounding on Supopo. Gokou and Kulilin are impressed, and Gohan says she has improved alot. Then Supopo gets up, and grins. Gokou says something's up. Supopo trashes Videl, and tosses her out of the ring. Then, she catches herself and flies back in. Gohan says she's doing well. Gokou says it might have been better if Videl feel, for there's something wrong with Supopo. The fight continues, and Videl almost kills him with a kick. Supopo clicks his broken neck back together. The announcer goes nuts. Videl asks who Supopo is, and she gets punched in the nose. Gohan is getting worried. Kulilin is starting to agree with Gokou. Videl flies out of reach, and Supopo laughs that he can fly too. Videl's classmates are nuts, Mr Satan had claimed that flying was a trick. Supopo's Ki blasts blow Videl to the ring. The Z fighters try to figure out what Supopo is planning, since he could easily beat Videl. Videl gets messed up badly, but won't surrender. Gohan yells to her to give up already. Videl gets more and more beat, and she refuses to stop. She kicks Supopo in the face, and he laughs and slurps up the blood. Everyone hates this. Supopo is about to step on Videl's head, and Gohan goes SSJ. Then, another alien yells to Supopo to stop playing around. The alien tells his partner that that's what they're here for. Supopo tosses Videl outside of the ring with anger. Gohan powers down and rushes to Videl. The announcer calls the medics in. The two aliens fly off. Gokou asks if anyone has any Senzu Seeds, and Kulilin says that there wasn't a need for them. Gokou says he's going to teleport to Karin Tower. Gohan comes in and says that Senzus are coming. Mr Satan is mad that his daughter lost, since his daughter is the "second strongest person in the world". He goes to see what happened. Gohan tells him that everything's OK, and Mr Satan thinks it's Gohan's fault. A medic corrects him. Mr Satan offers him an autograph for a reward of saving his daughter, and Gohan just says he'll leave now. Videl asks Gohan for revenge. Gohan says he'll win the next round. Gohan is gone, and Mr Satan says he is the one who should be getting revenge. Videl laughs and falls asleep. Mr Satan rants that his daughter is in love. At Karin Tower, Karin gives Gokou the seeds. They both have a feeling that something bad is going to happen. Yajirobee is still at Karin Tower, probably since he still trying to beat Karin. He has grown a moustache. The announcer tells Videl's fans that the girl is OK, and he starts the next round. Gohan says to wait a minute, and Gokou returns with the seeds. He gives one to Gohan, and Gohan delivers it to Videl. She eats the seed at her father's protest. Gohan rushes back to the ring. Videl is recovered and follows him. The announcer says the match will now begin. Gohan's classmates can't believe that Gohan is the Great Saiyaman. They cheer for him, and he gives up his disguise and throws away the sunglasses. Gohan faces off Vs Kaiobit, and he doesn;t power up. Kaiobit tells Gohan that he will help if Gohan turns SSJ. Kaiobit wants to see Gohan's power. Gohan doesn't want to do it in front of everyone.

Outside the building, Yamuu and Supopo-Bicchi are checking each fighter out to see which is the one they want. Gohan refuses to reveal himself to his classmates. Piccolo yells to Gohan that Shin is really Kaioshin in disguise. He tells Gohan about Kaioshin. Reluctantly, Gohan powers up. The audience complains for the fight to start, and Chi-Chi yells at them to shut up. Kaioshin tells them that Yamuu and Supopo-Bicchi are after Gohan. They want to take all his energy. Kulilin says that's OK, he can regain it with a Senzu. Kaioshin says they take it for good. Gohan goes beyond SSJ, and everyone is stunned. Vegita notices that Gohan has gotten weaker since the Cell Game. Gohan tells Kaiobit to attack, but then Yamuu and Supopo-Bicchi run forward. Kaioshin yells that they;re coming, and Kaioshin freezes Gohan. That allows Supopo to grab him, and Yamuu to jam the energy collecter through his back. Piccolo is mad, and Supopo says that if there is any interference the boy dies. They fill up the container, and leave. Gohan falls to the ground. Kaioshin tells them that Kaiobit can heal Gohan in a way that no one else can. Kaioshin is going to after the two aliens, and anyone can come with him. Gokou says he will help Kaioshin.

Yamuu brings the energy back to Babidi. Kaioshin is following him. At the ring, Videl runs to Gohan. Kulilin says he'll go with Gokou, but he has to talk to #18 first. Gokou is about to go when Vegita says he is avoiding the battle. Gokou asks Vegita if he knows what's going on, and Vegita says he doesn't care about stupid Kaios. He just wants to fight Gokou. Gokou promises to fight Vegita after this, and Vegita yells that Gokou is only on earth for a day. Piccolo rushes after Kaioshin. Gokou asks Kaiobit about Gohan, and he says the boy will meet up with them soon. #18 says she'll stay behind to win the money, and Kulilin tells her not to kill anyone. She tells him not to die. Kaiobit gives Gohan some energy, but not enough to go to full power. Trunks and Goten are wondering if they should go to their fathers. Gohan is wondering what happened, and Kaiobit says he will explain if Gohan follows him. Mr Satan comes out looking for his daughter. He gets mad when he sees her standing next to the wierd boy. Videl wants to go with Gohan, and says she will even if he forbids it. The two fly off. Mr Satan is amazed that his daughter can fly. Buruma wonders what's up, and Chi-Chi is worried. The announcer watches the Tenkaichi Budokai contestants leave. Gokou asks Kaioshin if he needs help beating Yamuu and Supopo, and Kaioshin says they aren't the problem. Long ago, there was a sorcerer named Bibidi who created a super powerful demon named Buu. It was probably the strongest demon ever, even to this day. Buu had terrorized Bibidi's planet. Vegita says that the saiyajin had done the same thing. Kaioshin says that there was 5 Kaioshins at that time, and Buu killed 4 of them. Buu was imprisoned in a shell and hid away, and Bibidi was killed. 2 dying Kaioshins used the Potara Earrings, a method of fusion, to fuse with Buu and send him and his shell away. While inside the shell, Buu couldn't use any powers. But, there was one thing that they forgot. Bibidi had a son called Babidi. And now Babidi is at earth--with Buu. Supopo and Yamuu need some energy to revive Buu. Behind the group, is Kaiobit, Gohan, and Videl. Gohan asks why those guys attacked him at the budokai. Kaiobit basically explains the same stuff as Kaioshin, and adds that he and Kaioshin have waited a long time to see where Buu had been hid. Videl can't keep up with the two, and she returns to the budokai. Kaiobit and Gohan then speed to catch up with Kaioshin.

Ahead, Supopo-Bicchi and Yamuu are racing to Babidi. Gohan and Kaiobit fly with the rest, and they hide and watch what's going on. They ask who the guy next to the door is, and it definitley isn't Babidi. The guard goes inside, and Gohan sees dead bodies by a farm house. Piccolo senses someone coming out, and an old guy walks up next to a strong tall demon. Kaiobit recognizes the tall one as thje strongest of the dark world. He explains tha there is another universe, where magic rules. Dabura is the strongest one there. He works for Babidi. Kulilin becomes worried when he senses Dabura's power. The wrinkled guy is Babidi. He is physically weak, but his magic is super-strong. Vegita asks their chance of winning a fight. Kaioshin doesn't answer. Gokou tells Kulilin he can leave now. Babidi wants to reward his two baddies for filling up the container. Supopo says he likes the fun work, and the Babidi blows him up. he says that he likes the sound of people exploding. Pui-Pui finishes off Yamuu. The Z fighters are scared. Babidi and Dabura talk about what they sense in the rocks. Babidi sees Kaioshin and Kaiobit, and says that there are 3 people there that can help ressurect Buu. Babidi says Dabura can kill the two Kaios, and Pui-Pui and Babidi go back into the ship. Vegita realizes that they are about to be attacked. Dabura attacks, and kills Kaiobit. He spits on Piccolo and Kulilin, and turns them to stone. Kaioshin says that the only way to reverse the spell is to kill Dabura. Gokou and the others follow Dabura into the ship. They get trapped inside, and the only way to escape is to fight. Pui-Pui is sent out and has orders to take energy.

Babidi is putting Gohan's energy into the Buu Shell. But, the energy level is only up to half. Yamuu and Supopo were supposed to get the energy of 100 people. Babidi curses, and Dabura wants to know what the problem is, they have the strong people in the ship. The go to the control room to watch pui-Pui. Gokou, Gohan, and Vegita are using jankenpon to see who goes first. Vegita wins. Babidi is confused, and Kaioshin wants to know why Vegita is happy to be fighting by himself. Pui-Pui says he'll win, and Vegita says he is the world's strongest fighter. (....or is it Mr Satan??) Pui-Pui attacks, and Vegita slams him into a wall. Babidi asks Dabura where Pui-Pui's favorite place is, and Dabura says it is the gravity planet Bun. Babidi yells out "Papparappa!" and the fighters are teleported to Bun. Pui-Pui laughs. This place is X10 earth's gravity. Vegita isn't bothered, and Pui-Pui says Vegita is lying. Vegita proves he isn't by destroying Pui-Pui. Gokou sees a hole in the ground, and they step in the elevator inside. This is some sort of game. Dabura says they won't last through the next three stages. Dabura asks who the next stage fighter is, and Babidi replies Yakon. Dabura hopes that Yakon will be defeated so that he can fight. Gokou and Vegita want something to fight, and Vegita wants to fight Buu. Kaioshin gets angry at him. Gokou guesses that Buu is as strong as Cell. Kaioshin is amazed that they fought Cell. The door opens, adn Yakon steps out. Gokou says it's his turn. They fight, and Yakon rips Gokou's gi. Gokou is mad, and Gokou complains about Yakon's sickle nails. Babidi laughs that Yakon can kill them all. Dabura and Babidi think about teleporting the Z Team to a place with no light, and then the room goes dark. Gokou can't see but Yakon can. Yakon laughs, and attacks. He misses. Gokou says he can feel the air moving. Babidi marvels over this. Gokou powers up, and Dabura says that the guy is emitting light. Babidi orders Yakon to kill the guy now. They check Gokou on a meter, and it says 3000 Kirri. Yakon measures up at 800. Yakon inhales, and steals some of Gokou's energy. Kaioshin remembers that's Yakon's power--sucking in radiation. Yakon comments on the tastiness of saiyajin energy, and Gohan yells that it's useless for Gokou to fight SSJ. Gokou wants to try again. Yakon inhales, and Gokou pumps out energy. Yakon keeps eating, and Gokou kicks up the power. Yakon explodes for the over-absorbtion of Ki. Kaioshin and Gohan appluad the performance. Babidi can't believe that Yakon exploded. (It's kind of like a mosquito, squeeze your skin when it bites and it pops) Babidi is mad that no one has died on their side yet. Dabura decides to fight next. Gohan is going to fight next, and Vegita laughs that he is stronger than Gohan. Gohan smiles. Dabura steps out, and says to get ready. Vegita laughs that the #1 fighter has come out so soon, and Dabura calls the SSJ dirty. Babidi and Dabura are annoyed that a child is sent out.

Back at the Tenkaichi Budokai, the announcer says that a large number of competeters have left for an unknown reason. They say there is only 5 people left fighting. Mr Satan claims they left because they were afraid to face him. Goten and Trunks aren't impressed. Mr Satan suggests a Battle Royale. All the fighters will gang up on him. The announcer calls it a great idea, and Mr Satan realizes that he's blown it big time. The contestants are:

Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks)
Mr Satan

Jewel tries to pick up #18 during the fight, and she beats him up. #18 feels Mighty Mask's power level, and Trunks warns Goten that #18 is strong. Jewel and Killer are knocked out, and Mr Satan is ignored. Mr Satan poses, and Goten and Trunks agree that he's an idiot. Mr Satan challenges Mighty Mask, and Mr Satan starts him Rolling Attack, and Satan Punch. Mask is in front of #18, and Mr Satan misses. Trunks yells at Goten to move right, but Goten moves left and flips in the air. They can't move fast in the air, and #18 slams them down. Goten is laying on top of Trunks, and Mighty Mask looks real deformed. #18 fires an energy ball at them, and they go SSJ. #18 recognizes the surge of Ki. Trunks fires, and #18 is starting to catch on. She barely avoids the blast, and Mr Satan is astounded. #18 realizes that the two runts are super strong. She yells out their names, and she cuts the costume in half. The announcer thinks MM has been cut in half, but then the costume falls off and he disqualifies the kids. Mr Satan is sweating.

Trunks and Goten walk around sulking about losing, and then Goten sees Videl. She flies over to them. Mr Satan is shivering, and #18 attacks. Mr Satan pleads for her not to kill him. She offers him a deal. She'll lose if Mr Satan gives her 20 mil Zenni. Mr Satan complains about the price, and #18 squeezes his head. He agrees and she flings herself off him onto the ground. She calls him an idiot, and tells him to attack. He uses his "Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch". She tells him he's a weak brat, and throws herself out of the ring. Mr Satan gloats and gloats, and #18 says she'll drop by his mansion tommorow for the money. She says if she doesn't get it he dies. He nods weakly. Goten and Trunks are nuts about learning that their fathers are fighting some wizards. The fly off to get see what's up.

Gohan is fighting Dabura, and the demon is getting trashed. Gohan gets faked out and blown into a river. Gokou says that all Dabura is using is magic. Gohan rushes Dabura, and Dabura spits at him. Gohan blocks the loogie with his glove. The glove shatters on the ground. Dabura pulls out a sword, but Gohan catches between his hands and breaks it. Vegita is tired of screwing around, he is impatient and wants to kill off Babidi. Dabura stops fighting and tells Babidi telepathically that he knows of a way to revive Buu. Babidi teleports the group back to the ship, and teleports Dabura to his office. Dabura tells Babidi that one person in the group has a very evil power heart to supply Buu with. Babidi stares at Vegita through the screen, and laughs that it is perfect. Kaioshin warns Vegita that Babidi can use evil in people's hearts to his advantage, and Vegita tells him to shut up. Then Vegita turns SSJ, and has a M on his forhead. Babidi laughs, and teleports the group to the budokai site. Babidi tells Vegita to have fun, and make sure to kill people. Vegita tell Babidi to shut up, his only interest is Kakarotto. Babidi is surprised that he doesn't have full control. Yamucha and Master Roshi see their friends, but see that something's wrong. Vegita launches a Ki Blast at Gokou, and Gokou is knocked through the stadium. There's a hole in the building and lots of dead bodies. Vegita laughs, and Gokou curses under his breath. Buruma wants to know what is wrong with Vegita. Babidi laughs that Vegita killed 200 people in one blast. Vegita replies he will fight Kakarotto or everyone will die. Vegita says he wants to fight Gokou, and this is the only day to do it. Kaioshin goes ballistic over Vegita's ego. Vegita yells that as a prince he needs to be the strongest saiyajin. Gokou says he'll fight Vegita if they are in a place with no people.Kaioshin tells Gokou not to, but Gokou is too concentrated. Babidi laughs, and the group is on an empty planet. Kaioshin says he'll take Gohan back home. There, they'll fight Babidi and Dabura. Babidi tells Vegita to kill everyone. Vegita repeats that he only wants to fight Kakarotto. Babidi is stunned that Vegita is disobeying his orders. Dabura says it's OK, they still get energy. Babidi lets Gohan and Kaioshin go with them, and Gokou tells Gohan to remember anger from the Cell Game. Babidi and Kaioshin verbally insult each other, and Gokou and Vegita both go to full power. Babidi laughs that soon Buu will be released. Kaioshin plans on beating Babidi, aand Babidi teleports them to another planet. Dabura says he can take Gohan on no problem. Gohan tries to get angry. Babidi rips on Kaioshin, and then suddenly an alarm beeps. Buu is at full power! Kaioshin can't believe that Gokou has taken so much damage already. Gohan realizes that if Vegita and Gokou are both fighting SSJ, then they must be emitting alot of damage energy. Vegita and Gokou are smashing each other up. Trunks and Goten are racing toward the site. They sense alot of power, and wonder if it's their fathers'. Gokou is amazed at Vegita, and Vegita says he had been training since the Cell Game. Gokou realizes that with all of Vegita's pride, he would let himself be controlled just to gain power. Vegita says that while on earth, he became more human. He even had a family. He didn't like that. He was almost starting to like it. But, now that he is controlled, he is back to his evil self and loves it. Gokou wonders if that is really what Vegita feels. The Buu Shell starts to overheat, and Babidi yells that Buu is coming. Kaioshin tells Gohan to run away. Gohan switches to full power, and Gohan blasts the shell. Babidi says it will have no effect. The shell flies into the air and lands a few feet away. The shell cracks in two, and there isn't anything inside. Dabura and Babidi are in shock, and Babidi yells for Buu to arise. Kaioshin says that Buu has been asleep for a long time, so he has gotten weaker. Dabura thinks they still have a chance since they have Vegita. Gohan can feel a strong energy coming. He locates it in the sky, and Dabura realizes that that cloud had not been in the sky minutes ago. The cloud shinks and a monster appears. He is a pink demon with holes in his head, and a large tentacle coming out of his head. He has a black vest, a belt and an M on his forhead. He has a white cape, and baggy white pants. His first word is "BUU!" Majin Buu lands on the ground, and Dabura asks if this is really Majin Buu. Babidi replies that Kaioshin is the only one that ever saw Majin Buu. No one is really impressed. Gohan was expecting something bigger and more evil, like Cell. Gohan thinks he can take on Buu. Gokou and Vegita are about to attack each other, when Gokou yells to stop. He feels great power, and realizes that Buu has been reborn. Vegita says Buu isn't that strong. Gokou says that Buu has a different type of power. Vegita yells for Gokou to finish the battle. Babidi walks forward, and says he is the son of Bibidi. Babidi wants to become Buu's master, but Buu just grunts. Dabura calls Buu an idiot. Buu hears this, and runs over to Dabura. Gohan asks if Buu has been a failure. Buu lets off some steam from the holes in him and looks mean. Buu pokes Dabura's eyes out. He kicks Dabura into some rocks, and Buu claps for himself. Babidi laughs at how great Buu is. Babidi laughs at how easily Buu killed Dabura, amd Gohan cant' believe that burst of energy he just felt. Meanwhile, Trunks feels a massive surge of Ki, and Goten asks if they should go to Buu, or their fathers. Trunks decides that Buu is more interesting. Gokou and Vegita have stopped fighting, and Gokou knows that was Buu. Vegita doesn't care, and Gokou says that Trunks and Buruma are in danger now. Vegita gives in, and says they'll continue after they thrash Buu. Vegita asks for a Senzu Seed. Gokou reaches to get one, and then Vegita KOs him. Vegita laughs and eats a seed, and says that Gokou is weak when his guard is down. Babidi is still trying to get Buu as a slave. Buu sticks out his tounge, and Babidi says he'll imprison Buu again if he doesn't cooperate. Kaioshin hopes that Babidi will seal Buu back up, so that they can dispose of Babidi and forget about the great demon. Gohan thinks they should run. Babidi tells Buu to kill Gohan and Kaioshin. Gohan flies off with Kaioshin. Babidi tells Buu to go get them, and Buu appears in front of Gohan. He tells Gohan "You're dead" and smashes him into some rocks. Gohan angrily crawls out to see Kaioshin slammed into the dirt. Buu is having fun. Babidi tells Buu to kill the Kaio. Buu powers up, and Kaioshin is slammed into a mountain. Gohan kicks Buu in the face. Buu's cheek is messed up, and he rubs it and fixes it. Gohan is trying to decide on a good move, and is blown away by a Ki Blast. Babidi is nuts with this force. Gohan and Kaioshin lie unconscious.s Babidi says it's OK if Buu finishes Kaioshin off. Suddenly a spear sticks through his chest. Dabura is still alive. Goten and Trunks can see the fight, and they switch out of SSJ. Then, Goten sees the statue of Piccolo. They wonder why there are statues of Gohan and Kulilin around here. Trunks punches Piccolo. The statue breaks into pieces. Trunks hopes no one saw that. Dabura warns Babidi that Buu won't remain his servant for long. Babidi tells him to shut up. Buu pulls the spear out, and he says he's going to eat Dabura. Vegita looks down the elevator, and notices that Gohan's energy is gone. Buu is dancing around chanting 'eat'. Buu then shoots a beam and turns Dabura into a cookie. He picks it up and eats it. Trunks and Goten are shocked, and Babidi cheers. Kulilin is revived, and Trunks realized what he did to Piccolo. Then, Piccolo waltzes up, and everyone is shocked. He tells them he can regenerate lost parts, glaring at Trunks. The foursome assume the pink man is Majin Buu. Kulilin can't believe the power level. (Note: This is the last and best fight of DBZ) Babidi tells Buu to eat Kaioshin too, and Buu gets excited. Goten says Buu is immune to spears, and can turn people to sweets. Babidi laughs. Then, and explosion destroys Babidi's ship, and Vegita walks out of the smoke. Vegita says he'll kill Buu, since Gohan is dead. Piccolo is shocked at this. Vegita says Buu has an ugly face, that's how he picked him out. It takes Buu a while to figure that he was just insulted, and gets ready to kill Vegita. Kaioshin asks Vegita if he wants to die. Vegita is still in SSJ, and bashes Buu up for about 2 pages. Kulilin comments on Buu's strengths. Trunks roots for Vegita, and Piccolo says Vegita is stronger than Gohan was during the Cell Game. Vegita blasts a hole in Buu's chest, and Buu heals it and said it stung. Buu gets mad, and blows up the site. The crater is huge, and Babidi yells to Buu that that was dangerous. In the middle of the crater, Vegita is in SSJ mode, holding his arm in pain. Kaioshin is nowhere to be found. Piccolo deosn't know what to do. Gohan's dead, and so is Kaioshin. Buu tells Vegita he's finished. Buu rips off a piece of his own stomach easily, and wraps Vegita up in it. The monster then laughs and kicks Vegita around. Trunks gets mad, and Trunks and Goten run out. Trunks sidekicks Buu into a hill. Goten frees Vegita. Piccolo is standing behind Babidi and says that Babidi is even worse than Buu. Piccolo cuts Babidi in half, and he's thrown to the bottom of the crater. Vegita tells Trunks to take care of Buruma, and Trunks is confused. Vegita says he's never hugged his son, and does now, and Trunks feels shy but happy. Then he drops Goten and Trunks. Piccolo flies in, and Vegita tells him to take the two boys far away. Buu tells Vegita that he has a death wish. Piccolo flies off, and Buu doesn't want anyone to leave. Vegita says that the ugly pink marshmallow has to beat him first. Piccolo and Kulilin flee with the kids, and Vegita says he knows how to beat this thing. He says goodbye to Kakarotto, Buruma, and Trunks, and he does a Kamikaze on Buu. The explosion causes Vegita to turn to a rock, and he falls to the ground and breaks. Kulilin is frustrated that Vegita died, and Piccolo tells him to take the boys away. He wonders where Gokou is, and thinks that Gohan is probably dead too. Piccolo is about to finish off Babidi, when he sees small things moving around on the ground. They are thousands of tiny Buus, and they all run into each other. Soon, Buu is back together Babidi tells Buu to come heal him. Buu doesn't want to, but Babidi threatens to seal him again and Buu heals him. Piccolo tells Kulilin that Buu is still alive, and Piccolo takes the two kids to Kami's Lookout. Babidi is riding on Buu saying he'll "kill the world". Kaioshin staggers to Gohan, and prays that he's alive. Gohan looks pretty dead in his panel.

Meanwhile, Gokou regains his strength, and Gokou can't feel Vegita or Gohan's power. He is worried, and teleports. Piccolo and Kuliln are at Dende's, and Piccolo says it'll be an hour before the two kids will wake. Kulilin asks if he can bring his family here, and Dende says OK. Then, Gokou appears. Dende says he'll heal Gokou, and Piccolo tells him what's been going on. Kulilin says that Gokou can maybe beat Buu, if there is enough time left before he has to go back. Gokou is mad that Gohan and Vegita are dead, and Piccolo says that they can still help. Gokou says he needs another saiyajin for "Fusion". Piccolo asks what it is, and Dende says it's a powerful technique the people on the planet Metamooru can do. Gokou says it took him 1 week in the otherworld to do this. Fusion is when two people become one. Piccolo believes if two saiyajins form one Ultimate, then they might beat Buu. Gokou could do this with either Gohan or Vegita, since they are almost the same. Gokou says that if he goes back into the otherworld, he'll meet Gohan. But, Vegita is too evil and would go to the land of dead. Mr Popo says the two half-saiyajins in the house can probably do Fusion, and Gokou says that's a great idea. Piccolo says it will take time to teach the boys the trick, and Buu will kill. Then, the sky grows black. Gokou realizes that Buruma has gathered the Dragonballs, and he teleports. Buruma says she wants all the people killed today to be revived, but not the evil ones. Then, Gokou arrives, and finds he's too late. Dende contacts him telepathically and says that if there are wishes left, they can be saved for 4 months. Gokou says OK, and the dragon dissapears. (Vegita wasn't ressurected) Kaiobit is stunned that he's alive again. He loks around for Kaioshin, and goes off to help. Kaioshin is going to die, and Kaiobit arrives just in time to give him more energy. They go to save Gohan, and Kaioshin says that the SSJs have a small chance of beating Buu. At Kami's Lookout, they talk about bringing Tienshinhan, the Briefs, and livestock to the tower. Chi-Chi asks where Gohan and Goten are, and Buruma asks where Vegita and Trunks are. Gokou says that everyones' OK, and to calm down. But, Gohan and Vegita are dead. Chi-Chi faints, and Babidi starts to contact everyone telepathically. He says he is searching for 3 idiots, and shows pics of Trunks Goten and Piccolo. Babidi demands that they come forth now. Babidi threatens to destroy a town if they don't. Buu turns the whole town into candy, and eats them. Babidi asks where the three are, and the announcer says he only knows their names and Buu blows him up. The two terrorsts go off to exterminate mankind in the next 5 days. Piccolo wants to go fight them, but Gokou says that Piccolo will be easily killed.

Meanwhile, on Kaioshin's planet, Kaiobit heals Gohan. Gohan asks where he is, and a big guy asks why a human was brought here. Kaioshin says that they need to give Gohan the Zet Sword. Kaiobit says that no human can handle such a powerful weapon. Kaioshin gives Gohan a new set of clothes, and Gohan is dressed like a Kaio (with the earrings). They arrive at the rock, where the Zet Sword is.

Back at Dende's, Goten and Trunks are mourning over Vegita's death. Gokou tellls them to stop, and they must be taught a new technique to beat Buu.

Gohan asks Kaiobit what the sword's powers are, and Kaiobit says it gives lots and lots of strength to the bearer. Gohan goes to pull the sword out, and goes SSJ. Kaiobit tells Kaioshin that this is stupid, only a Kaio can release the sword. Then Gohan pulls it out. Gohan has the sword, but has trouble holding it. Gohan wonders if this sword can really beat Buu, and Kaiobit cries "Of course!" But first Gohan must need to learn how to wield it.

At Kami's Lookout, Gokou is teaching the two kids Fusion. Piccolo is mad that it only lasts for 30 minutes, and Gokou says that that's all they need. Goten and Trunks sulk about no one saving Gohan or Vegita, and Gokou says that with Fusion they can get revenge. Then, Babidi makes another telepathy message, and says since the 3 aren't showing their faces a big city is going to get destroyed. Babidi happily gives Buu permission to turn the cityfolk to gourmet chocolate. Then, Goten and Trunks yell to the murderers. Trunks threatens them, and Babidi tries to locate their Ki. Gokou says wait until they finish learning Fusion to attack. Goten and Trunks agree. Gokou tells them to power up to full. They happily do, and Piccolo is surprised at the level of Ki. Gokou says that Trunks is a little more powerful, and he tells him to power down. Trunks does a bit, and Gokou says that's perfect. Gokou gets ready, but they are intterupted by Babidi again. Babidi has learned some thngs about Trunks, and tells him to come forward or Capsule Corp will be destroyed. Then, Buruma's parents die. She yells, and Trunks rushes home to get the Dragon Radar. Gokou goes to keep the two busy. He greets them, and Babidi is shocked thatr Vegita didn't even hurt Gokou. Gokou says that everyone will show up, if Babidi and Buu will wait for a bit. Babidi says OK, he likes watching big battles. Buu is bored. Gokou then asks Buu if he likes being Babidi's slave. Buu and Babidi then threaten each other. Babidi is sweating, and Buu is in the mood for a fight. Buu wants to fight Gokou, so Gokou powers up. Goten and Piccolo and watching through their minds. Gokou says he is going to go beyond a Super Saiyajin. Gokou just decides to stall, and goes to SSJ2. The Z Fighters root for him. In some mountains far away, Tienshinhan is wondering what Gokou is doing. Then, Gokou announces SSJ3, and his yellow spiky hair is down to his waist and he is twice as bulkier. Babidi hides behind Buu, and Buu pumps up. Gokou begins to bash Buu up. Buu fires some blasts at Gokou, and Gokou realizes that he hadn't been making any permanent damage on Buu. Kaiosamma yells for Gokou to hurry up and teach the two kids Fusion. Gokou does a Chou Kamehameha, and smashes a hole through Buu. Buu patches it up, and sends a Chou Kamehameha at Gokou. Gokou reflects the blast back to Buu, but Buu dodges it and it smashes into a mountain. Gokou checks for Trunks's Ki, and Trunks is zipping from place to place, he has obviously found the Radar. Then, Gokou powers down, and Babidi laughs that Gokou is running away. Gokou says to wait two days and someone really powerful will come and beat Buu up. Babidi yells at Buu for letting Gokou get away, and Buu asks Babidi for a favor. Then, Buu grabs Babidi by the throat, and laughs that Babidi can't talk anymore. Babidi then starts the spell to seal Buu. Buu sees what's happening, and punches Babidi in the face. The panels slowly shows Babidi's head exploding. Piccolo is the first to notice what happened. Buu enters a city, and happily destroys it. He sees a woman cowering in fear and it tells him not to kill her. Then, Buu asks for a kiss, and the lady screams. Buu opens a magazine to a famous male star, and decides that that is the way to impress ladies. He changes his face around like silly putty, and the "handsome Buu" asks for another kiss. The woman screams again, and Buu turns her into carmel. Piccolo feels the deaths, and grits his teeth. Gokou tells Piccolo it will take a long time for Buu to stop playing around and get serious. Gokou says that since he only has 1 hour left in the mortal world, Piccolo has to teach the kids Fusion while Gokou tries to figure out a weakness. Piccolo says that there must be more time than that, and Baba comes on her ball and tells Gokou he has 30 minutes left. Gokou hopes Trunks can make it back in time. Gokou thinks that Fusion might be able to kill Buu.

Gohan is on Kaioshin's planet trainng with the Zet Sword. Gohan thinks his father has returned to the otherworld, so now Gohan is the only hope.

Piccolo senses Trunks, and Trunks pulls out the Dragon Radar. The two kids line up in front of Gokou, and he tells them they have to hurry. Gokou yells for the boys to get ready, and Gokou tells them to match their energys up in SSJ mode. He then shows them the silly pose they must make once that is done. Then, Gokou and Piccolo touch fingers, and shout "FU----SION!!"

Meanwhile, Buu is tired from flying. He rests in a country town, and the people run away. He thinks this place it too noisy, so he turns the people to putty. He makes a house out of the putty, and takes a nap--which lasts for 5 seconds. He then runs outside muttering the word 'kill'.

Gokou yells the kids for getting the pose wrong, and Master Roshi asks why Gokou is teaching a dance class. Then, Baba says it's time for Gokou to return. Gokou says goodbye, and Goten realizes that his father which he's only known for 24 hours is about to leave. Goten cries and tells Gokou not to go. Then, baka Gokou, says "don't worry, you'll see me when you die." He follows Baba out. She takes Gokou to the otherworld gates, and he thanks her. King Yamma is angry at the amount of dead people coming in, and Gokou says there will be more. Gokou asks if Gohan has arrived yet. Yamma checks his book, and says that Gohan hasn't died yet. However, some really impressive guy named Dabura came too. Gokou is happy that Gohan is alive so that he can marry Videl. Then, he senses Gohan's Ki, and wonders why it's in the Kaio world. He teleports there, and he sees Gohan swinging the Zet Sword around. Gohan asks Gokou why he's here. Gohan is mad that Buu is still on Earth. Gokou asks for something to eat. Gohan asks what SSJ3 mode is, and Gokou says he'll show it after dinner.

A day passes, and Trunks and Goten are exhausted. Piccolo yells at them to get up and eat. They only have a day left to master Fusion. On earth 2/3 of the populatiobn have been killed by Buu. Buu finds a lone traveler on the road. The boy isn't scared of Buu, (he's blind) so Buu touches him and heals him. He tells the boy to look at him and be scared. But, the boy smiles and thanks the demon. Buu is confused, then asks the boy if he thinks Buu is cool. The boy is confused, but, the monster healed him, so he says yes. Buu smiles, "I'm cool!" Buu tries to eat the boy's money, but he doesn't like the taste, and flies off. Buu turns some more people to milk cartons. Buu returns to the boy, and says money tastes bad, but milk tastes good. The boy says thanks, and Buu flies off to destroy another city.

On the Kaio planet, Gohan is really making progress with the Zet Sword. Gohan wants to test the power, so Gokou picks up a boulder to throw. Gokou gets ready to throw it, when Kaioshin makes a super-strong cube for Gokou to throw. Gohan swings, and the blade breaks. Everyone gasps that the ultimate blade broke. Kaioshin is ecsatitc that the Zet was supposed to be strong. That cube could smash into a wall and break. Gohan says that it's OK, all the training has made HIM stronger. Kaioshin says that if Gohan becomes SSJ, he can beat Buu. Then, an old man appears. He says he is the Kaioshin that was trapped in the Zet Sword 15 generations ago. The old man says that long ago there was a creature like Buu. The creature was afraid of the Kaio, so sealed him up in the sword. Gokou wonders if the Kaio is really great, and tries it. He fires a Ki Blast, and drops the man easily. Kaioshin and Kaiobit run over to see if Dai is ok. (Dai-Kaioshin) The old man is mad that he was hit, and says that his power is too fearful to use. Gokou offers the guy free aerobics channels for a year. The man declines, and then Gokou goes to get Buruma. Gohan is choking over Gokou's attempts. Dai says his abilities are the best in the universe. He tells Gohan to go into the open, and not to move. He shows Gohan a stupid dance that will "kill Buu". Gohan asks what the point is, and Gokou asks when something is going to happen. 20 hours later Gohan powers up.

On Earth Gohan and Trunks have almost completed the Fusion. They power up, and Piccolo yells at them to start. Chi-Chi wonders what to call them. Gotenks or Trunten. They both sound strange. The boys do the moves, and they result as a fat weirdo. Piccolo yells that they messed up. He tells them to try it again, but they have to wait 30 minutes. They look at the back of the kanji on the gi, and it says "Gotenks".

30 minutes later, the boys fly apart. They try again, but mess up and result in an old man. They wait another 30 minutes, and try again.This time, they do it right, and a cool-looking punk teenager results. Buruma and Chi-Chi are mad at the appearence. Piccolo tells them to go SSJ then try it again, but Gotenks flies off. They wait, and then a beat-up Gotenks returns. Piccolo says they stil have a day until the fight.

Now, we see Mr Satan driving out to Buu's house making a speech about saving mankind once again. Mr Satan yells for Buu to come out and fight him. Mr Satan sneaks in the house, and sees that Buu is asleep. He laughs at the fat thing. Then Buu wakes up, and asks Mr Satan what he wants to turn into. A plum, a biscuit, gum.....Mr Satan tells Buu he will give him a great gift. He opens a bunch of chocolates. Buu munches away, and Mr Satan laughs that they are poisoned. Buu eats them all happily. Mr Satan gives Buu a Game Boy. Buu likes it, but loses and gets mad. Mr Satan runs away, and triggers the bomb inside the game. Buu laughs and survives. He considers Mr Satan funny, and gives him some plum candy. Buu gets mad, and makes Mr Satan his slave. He makes Mr Satan make dinner, and give it a massage. Mr Satan wants revenge on the fat terror.

Kaiobit is reading a book under a tree, Gokou is eating, and Kaioshin is stuck watching the dance. Dai is starting to fall asleep and gets yelled at.

At Kami's Lookout, Piccolo yells at Goten and Trunks for all their mistakes. The boys go SSJ, and they turn into a cross between an arabian guy, and Vegita. Piccolo wants Gotenks to show off his moves. Piccolo tests Gotenks, and Gotenks wins. He flies off to find Buu. Gotenks speeds to Buu, but then the fusion wears off and Goten and Trunks run away.

Mr Satan is forced to read "Dog Of Flanders" to Buu. Mr Satan cries at the sad parts, and Buu laughs that tragedy is funny.(THIS is what's funny) They go outside, and Buu says it's time to kill more humans. Mr Satan says he'll stay behind and make dinner. Buu flies off, and Mr Satan curses and throws a fit over what he's gotten himself into. He pulls out 10 sticks of dynamite and hides the bomb in a pot.

2 kids are walking around with a rifle shooting things. One kid doesnt' like doing this, and the other kid says that Buu is going to kill everyone anyway. They walk into the city.

Mr Satan cooks eggs, and then sees Buu outside. Mr Satan apologizes for not finishing supper. He asks why Buu is holding a puppy, and Buu asks why the puppy isn't running away. Mr Satan says that the dog's leg is injured. Buu heals it. Buu sets the dog down to see if it will run, but it just licks Buu's leg. Mr Satan says the dog is pleased for being saved. Buu runs off, and the puppy follows him. Buu asks if the dog likes him, and Mr Satan says yes. Buu asks Mr Satan if he likes Buu, and Mr Satan crosses his fingers and says yes. Buu is happy and gives the dog some chocolate. Mr Satan says that chocolate is bad for dogs, dog food is better. Buu tells him to go get some dog food. Mr Satan gets on his bike and goes to buy some. Then, far away, he stops and realizes that this is his chance. He gets the switch ready, but the sight of Buu and the puppy makes him feel sorry for the demon. (Umm..how could you feel sorry for a killing machine?)

Mr Satan returns with food, and the dog happily eats it but Buu doesn't like it. Mr Satan asks Buu why he kills people. Buu says it's fun. He says that Bibidi and Babidi say it's a good game. Mr Satan hastily says that killing people is wrong. Buu says ok, he'll stop killing people. Then, the two kids see Buu's house. Buu is playing with his dog. The kid shoots the dog. Mr Satan is shocked, and Buu's eyes turn red. They start shooting at Buu. Mr Satan runs, then beats one of them up. Buu watches this, and is confused. Mr Satan said that was wrong. Mr Satan checks the dog, and it isn't dead. Buu rushes over and heals it.

At Kami's Lookout, Piccolo and Dende watch this. Dende is relieved that Buu isn't all that bad, and Piccolo says his power is too great, he doesn't know how to control it. Then, the other kid pulls himself out of the ground and shoots Mr Satan in the back, running. Buu sets down the puppy, and heals Mr Satan. He says he's trying not to be wrong, but his anger is too great. Then, steam blows out of the holes in his body. The steam starts to take shape, and Mr Satan wonders what's happening. He takes the puppy and hides, and then we see a skinny, angered Buu, Split Buu. Split stares at Buu, and flies to the kids. He makes and explosion and the two kids die. Split Buu and Fat Buu begin to fight, and Fat is losing. Fat Buu tries to turn Spit to chocolate, but Split pushes it back and turns Fat to a chocolate bar. Split Buu eats Fat Buu, which makes Majin Buu. Majin Buu is skinny like Split Buu, and twice as strong. He powers up and Mr Satan and the puppy are blown black. He looks up in the sky. He knows Dende and Piccolo are scared. Kulilin says that the boys can take care of Buu.

On Kaio planet, Gokou wonders if that power surge is Buu, and Gohan tells Dai to hurry up and finish the dance. Dai tells Gohan to be quiet, and starts reading a manga.

Majin is standing there admiring himself, and Mr Satan is freaked out. The older boy has survived, and picks up his gun and shoots at Buu. The bullets pass through him, and then the holes seal themselves. Buu laughs and flies into the guy's mouth. Buu expands, and the boy explodes. Buu launches to kill Mr Satan. Mr Satan cowers over the puppy, and the monster freezes and dissapears. Mr Satan wonders where he went, and then he sees Buu above Mr Satan. Buu mutters "Sa.....ta.....n..?" and flies away. He rips up the countryside, and Piccolo realizes that Buu senses their energy. Buu lands on Kami's Lookout, and Buu wants someone to fight. Then, the women come out and see him. Buu is angry, and Piccolo tells it to wait until the hidden fighter is at full capacity. Buu is impatient, so he goes to kill people. Buu walks around the tower, and fires Ki Blasts up at the sky. They explode, and the small blasts slam down to earth, each one killing a person. Buu smiles, and says that everyone on earth is dead. It wants someone to fight. Piccolo gives in and says the fighter will be ready in 1 hour. Buu asks how long an hour is, and Piccolo gives him an hourglass. Buu sits down to watch the sand fall. Piccolo tells Kulilin that they need to get Trunks and Goten inside the Room of Spirit and Time. There, 15 days equals an hour in real time.

Goten and Trunks are sleeping, Tienshinhan wonders what tried to kill them, and Mr Satan and the puppy are walking and thinking why there were fireworks.

At the Kaio planet, Gokou and Kaioshin are trying to figure out what the surge of power was that they felt. Gohan demands that Dai finishes the spell immediantly. Dai hates being rushed, and Gohan powers up. Dai says he needs more time to finish the spell. Gokou aqsks Kaioshin if Dai can really give Gohan the power, and Kaioshin wonders the same thing.

At Kami's Lookout, Goten and Trunks stare at Majin Buu, and ask if that ugly thing is really the monster. Chi-Chi demands to beat up Buu to return Gohan. Buu turns Chi-Chi into an egg, and crushes it. Goten goes berserk, and Piccolo rushes the kids into the Room. They get in, and Trunks is hungry. Goten wants to train, so they go and start the fusion. Outside, Videl asks Piccolo how Buu knows about her father. Piccolo says that Buu and Mr Satan are friends. Buu is bored of staring at the sand fall, and it destroys it. Piccolo asks for 30 more minutes. Buu blows a hole in the palace. Piccolo leads Buu to the center of the palace. Master Roshi, Kulilin, and Buruma try to figure out why Piccolo is leading Buu to the center of the tower. Dende says that the Room can be used as a trap for Buu, and they can bring back the boys with the Dragonballs.Also, Piccolo is buying the boys time. Buu is getting impatient. Inside, the boys are tired and talk about reaching beyond SSJ. They imagine saving the world. Piccolo contacts them with ESP, and tells them that he's leading Buu to the room to fight them. They say they just got out of fusion mode, and Piccolo says they'll have about 6 hours left to train. Piccolo asks Buu if he wants supper first. Buu yells that he just wants fighting. They reach the door, and Buu goes in. He sees the boys, and they taunt him. They go to fuse, when Buu bashes Trunks in the head. Trunks yells at Buu to wait. Buu doesn't understand why humans always take so much time. They do the fusion dance, and turn to Gotenks. Gotenks attacks Buu, but nothing happens to their surprise. Gotenks thinks up stupid names for his attacks, but Buu bats him away. Gotenks announces SSJ, and powers up. Gotenks yells "Super Galactica Donut!" and creates an energy ring with a hole in the middle. He throws it at Buu, and it encircles him. It squeezes, and Buu roars in pain. It laughs, and says "just kidding". It breaks free and punts Gotenks into a wall. Gotenks decides to do another super attack. He uses his "Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack". Gotenks spits out a ghost and it greets Buu. The ghost floats forward and tells Buu it is very scary. Gotenks tells the ghost to go, and Buu easily blocks it. Then, the ghost explodes and does a lot of damage. Gotenks cheers, and Piccolo tells him to do it again. Gotenks spits out 10 more, and lines them up. Gotenks gets ready, and Buu is reading manga and drinking soda. The first two ghosts are launched, and Buu evades them. Two ghosts slap their hands in a cheer, and they are blown up. #8 and #9 are sent, and they find something. Buu looks over their shoulder, and they explode. Buu looks like a shriveled tadpole now. #10 blows up on Buu, and Gotenks announces that it's over.

On Kaio planet, Gokou says that Buu's energy has dissapeared. Kaioshin and Kaiobit think that Gotenks killed him, but Kaioshin doubts it. Gokou says it's OK, for Dai will give Gohan great power, but Dai sighs and says that he's useless.

Gotenks cheers that he destroyed Buu, and Piccolo yells to him to destroy the tiny Buus so that he can't go back together. They burn up the pieces, but then a wind comes in and sweeps the ash and shrapnel together. Even more worse, the Room's door has been destroyed. Piccolo yells to Gotenks to spit more ghosts out, but Gotenks reassures him that he has some better tricks. Gotenks yells that the world is going to be destroyed since he failed. Buu starts to smash up Gotenks. Gotenks laughs, and then says that he will show Buu something good. Then, Buu realizes that he's stuck in here, and Gotenks and Piccolo call each other baka. Buu screams that candy doesn't exist here, and gets mad. He makes a hole to the real world and looks out of it. Buu goes to get out of the hole, and leaves Gotenks and Piccolo trapped.

On Kaio planet, Gokou feels Buu's Ki again, and doesn't feel Gotenks's Ki. Then, Dai creates a crystal ball for them to look in.

At Kami's Lookout, some goo spins in the air and splats on the ground. Buu regains his strength, and turns everyone to chocolate. Gokou curses Buu. He says Gohan better get strong, or else the world will be Buu's. In the Room, Piccolo and Gotenks can't blow up the wall anymore. Gotenks then decides to give off his true power, and he goes SSJ3. He sticks a finger out and blows a wall up. Piccolo is stupefied. They step out, and Buu doesn't recognize Gotenks. Buu finishes off the chocolate, and tells Gotenks and Piccolo that all their friends at the tower are now resting in his stomach with Fat Buu. Gotenks attacks. He smashes Buu around badly, and Buu wraps into a ball. He rolls over Dende's palace, and Gotenks announces Renzoku Super Donuts. This time, lots of rings encircle Buu and he is a energy ball. Gotenks punts Buu into the earth, leaving what looks like a meteor crater. He's really losing stamina. He fires a blast at Gotenks, and Gotenks fires a bunch of blasts back. The countryside is crispy, and Buu angrily gets back up. They have a shouting match, and they destroy a whole city. The beat each other up, and Gokou thinks that Gotenks has a chance. Buu is worn out, and Gotenks prepares a Chou Kamehameha. He tells Buu to die, but then drops from SSJ3 to normal. Gotenks knows he's done it, and surrenders. On Kaio planet, Dia says he's done, and tells Gohan to power up. Without going to SSJ mode, he knocks everyone back. Gokou says bye to Gohan and tells him to beat Buu badly. Kaiobit teleports Gohan to earth, and changes Gohan's clothes to Gokou's outfit. Goten and Trunks seperate, and Piccolo gets ready. Then, they all feel a super-powerful Ki. Buu is mad, and they guess it's Gokou, but Gohan slides in. Gohan says what's been going on, and asks where the others are. Piccolo says everybody is gone, including Dende. This makes Gohan extremely mad, and Buu laughs that humans taste good as chocolate. Gohan smiles. Buu asks Gohan if he's going to fight him, and Gohan says no, he's going to kill him. Piccolo is worried, and Trunks and Goten wish they could fight too. Buu laughs, and Gohan gives Buu a serious kicking, which he deserves. Buu smiles, and says he will have revenge. Gohan laughs that Buu is all talk, but then Buu self-destructs. High in the air, Gohan appears holding Piccolo and the two kids. The three think Buu is dead, but Gohan says he can still feel his Ki. Gohan asks Trunks where the Dragon Radar is, and Trunks says Piccolo had it last. Piccolo says it's a waste because Dende is gone. Gohan says he can feel Dende's energy. The foursome fly over the cities, and it seems that Buu killed everyone. Mr Satan and the pup are walking in the sun, and Mr Satan is hoping for a beer. Trunks is mad that of all people Mr Satan was spared, and Piccolo says that Mr Satan does have a good heart despite all his pride. They pick up Mr Satan, and Gohan epxplains that somehow Dende escaped when Piccolo brought Buu into the room. Piccolo is happy. Dende tells them that Mr Popo put his life on the line for Dende, to save the Dragonballs. Mr Satan asks the 'brat' why he is green, then learns that the brat is God.

On the Kaio planet, Gokou is happy that Dende is still alive. Dai wonders why Buu isn't dead yet. Mr Satan is angry over the fact that his daughter is dead, and Goten says that she can be brought back with hte Dragonballs. The fighters feel Buu, and Gohan goes off to face him. He realizes that something is different. Buu wants Goten and Trunks to fuse again. Gohan says he fights first, and Piccolo says it's a trap. Trunks says Gotenks can defeat all traps, and the kids fuse. Gotenks tells Gohan to step back, and Buu rips two pieces of him off secretly. Gotenks powers up, but then a blob eats him. Piccolo is the victim of the second blob. The blobs return to Buu and Buu changes form to Super Majin Buupinks. It is tall thin and muscular, and its tentacle is stuck behind it. Mr Satan says it isn't as stupid as it looks. It says it will now kill Gohan, and Gohan laughs. Gohan tries to stall until Gotenks runs out, but Buu finds him and uses Renzoku Super Dounts. He then blows off Gohan with a Kamehameha. Gokou and Kaioshin are worried, and Dai says he can restore Gokou. Kaioshin says it's impossible, but Dai says he can give up his life for Gokou. Kaiobit is ecsatic over why Dai would to this for a human, and Dai says he's doing this for the universe. If Buu wins here, he'll destroy all the others as well. Kaioshin offers him instead, but Dai says he's bored from living over 1,000 years. Gohan breaks free of the donuts right before the Kamehameha hits him. Buupinks is annoyed. King Yamma is amazed that Vegita is dead, and Baba asks to let Vegita have his 24 hrs on earth. Dai says goodbye and falls over. Gokou's halo dissapears, and he apologizes to Dai-Kaioshin. Dai yells at Gokou to get out there and fight. Buupinks is taunting Gohan. Gohan attacks again, but is smashed into the ground. Gohan fires a Ki blast, but Buupinks knocks it away, and smashes Gohan into a wall. Dende hates watching people get hurt, and tells Mr Satan to grab the dog and run. Mr Satan says he'll get revenge for his daughter, and pulls out a Colt .45. Gokou gets ready to go to earth and teach Gohan the Fusion technique, and Kaioshin reminds him that that is out of the question since Buupinks is so mad. Dai laughs, and hands over his earrings. Gokou is confused. Dai tells Gokou to put the other earring on Gohan's right ear, and that is the same thing as fusion. Gokou is happy, and Dai tells Kaioshin and Kaiobit to demonstrate. They do this and there is a flash. Gohan is smashed into some more rocks, and is KOed. Dende goes to heal him, and right as Buupinks goes to finish it off Gohan jumps away, thanking Dende. Buupinks laughs that he'll just beat up Gohan again, and blasts Dende. Mr Satan shoots the .45, and the blast is nullified. Buupinks is surprised. Mr Satan says this isn't just an ordinary gun, but the real person who interferred was Tienshinhan.

The fused Kaiobin cheers at how strong he feels, and he wants to go to earth and fight. Gokou asks about the time limit of this Fusion, and Dai says there isn't one--it's permanent. Kaiobin pratically chokes. Gokou is worried, for this won't let the boy have a normal life. Dai yells at him that if Buu wins Gohan won't have a life. Dai yells to him to get to earth on the double. Gokou teleports.

Buupinks creates a ball to destroy the planet, and Tien and Goha realize it's over. Mr Satan brings up his pistol. Kaiobit yells to Gokou that Buupinks is going to destroy the world. Gohan is amazed that his father is back, and Mr Satan is mad that he will be punished for hurting Buu. Mr Satan shoots at Buupinks. Buupinks recognizes Gokou, and Gokou says he has brought a new trick back to this world. Gokou tosses the Potara Earring to Gohan. Gohan misses catching it and it falls into a rock pile. Tienshinhan is kicked into a mountain. Gokou tells Gohan to find it and put it on his left ear. Buupinks decides to kill Gokou noe, Gokou goes SSJ3, and Gohan finds the earring. He is about to put it on, when Buupinks makes another rubbery blob and engulfs Gohan. Gokou goes nuts, and Buupinks turns into Super Majin Buupanks, taking Gohan's gi type. Gokou looks for someone to fuse with. Tienshinhan is KOd, Dende is a healer, and the only one left is Mr Satan. Buupanks laughs that Gokou has messed up. Buupanks says that he's a fair monster, and gives Gokou 5 seconds to think something up. Mr Satan is mad that he used all his bullets up. Buupanks counts, and Gokou is about to throw the earring to Mr Satan. Then, Gokou feels an energy force....Vegita! Urunai Baba tells Vegita that she's scared to get close to Buu, and that he has 24 hours to stay on earth. Vegita laughs that he will have revenge for his family. Gokou teleports to Vegita as Buupanks attacks. Vegita thinks Gokou is running away and he zips off. mr Satan wonders what to do now, and he wants to stay with God. Dende is mad that he is stuck with him. Gokou tells Baba to escape, and tells Vegita to put the earring on his right ear. He questions this, and Gokou says it is another way of Fusion. Vegita says he has no intention of fusing with Kakarotto. Gokou says that it's their only chance to kill Buu. They argue, and Buupanks runs to them. Gokou tells Vegita that Buu has eaten everyone, including Buruma, and Trunks. Vegita accepts as Buupanks closes in, and he puts in on. As they are sucked together Gokou says they'll never split and Vegita screams. Buupanks stops his attack as he sees Vegito. Vegito looks like Gokou with black hair in SSJ mode, and has a combination of the two saiyajins' gis. Vegito says that Vegita + Kakarotto gets Vegito. Buupanks fires an energy ball, and Vegito kicks it back. In the otherworld Kaiobin cheers, and Dai thinks Vegito could end Buu now. Vegito slams Buupanks with an energy blast, and tells Buupanks that he needs to fight all out for this to be fun. Vegito beats the crap out of Buupanks, and destroys his tentacle. Buupanks is hurt some more and grows back the tentacle in a rage. Buupanks spits out some Kamikaze Ghosts, and Vegito flies around and blasts all the ghosts. Vegito says such a childish attack won't work on him, and Buupanks gets angrier. Dai is worried about if Buupanks powers up to full, but Vegito is doing a good job of blocking the attacks. Far away, Dende is flying holding Mr Satan is Mr Satan is holding the puppy. Vegito kicks Buupanks in the face, and Buupanks asks Vegito if he likes toffee. Buupanks turns Vegito into a gumdrop, and Buupanks laughs. Dai says it's all over. Suddenly, Buupanks punches himself in the face whilt holding tha candy. The candy floats away, Vegito laughs that he's the world's strongest gumdrop. Vegito trashes Buupanks, blowing out the back of Buupanks's throat and then smashing off his tentacle again. Buupanks isn't about to be beaten by a candy, so he returns Vegito to his original form. Vegito says it will all be over on the count of ten. Then, Buupanks's detached tentacle flies at Vegito. Vegito yells "10" but then the tentacle engulfs him. He manages to create a slim barrier as it eats him, allowing his to stay conscious. Buupitotanks laughs that he did it. He dances around and Kaiobin wonders what the fate of the world is now. Then, Dai says that something's wrong. Buupitopanks hasn't got a power upgrade yet. Buupitopanks realizes the same thing. He doesn't care, for there is no one left to kill him. Then, we see inside Buupitopanks. He stomach looks like a big sponge. Vegito complains that Buu's laugh is worse inside than outside. Vegito is glad that he hasnt' turned to chocolate, and looks for Piccolo, Gotenks, and Gohan. Then, the barrier wears off, and magically Gokou and Vegita split. Gokou is stunned, and Vegita happily destroys the earring to prevent that from happening again. Gokou crushes his, and follows. They see Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, and Gohan incases in cocoons. Buupitopanks gets ready to destroy earth, and Gokou says maybe he and Vegita could do the temporary fusion. Vegita says they must get everyone out first. They rip apart the cocoons, and Buupitopanks hurts. Gokou tells Vegita they'd still be strong enough to beat Buu, and Vegita says that there's no way he's getting back with Kakarotto.Vegita sees one more cocoon, encasing Fat Buu. Vegita says that he saw Majin turn Fat Buu into chocolate and eat him, which means that the other candy-victims could still be alive. Then, Buu's spirit starts seeping through the floor and tells them that that is the only one. Buu doesn't like the two, and is going to kill them. Buu laughs that the two can't merge again. Gokou says he'll blow the body up if Buu comes closer, and it laughs.

Outside, Dende is flying with Mr Satan and the dog. Dende says they are near Buu now, and Mr Satan wonders how Dende knows this. Dende says he can feel Majin Buu's Ki, and Mr Satan doesnt' understand. Dende lands, and they see Super Majin Buupitopanks standing there like a statue.

Inside, Gokou's blasts are doing no good. Super Majin Buupitopanks says that he felt a bump in the back of his head. But, since they are so small, they aren't as powerful. Gokou asks where the exit is, but Buu says they aren't leaving, he's going to put them away. Vegita has an idea, and grabs Fat Buu's cocoon shell. Buu panics, and Vegita rips it apart. Buu colapses on the floor and is absorbed. Outside Super Majin Buupitopanks is screaming in pain. Vegita says to grab the others and run. Then, Gokou gets an idea, and they fly out of the vents in Buupitopanks's head. Then return to normal size and Dende is happy to see they are alright. Buu turns back to Majin Buu, and is trying not to become fat again. Kaiobin says that this is it, Buu is becoming what he was made for. Then, a light erupts, (GEEZ there are a lot of Buus!!!) and the outcome is a small skinny Buu about 5 feet tall, Little Buu. Vegita and Gokou smile that things are going to be downhill from here on. But, Kaiobin is recalling what happened in the other battle of Bibidi and the Kaios. The north and west were killed, and the south and east fused with Buu, trapped themselves in a shell, and sent themselves away from the planet. They became Fat Buu, the kind Buu. (2 good hearts VS one evil one) But, since they removed Fat Buu from Majin Buu, it became the true evil, Little Buu. Buu yells, and hurts the fighters' ears. He prepares an energy blast to destroy earth. At the last minute Vegita makes an energy ball and deflects it. Buu laughs and creates a bigger ball, and Dai yells to Kaiobin to go save the people. it's heading towards Vegita and Gokou, and Gokou syas he's going to teleport out. He grabs Mr Satan's leg, Mr Satan grabs the dog, Dende holds on to Mr Satan's head, and Vegita gets near Gokou. But, there's no one left alive for Gokou to teleport to. Then, Kaiobin appears, and he teleports them to the Kaio planet. Gokou is mad that they lost Piccolo, Gohan, and Trunks and Goten. Vegita wonders why Gokou chose Mr Satan over his son. Kaiobin wonders if earth was destroyed, and Dai says "yeah". Mr Satan doesn't believe this, and Dende explains to him who the Kaios are. Mr Satan thinks this is a dream, and he can fly back to earth. He jumps off a cliff, and Vegita is mad that the 4 strongest Z fighters were sacrificed for this idiot. Vegita wonders about the Dragonballs, and Dai is amazed that earth has something that belongs to Namek.Dende says they can go to Namek and use their balls. Gokou says that it's too far away and he can't sense anyone familiar. Kaiobin says that he can teleport to any planet in the universe with Dai's permission. Dai sasy no, and Gokou tries to bribe him with naked pics of Buruma. Vegita goes insane, saying why doesn't he show off Chi-Chi instead, and Gokou says he doesn't have any of her. (Just like Torimaya to put the stupidest things in the middle of a desicive battle) Kaiobin says Buu is getting strong again, and he gives Gokou another set of earrings. Vegita crushes his, and he thinks one saiyajin can defeat Buu. Then, to their surprise, Buu warps in. Kaiobin says that Buu learned teleportation when he fused with the Kaios. Kaiobin, Dai, and Dende warp to another planet, and Buu laughs. Gokou and Vegita to Jankenpon to see who goes first, and Gokou wins. Dai angrily says they should both team up on Buu. Vegita tells Gokou to go SSJ3, and Gokou says ok, but Vegita won't get a chance. Then, they see that Buu is asleep. Gokou goes SSJ3, and Buu looks at him in amazment. Then, Mr Satan crawls up from the pit. Buu leaps at Gokou, but he's thrashed with a Chou Kamehameha. Buu regenerates as he hits the ground, and they go head to head. Vegita thinks about his fighting. He first started because killing was fun, then continued since he had so much pride. But, Gokou simply fought because he enjoyed it. But under, Gokou is a softie. Vegita, for the first time in his life, cheers for Gokou, the saiyajin he hated so much. Buu gnaws on Gokou's arm, and Gokou replies with another Chou Kamehameha. Buu is blown to pieces, which fly back together. Vegita says that Gokou doesn't want to kill the monster, but Vegita says he must for the sake of earth and all the planets in the galaxy. Gokou says he needs 1 minute to collect energy, then he can eradicate Buu. Vegita goes off to keep Buu busy. Buu taunts them. Gokou says that since3 Vegita is already dead, if he dies here he will disappear to a darkness. Vegita powers up and starts blasting up Buu. Buu is cut to pieces, but he reforms behind Vegita and smashes him. Only 10 seconds had passed. Vegita is getting choked, and Mr Satan laughs that this is a strange dream. He steps out from a rock, and announces that he is the one who will kill Buu. Buu drops Vegita and wlaks over to Mr Satan. Mr Satan thinks that this dream is too scary, adn drops to his knees and apologizes. Then, Buu starts getting a headache. Gokou wonders what Mr Satan did to the skinny brat. Then, Little Buu spits out Fat Buu, and now Little Buu can do as he pleases. Little Buu punches Mr Satan in the nose, and Mr Satan is smashed into a cliff. Mr Satan says this dream is scary and painful. Little goes to finish off Mr Satan, when an energy blast cuts across his path. He looks over to see Fat Buu. Fat Buu says that he hates Buu, and that Little shouldn't hurt anyone. The 2 Buus fight, and Little is getting beat. Vegita wonders why Kakarotto is taking so long, and he sees Gokou desperately trying to push his power to the limit. Then, the energy dissapears and Gokou drops back down to a normal. Little Buu blows off Fat Buu's head, it regens, and Mr Satan cheers for Fat. Vegita goes to fight too. Vegita yells at Gokou for screwing up, and Gokou tries to figure out what went wrong. Mr Satan and Vegita are both beating up Little, and Little grabs Mr Satan with his tentacle and throws him back into the cliff. Fat Buu tries to turn Little into chocolate again, but Little blows off Fat's head. Fat regens, and they continue. (At this rate there's no way to end it!) Vegita then yells to Dende to go to Namek and make a wish on the balls. Dai and Kaiobin say Ok, and they grab Mr Satan and the pup. They teleport, and they see the Namekians with the balls. They anticipated his arrival. The first wish is restore earth to how it was before Buu came, done. The second wish is to restore the people killed after the Budokai. Dende says it won't work, since the Namek balls can only do one person per wish. Vegita curses, then the namek elder says that over the last few years Guru gave the balls an upgrade. They don't have a limit now. Porunga is summoned, and Dende speaks the first wish. Earth is restored. Dende thinks for a bir for the second wish, then says "ressurect all the people that died from the day Babidi came to earth, exculding the evil ones." Porunga says that's a LARGE number of people, and Kaiobin and Dai are amazed that it's even possible. The two Buus are still fighting, and Little rips off his arm and turns it into a volleyball which he smashes Fat with. Vegita is getting annoyed and impatient, and asks Dende if the wish is granted. Then, a flash erupts from Porunga, and he says that the wish has been made. Vegita is ressurected, (Dende is surprised), Dai is, and all the Z team and population of earth. Gokou is happy that Vegita's heart is more good than evil. Vegita tells everyone to start ganging up on Little. Then, he sees Gokou working on a Genki Dama. Gokou says this won't work, since there isn't much people on Kaio planet. Vegita asks Kaiobin if he can use telepathy, and Kaiobin says sure. Vegita uses Kaiobin's mind, and says "People of earth, listen to me. Almost all of you were killed by Majin Buu, but brought back by a mysterious power. The buildings and streets have been restored, and you now know this isn't a dream." Mr Satan panics. Gokou tells Mr Satan to be quiet. He tells Gokou to stop ruining his dream for him. Buruma recognizes Vegita's voice, and Vegita continues that Buu is worse than Cell, and every fighter that will fight needs to help. People raise their hands in the air, and Gokou tells them to give him their energy. People do this, and the ball goes to a Chou Genki Dama. Vegita wonders why the ball isn't finished yet, and he tells Mr Satan to raise his arm. He then sees Mr Satan, and yells at him to raise his arm. Mr Satan yells at him that this is a dream, and he can do what he wants. He now says that EVERYONE on earth must do this, and they do, and are feared that this is a trick. Mr Satan wonders why he hears Vegita's voice in his head. Little Buu is about to kill Fat, so Mr Satan hits him in the head with a rock. Little Buu sees the gigantic ball, and he attacks. Vegita gets in his way, and yells at the people that they are serious. Little Buu knocks Vegita down with a punch. Vegita yells that they need more people,. then we see pics of Gokou's friends from Dragonball recognizing his voice. (Bora, Upa, Hatchan..) Mr Satan then tries telepathy with Kaiobin, and yells that the people better give their energy because he says so. Mr Satan says he needs their help to "defeat" Buu. People cheer for Mr Satan, and everybody's hands go up. Buu is beating Vegita to a bloody pulp, and Gokou is ready. Mr Satan is hiding behind a rock, Vegita is on the ground KOed, and Gokou is ready to throw it. Then, Little tosses a Ki blast at Gokou. Gokou teleports out of the way, and gains control of the ball again. Mr Satan runs, and Gokou tosses the 50 foot ball at Buu. Buu fires his strongest earth-killing blast at the ball, and it's nullified, and the Chou Genki Dama smashes into Buu. Gokou is losing energy and it is hard to push the dama, and Dende wants to go heal Gokou, but Kaiobin has no more energy left. Then, Porunga asks if the nameks are going to make the last wish. Dende asks if he can restore Gokou's strength, and Porunga does, and dissapears. Gokou jolts up to SSJ3. He talks about how he wishes Buu was a good guy, for he would be a strong fighter. Then, Gokou says "Sayonara" and absorbs Buu in the dama, then destroys it. There is nothing left of Buu. The Kaios cheer, adn the Z fighters rejoice. Mr Satan asks Gokou if they won, and Mr Satan shouts that he has banished Buu to eternal darkness. Kaiobin. Dai, and Dende teleport to the Kaio planet, and the puppy runs to Mr Satan. Then, they see Fat Buu. He is barely alive. Mr Satan says Fat Buu isn't evil, and Gokou tells Dende to heal Buu although Vegita thinks Buu can regen with Fat around. Gokoui says if they can hide Fat Buu for 6 months, they can use the Dragonballs to erase Buu from everyone's minds. Dai doesn't like the fact that the Dragonballs are stronger than he, and Gokou wants dinner. Kaiobin and Dai Kaioshin are left at the beat-up Kaio planet, and the group teleports to Kami's Lookout. They greet the team, and Videl wonders why Fat Buu is behind her father.

6 months pass.

The Dragonballs are used, and no one remembers Buu, except for that Mr Satan did something really good for earth.

10 years pass

Trunks, a teen, is driving a cruiser, and finds that something isn't right. He turns the car to a capsule, and Trunks flies to Gokou's house. There, Gohan is studying in a large two-story house. Gohan says that Gokou, Goten, Buruma, and Vegita are all in the moutain out back. Buruma is mad at Gokou for not visiting them, and Gokou tries to explain and Vegita tries to calm her down. Vegita asks Gokou why he's entering the Tenkaichi Budokai, and Gokou says there is going to be a strong fighter there. Vegita asks if it is someone from outer space, and Gokou says it's an earthling hiding their power. Mostly everyone, Goten, Pan, are joining thre Tenkaichi Budokai. Buruma is amazed, for there is no children sect this time and a 4-year old will befighting adults. Vegita says this might be fun, so he and Trunks will enter also.

The Tenkaichi Budokai is on an island, and Mr Satan laughs that Buu is entering. He opens the door, to see Gokou and Pan. He asks Pan if she'll cheer for him, and then he hears that Pan is going to be fighting. Then, he almost chokes when he hears that Goten, Trunks, Vegita, and Gokou are also entering. Goten asks Mr Satan to find a place for their family to sit, so he seats them in front of the ring. The announcer calls the fighters forward to explain the rules. There's only 12 fighters going to the finals, and that winner will face Mr Satan. Vegita asks Gokou who the powerful foe is, and Gokou asks Buu to use magic and change the numders around. Gokou gets #3, some guy named Kiraano gets #6, and Uubu gets #4. Gokou says that when Little Buu died, Gokou wished that he could be reincarnated. Vegita can't believe that thats' Little Buu, amd then Gokou says his mind was cleared of all evil. Uubu promises to win so that he can buy lots of food for his village. The finals are:

Pan VS Mou Kekko
Gokou VS Uubu
Capt. Chicken VS Kiraano
Mr Buu VS Goten
Trunks VS Otoko Sukii
Nok VS Vegita

Goten complains about getting Buu in the first round. Mou says he has a reason to whine--he is stuck with a little brat. Most of the other fighters banter also. Mr Satan hopes Mr Buu wins, so that he'll get his money back. Gohan and Videl cheer for Pan, and Bra tells Pan not to kill Kekko. Kekko starts, and Pan slaps him hard and kicks him into the wall. Mr Satan checks Pan if she's hurt. Gokou adn Uubu go up, and Uubu really needs the prize money. Gokou tries to make Uubu angry by insulting him, and Gokou yells that Uubu's parents are fat. Uubu is kicked in the jaw, and kicks Gokou in the arm. Gokou is actually sore. Uubu powers up, and blows Gokou into the air. Gokou finds that Uubu cant fly, so Gokou lands. He apologies for insulting the boy, he just wanted to see his true power. Uubu needs more training, so Gokou announcess that he'll go with Uubu and train him. Gokou says bye to his family, and zips off with Uubu. Piccolo hasn't seen Gokou that happy in a while. Vegita figures that Gokou wants to have a good sparring partner. He and Uubu zoom off into the horizon.

On the last page, all the characters at their current ages say sayonara. (Yajirobee is fatter than ever, Tienshinhan has thicker eyebrows) and Akira Torymaya writes a letter about how he'll take a rest and then thinks something else up later.